Page 9, 23rd September 1938

23rd September 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 23rd September 1938 — SOME LAUGH AT THE LEAGUE

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Organisations: League of Nations
Locations: Geneva, Brussels, Antwerp


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Others Praise It

Two interesting Catholic comments on the League of Nations are published below. The first is a sermon preached at the opening of the present Assembly of the League of Nations, the second an ironical " The League without tears," which appears in Temps Present, the " live " Catholic weekly of France.

The ironical catechism on the League appears in a special number of Temps Present headed " Remake the League of Nations." Temps Present acknowledges frankly that the League has failed to a large extent and that France and England are chiefly responsible for this failure. But it urges that a true reformation is wanted, not a destruction.

" Christians must avoid two extreme errors, that which consists in ridiculing all international effort on the one hand, and, on the other, that which consists in thinking that man's capacities are unlimited," said Canon Francois Charriere, of Fribourg, preaching before a distinguished gathering on Sunday at the Pontifical High Mass for the opening of the present Assembly of the League of Nations, in Geneva.

The first error was expressed by those who considered that International institutions had accomplished nothing, that man was fundamentally evil, and that " civilisation was nothing but a coat of varnish, which would break at the first violent shock, revealing hard, violent and blind barbarity." Against this attitude of mind, the preacher recalled the doctrine of St. Thomas: that moral evil can never radically destroy human nature.

Peace is Rooted in Charity

The other error, that which consists in thinking that man was all-powerful, was to be combated, said Canon Charriere, by these considerations of the limitations of the creature, imperfect, not only in so far as it is a creature, but also with the added weakness of sin. Without God it could do nothing.

Good to be Alive—Now

Canon Charriere ended by saying that we should regard it as a special grace and high privilege to live in these troublous times, for then, far more than in times of peace and plenty, were men prepared to listen to the Divine message.

stand by Catholic educational interests. Were it to be adopted all round, the Catholic cause would triumph.

It is a singular fact that all the important municipalities in Belgium are in the hands of anti-clerical majorities. Brussels, Liege, Antwerp, not to mention so many other big centres, are ruled by anti-clerical burgomasters.

" Warranted Real Leather"

Municipalities now in anti-clerical hands are campaigning, all out, on the school question. For instance, the anticlerical burgomaster of Liege has offered " a new up-to-date dispatch-case school satchel, warranted to be in real leather, to every new scholar entering the Liege Communal Schools."

Other Communes are carrying on intense propaganda for their neutral, i.e., anticlerical schools in connection with their election fight. One promises parents gratuity of School fees, under the slogan " Almost all scholars attending our schools get their schooling free." The slogan omits the fact that the Catholics are paying for those schools in their rates, as well as having to support their own schools, The Catholic politicians of Belgium in rejecting a common front are missing the one opportunity of recovering control of the schools.

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