Page 14, 24th August 1935

24th August 1935
Page 14
Page 14, 24th August 1935 — AIOSQUITOES

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SUMMER brings its joys. It brings, too,

its trials, and among these. are

To protect your face and neck from mosquitoes sift a little camomile povvde. into your face powder.

The feet and legs should be dusted before putting on stockings with the fol• lowing protective powder. Sift half an ounce of powdered camomile flowers into half an ounce of rice powder. Add ten grains of ammonia and five grains of starch powder. Oil of lavender, oil of citronella, or lambenol all help to keep mosquitoes anct gnats away.

If you get bitten, bi-carbonate of soda, or sal volatile. applied at once, will reduce inflammation and soothe irritation.. Follow either of these treatments by dabbing on a 'little onion juice and allowing it to dry on. Apply colourless iodine to any bite that appears to be poiscreed.

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