Page 2, 24th August 1951

24th August 1951
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Page 2, 24th August 1951 — HOUSING SHORTAGE Mother's Experience

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People: Irene Connell
Locations: Surrey, London, Oxford


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HOUSING SHORTAGE Mother's Experience

Keywords: Religion / Belief

SIR, " Future Caravanner " (Letters 10-8-51) has my sympathy. I have had similar experiences in my search for a home. We were outcasts because we had one child and were expecting another.

We thouelit of Oman. amevei because we could pay for it and start a home free of debt. We chose our caravan. but found it impossible to get a site within reach of London, We had to consider my husband's work.

The need of a home was desperate, we had to find a place because of the coming baby. Our only hope was to buy a house. We have a home but at a price. Because my husband did Dot earn enough money, the building society would grant us the loan only if I signed the agreement too. That means that I must go to work for the next 25 years to pay for our home.

My baby will have to be minded by someone who is able to stay at home while I go to work to keep a roof over our heads.

There must be others in the same position, mothers who would like to stay at home and mind their own children, but they are forced to go to work for the greatest necessity of life-a home.

A caravan site would have saved us a lot of worry and expense and would have given me a chance to stay with my baby. It could not be found.

If it were possible to do anything to help people in a similar position I would willingly help.

Wouldn't it be 'possible for Catholics who know of suitable sites to pass on their information to those in need? If we have a home let us thank God by helping others to find one too.

K. Warren.

24 Hillcrest Road, Bromley. Kent.


Ste, Please! Please! Dear "Future Caravanner" there is no hatred and fear of children in the British Isles, I assure you. What there is among landladies, etc.. is a fear and dislike of undisciplined and uncontrolled rhildren. Landladies are earning their livings, which is not an easy matter nowadays; they cannot afford the damage done by the children of parents who take advantase of the present fashion for uninhibited behaviour to let them run wild. Incidentally, the parents seldom offer to nay for any damage done by their offspring.

should like to mention that I have no axe to grind, I am not a landlady, we don't let caravan sites. I had during the war two families of evacuees, one of the mothers had two more children while she was with us. We were always on very good terms. and wept at parting. at the end of the war.

G. R. Henshaw,

Pitlands Farm, Charter Alley. Basingstoke.

Catholic help

SIR, The heart-rending appeal from "Caravan Dweller" last week is yet another aspect of the housing problem. Caravan dwellers are moved on, and their attempts to provide a home on wheels frustrated.

"Caravan dweller" was however wrong when he accuses Catholic Action of doing nothing in this field. The recent publication Good Housing issued by the Catholic Parents' Association, Westminster, sets out the problem. Catholics now have an opportunity of taking an active part in the campaign for more houses.

It would be interesting to know, after the publicity given to the issue of this document by THE CATHOLIC HERALD how many Catholics actually wrote to the C.S,G., Oxford, for copies to circulate to their Local Councils and Member of Parliament.

If they have not already done so, may this letter he a reminder that now is the time to try to help form an active public opinion. Only by this means can anything positive be done to support the efforts of those Who have given us a lead.

Irene Connell.

19 South Close, Green Lane. Morden, Surrey.

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