Page 4, 24th April 1987

24th April 1987
Page 4
Page 4, 24th April 1987 — Appeal for proper care of the handicapped

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Appeal for proper care of the handicapped


WITH REGARD to the disputed possible sterilisation of a young mentally handicapped person called Jeanette, it seems obvious to me that her prior right is to be cared for safely for 24 hours a day. Sterilised or not she can still be abused as, indeed, can mentally handicapped men.

My mentally handicapped daughter of 28 has spent 19 happy years in a country "hospital" home at Sandhill Park, where she is safe, appropriately occupied, and lovingly cared for. Now she and my son, who is also Downs Syndrome, are to be deprived of their home and placed in a group town house with all the attendant dangers.

This is a nationwide illconceived government decision made without consulting parents and hospital staffs. The' problems should have been foreseen.

Mentally handicapped people have a right to protection and to their innocence which, under the new policy, is being destroyed and unnecessary sexual ideas put into their heads in the guise of education.

There should be less thought given to rights and more to proper loving care. No amount of pretending will make the mentally handicapped normal.

Where will it end? In the light of them now being forced to live cheek by jowl with the horrors of modern soceity, will there be a call for the wholesale sterilisation of the mentally handicapped as in Hitler's Germany?

Ms Doreen Evered

Gaolturst Nr Bridgwater, Somerset

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