Page 8, 24th April 1981

24th April 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 24th April 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: —Sundays Ordination, Derry Mondare-Thursdevf Presdes at Hierarchy meeting, Archbishop s House Tuesday: Hosts Hiedirchy receuton, Archbishop's H,P5P

Archbishop Bnwen of Southyeark: — Sad,day: Addresses ;Lind of CorltrAtDoctor.: Banquet. DdIfy Shier/ College R err Sunday, Leads Guild of Our Lady of Flehsnin TybuTrl VValk, 3 Pm_ Benediction Tyburn Cnovent Monday-Thursday: Kerarrhv nroptinq Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: — Suroley: Mess St Alexander's. Bootle 10.30 am. Monday-Thundayt Attends &shops tow Week Conferenr.n Arehhishoo's House. Westmatste,

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: — Sunday: Attends St Georqrs's Day Scout Service, it Mary's Chinch. Swindoh, 3 pm. Monday-Friday: Attends meeting of Conference of Signor's of Ecglantl and Wales London

Bishop Brewer, Awilliary of Shrewsbury: — Sunday: Final Profession Aided°, Edyt, monthly.. Hferemhv meetioa London

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: —

Monday: ckeplalcs l'ergrntor.o,, firf.Nnifill House Adler Street London, 12 noor Monday-Thins:they: Bishops Conference Wearrninsfa•

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Stmday: Mottp. For Cetenfan Asbasiation Si John's Cathedral 12 noon Monday-Thursday: Attends Bishops Low Week meeting. Archbishop's House Westminster Bishop Foley of Lantandar: — Friday: Attends Oinnesan Charity Ball. Preston Guild Hell. 730 Pm Saturday: Attends AGM of Lathe, Woman'.

League. St Martin's College m 2 pm Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. WP,tmiliStro

Mahon Gray, Bishop of Shrews/Sum: — Sunday: CI' irrIt StIrtoots Moss ancl meeting Sevin 1-1,1sE Bollinaton Monday: Hierarchy meeting, London Bishop Harris of Mk:Wield:trough: — Sunday: 1-1,k lit tinned Child rens FClIrtWOhip Mass. Amoleforth 17 norm, Monday-Thurekday:,hy rttetttott London Thursday: C ,neoing of Social Welfare Commission ifitshop Harvey. Bishop In North London: — Saturday: Guild of Catholic Doctors Symposium Sunday: Maas Grillo of Catholic Doctors. 9.30 WTI. Mass end 'forth Event Bishop noiglass School. Fie. bier 3 nm Monday-Thursday: Bishops"

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark.

—Saturday: MOS.% and attends Dinner to mark the 600th meeting Ed the Carenlans Ramegste Ram-score, 6.30 tInl Monday: Presidee at Diocesan Finance meeting, 11 are. Monday-Thursday: Hie.nroliv I nw Wook meeting, Bishop Hltchan, Auxiliary of Liverpool: — Monday-Thureday: Attends Bishops. Low VVeek nr.. Amh'•Attnp', firrose. Westminster Bishop Holland of Salford: — Saturday: Catholic Women's League AGM_ Town Hall, Manchester, 3 pm, Sundays St Vincent de Paul Society AGM Hopwood Hall. Middleton. 3 om Monday-Thursday: Bishops' Conference, WastromolVt

Bishop Jukes, Aualhary of Southwark: — Saturday: Mast for CWL Sr Thomas' Burgate. em Sunday: Mass, lam the Knights of --• • .•■• • 12 noon Monday: Attends Bishops Low Week meeting llishop Konstant Bishop hi Central London:

— Monday-Thursday: Bishops' Conference. Archbishop's House, Westminster.

B ishop Undsay of Hexalkm and Newcastle:

— Saturday: Mttintlt5 Annual Dinner Dance_ Province 5 Cerenians, Civic Centre. Newcastle. 7.30 run Monday-Thursday; Attends Bishops' Con' been, Westminster.

B ishop MnOu of Nottinghem: — Saturday: A•Tmlilt. CINL AGM, Alden Hall. Institute. 2 30 ihn Sunday: DAP Mass Cathedra. 10 am. Lourdes. Ratty, Ratcliffe, Collage. 3 pm MondayThursday: Attends %shops' Meeting.

B ishop McMahon of Brentwood: — Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy Meeting, Bishop O'Connor. Auxiliary or Liverpool; — Monday-Thursdays Aliimels Ed-shoos' Low Week

▪ .fe-re11. AtChhi 11/111r...5 1-11111$1,. NNIISTer I nster Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: — Friday: Returns toes Brussets_ Sunday: Orria:ps Ms W Timmons re, the Diaconate. Goring, 10.30 ans. Visits SVP Spring Festival meeting. t obliarn. Monday-Thursday: Amends Low Week Hierarchy Conference Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth: — Saturday: 90911-1 anniversary Mass. St Anthony's. Sher-Dome D reset. ¶2 30 tirn Mondtry-Thuraday: Low Week H ih..,Hf•hy nano /inn. Archbishop's House 1.V,.srminstn,

Bishop Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Meehan, and Nerwasertle: — Saturday: Attends annual dihner and natio° Province 5 Careniens. Civic Canoe_ Newcastle_ 7 30 ism Monday-Thursday; thsheps' COrtlertiOGO WORTMIOSCOP Biehop Tripp, Auxiliary of Soutineark: — Friday-Monday: Vlsnetion, Earisfieid. Saturday: Attends S.stet Pauline s Silver Jubilee of Professon West Croydon 10 urn ening Wenn:day. Bishop of the Forces: — Monday-Thursday: Low Week Conferasce. Westminster Bishop Ward of Menevla: — Friary; Rotary club, Meentwroo. om Sunday: Visitation end confirmerlon Puthin. Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting

Plenty Wheeler of Leeds: — Friday: Enthronement 01 Anglican Bishop of Bradford 3 con. Saturday: Attends Deco Oav Clarke-Eoley Centre, ilkley, 10 ant. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Surley-in.Wherfedale. Mass for Handicapped of Diocese. Cathedral. 5 om Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy Meeting, Westminster Thursday: Mass. Our Lady Queen of-Heaven, Bayswatoi. 6.301am

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