Page 7, 24th December 1948

24th December 1948
Page 7
Page 7, 24th December 1948 — ANSWERS TO FAMILY QUIZ

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t. Stafford Cripps; F. G. Mann; Gillie Potter; Bernard Basset, Si.; Kingsley Martin; Michael de la Bedoyere; Mgr. Ronald Knox.

2. (1) High, (2) Low (3) Broad, (4) Long, (5) Middle, (6) Top (7) Short.

3. The Pope; Archbishop Godfrey; Mgr. Myers, Auxiliary of Westminster; Mgr. Bright, Auxiliary Birmingham; Mgr. Halsall, Auxiliary of Liverpool.

4. Dickens; Louisa Alcott; George Du Maurier; Francis Hodgson Burnet; Dickens; Swift.

5. Mr. Gladstone; Cromwell; Andrew Jackson; the Devil; the Prince Regent; The Duke of Wellington; The Donainicians (Domini Cana);

6. (a) Ely Place (1252), St. Mary's (1794), St. Austin's (1836), Farm Street (1849). (b) St. John Lateran, St. Peter's, Rome; New York; Westminster.

7. (a) The thin strokes at the ends of printed letters. (b) An elaborate kind of summer-house; a concealed ditch on a country estate. So the answer, we feel, should be no " (c) Avoid him. He's a magistrate of Quarter Sessions (d) Dark room fitted with lens by means of which you can see what is going on outside; in the judge's chambers, i.e. not in public. (e) Between January 11-13, so-called after St. Hilary of Poitiers (died 367) whose feast occurs on January 13.

8. Pigs; sizes of paper; paper-folding sizes for books; gears; film industry; minor orders of the priesthood.

9. A partridge in a pear tree; dog; church clock; parody; forty; the six proud walkers; maids, mops; pieces; ninety; weans.

10. Ramon Novarro; the Society of Jesus, Manchester University Catholics; St. Christopher's Cycling Club, the League of Christ the King; Wilfred Meynel; Jotter; Blessed Richard Gwynn; Barbara Ward. (b) 1 C.H. 2 C.H. 3 D.W. 4 D.W. 5 D.W. 6 C.H.

11. (a) An oblong church with two rows of columns inside; the rounded end of the choir or of an aisle; arcaded porch across the west end of some churches; seats for the celebrant, deacon and sub-deacon at the side of the sanctuary; stone basin in wall of chancel on the Epistle side. (b) Left (c) Neither, It's a skull-cap (d) It's always white (e) Be opened; Baptism.

12. (a) Mr. Creech Jones because he

is Colonial Secretary. He puts the "1" on to words ending in vowels because that is a part of the dialect spoken in Bristol, his home town C' Bristol " was originally "Bristow ") (h) Mr. Ernest Bcvin; Sir Stafford Cripps. (c) Lord Pakenhain.

13. Football, Crick e t, Squash, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Running, Swimming.

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