Page 4, 24th December 1943

24th December 1943
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Page 4, 24th December 1943 — IN A FEW WORDS

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Organisations: Shamrock Club
Locations: London, Surrey, Portsmouth


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Shamrock Club AT the invitation of the Committee 1 went to bee the Shamrock Club for men from Eire serving in the British Forces. The numbers run into thousands 'and the club was badly needed. Week-ends find it full Two of the chief donors, General Sir Hubert Gough told me, were Guinness (£1,000) and Mr. .1. V. Rank (£500). He also told me that Mr. Rank has seventy racehorses in training in Ireland. Adorning the walls of the canteeen is a set of 24 fine printszetent by Lady Holberton, of the Dublin Fusiliers campaigning in Burma round about 1840. Sir Arthur du Gros and Lady do Cros, who have tent the house—it's just off Park Lane—were there, and Lady Simon, who is the chairman, was the hostess. There's a fascinating mar, in the hall showing the location of all the Irish families.

A Young Man in a Hurry TWICE this year Mr. Churchill has exposed himself to the grave risks of pneumonia When there is difficult travelling to do he has not hesitated to do it, even at had times of the year, eves when One might have thought he could have sat at home in London and asked his guests to come to him. Be has always been " the man in a hurry " evidently. Recently I picked up D. Menpes' account of the Boer War (War Impressions). He met Churchill as a correspondent at the front in 1900,. and this is what he observed : " Among the correspondents there was Mr. Winston Churchill. What is there that has not been said about him? One has heard that he is this. that and the other. That he was a tornado. a storm bird, a young man in a hurry, that he was a calm, phlegmatic person with an iron will and an audacious heart. I myself found him a very sympathetic individuality, not arrogant, not an egoist, but a good listener and modest. . . -At first Mr. Churchill strikes one as being in a great hurry. His movements are quick, his manner is brisk and determined and even a little brusque. At moments he falls into silence and apathy until one touches upon a subject that interests him deeply when he bursts into a torrent of eloquent phrases." The man does not alter.

The Star of Bethlehem T ET the star of justice light

'Our prayers to God for peace this night,

Be like those three wise men of old Who found the Star, and brought their gold,

Frankincense, and myrrh to Him Who was born at Bethlehem.

Let us bring His Child this day, Our gifts to pave the future way Of mankind, when all hatreds ' cease, Through a world of lave, and peace: Ask, and God will grant through Him

Who was born at Bethlehem I


Evolutionists Under Fire, To those who have been reading the correspondence in this paper on evolutiOn I recommend the pamphlet Evolutionists Under Fire, by Davies and Dewar (Almora, Park Avenue, Camberley, Surrey, 3d.). It reminds me of -my friend, H. G. Wells, for it is the record of the chase by correspondence of Professor D. M. S. Watson, whO taught the British public over the radio that evolution is now accepted as a fact. Watson was cuter than :Wells. however, for at the awkward point he took refuge in correspondence marked llhpeerdson a . " And Ise was forced to withdraw it rather than let it he pub I personally have sufficient" respect for science and the scientist to refuse to sake any' sides in this evolution controversy, since I have never studied the matter. But it would be fun if at the end of it all it' came to be recognised that evolution was a great hoax. Though Catholics can make room for a modified theory of evolution, the general idea of ascent from the ape (and worse) is scarcely the sort of theory we should have chosen for ourselves, On the other hand, it does suit those who in their hearts think the universe a bit of monkey-business. And if Watson can't answer Dewar it looks very much as though evolution Were a great hoax suited to the mentality of a world in Which nine men out of ten are agnostics.

Holy Night wHEN I went to a school Christmas concert last week to hear carols and other seasonable entertainment, I found it hard to listen to Stine Nee& I couldn't think of anything butthe fact' that this most lovely of carols was the product of the devotion of our enemies and that it will be sung again this year by little German children as sweetly and hopefully as by our own. Let us at least pray that these children will he spared (as ours were) the dread noise of engines in the sky during the hours dedicated to the memory of that silent and holy Night!

What's in Names?

T0 judge from the fact that a whole airgraph from the Middle East is used to tell the story. I suppose it must be a popular one in the Forces there. Here it is. " A petty officer received written instructions to report forthwith to H.M.S. Portsmouth' at Colombo. Having long ago learnt that he was not paid to think but obey, he consulted an atlas, found out where Colombo was, and applied to the Admiralty for a passage. He then got fitted out with tropical kit and had a series of injections which levied in painfulness. After the usual Ee1ay he .was granted his passage.. Some months later he stepped ashore, a bronzed figure, to report to the officer at the docks. But this officer assured him that H.M.S. Portsmouth had never been near Colombo and was not expected. There was a long silence, broken at length by the officer. "I say, old man," he said in a worried voice, " you don't suppose they made a mistake and really meant you to report at once to H.M.S. Colombo at Portsmouth?"

One Too Many rrHE answer of the lady who, asking advice as to what Christmas present she should give her friend, was told, " Give her a book," may he stale but it is certainly timely. She replied, " Oh no, I can't do that : she has one " JOTTER

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