Page 1, 23rd September 1966

23rd September 1966
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Page 1, 23rd September 1966 — Why Can't You `GetOn'WithPeople?

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Why Can't You `GetOn'WithPeople?

By an Expert in Human Relations

I think most people will agree that success in any sphere of activity—business or social — is largely dependent on how you 'get on' with others. But take it from me— you will never make headway in this direction unless you become a good conversationalist.

Look what happens to `people who converse badly. They fumble for words, get tongue-tied, begin every new sentence with "Er---" and leave others to help them over awkward pauses. Such people impress no one and get nowhere simply because they haven't learned the elementary rules of good conversation.

How different when you can speak really well. Your wit and charm enliven any gathering. You provide a nucleus for bright, entertaining conversation on a host of subjects. Everywhere you go people welcome and respect you.

"But surely," I can hear someone say, "isn't this conversational ability a natural gift; something you are born with?" A few years ago I would have had to reply "Yes" to this question. Now, having seen the results of a remarkable new method, I can say without hesitation that it can teach any normal intelligent person to converse really well!

Under its almost uncanny powers, everything you say becomes more interesting, more persuasive, more convincing than ever before. No longer will dull conversation mar your chances of progress. In a surprisingly short time you can master the whole art, winning new friends and impressing people—and so pave the way to a richer, more successful life.

What this remarkable method is and how you can turn its principles to your own personal advantage is fully explained in a 24-page book called 'Adventures in Conversation'—available entirely free to all readers.

Do not miss sending for your copy NOW. No charge —no obligation is involved. Just send to: Conversation Studies (Dept. CE/CS2 I), Marple, Cheshire. Enclose 6d. for postage.

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