Page 5, 24th December 1943

24th December 1943
Page 5
Page 5, 24th December 1943 — What C.P.E.A. Leaders Say

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Locations: Nottingham, Liverpool


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What C.P.E.A. Leaders Say


is on the parent; afterwards the child becomes a " young person ": the young person's new parentsthe local authority and his employer follow him with a " card-index " everywhere as would a Gestapo !

Do parents get indirect family allowances via meals and milk at School ?

If they do, what about week-ends, holidays, and ,periods of illness at home ? And ask your family's butcher, grocer, etc.. if meals at school help the small trader.

Do parents get free e. duration for their children?

Nonsense; they pay rates and taxes for it; they pay more with flesh and blood and toil and tears; do parents count?

Does the N.U.T. get anything ?

The BM requires about 70,000 extra teachers; that increases potential N.U.T. membership to 230,000 (one teacher to every 200 heads of total population ; the N.U.T. will he a powerful Union, if not a powerful new political influence with the children and parents close at hand for bias. That equals a potential increased annual revenue of £100.000 to £150,000; worth spending £10,000 on a campaign. eh ?

Don't be deceived; read the Bill; weigh each word.


(Chairman of the Bradford Cen(ral Council of the C.P.E.A.)

In spite of the possible concession about new schools, " if the Mieister thinks fit," if this proposed Bill is made law without •financial amendments our schools will be liquidated within a generation. The poorer patishes will not he able to meet the expense, the wealthier parishes will he able to carry on for a few years. but eventually because of our inability to pay, our schools will become " Controlled Schools," in which State doctrine will be the predominant feature of this so-called restoration of religion to schools and in which the Catholic faith for two pm iods a week will tend to become a very inferior subject to the pupil, and a nuisance to the administration.

Is this the real object behint the Bill to abolish all schools except those that teach a Government religion, which religion can be altered from time to time to suit the Government, of the day ?

Why the hurry ? The secular press praises Butler for his haste. but how differently did the House treat the question of a Constitution for Newfoundland. Mr. Attlee is reported to have said that this question should be left over until Newfoundland menfolk returned from the war. " Let the People Decide " is a heading in the Daily Telegraph, rather than take the line. " Let's give them what we think would be good for them."

In the field of Education, however, the Government intend to give to the children of fathers in the Services what rhe Government think would be good for the children of these absent fathers without giving those fathers a chance of saying what they think about it.

Sunday last was kept throughout the Nottingham diocese as " Schools Sunday." Every parish priest preached or arranged for others to preach a sermon or sermons stressing the danger to our Catholic schools. People were urged to join the Catholic Parents' and Electors' Associations in their parishes. At many churches copies of the Archbishop of Liverpool's speech on the schools question was on sale.

At a general meeting of the Luton C.P.A., held recently at St. Joseph's, Laglave, Canon O'Connor read and explained the rules governing the association in the Diocese of Northampton, and stressed the importance of the C.P.A. in these critical days. Mr. E. L. Burgin, M.P. for Luton, recently granted sn interview to a deputation of the Luton C.P.A. While reinisining perfectly non-committal in his own altitude, the Member promised to put the views of the Luton C,P.A. before Mr. Butler.

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