Page 2, 24th December 1954

24th December 1954
Page 2
Page 2, 24th December 1954 — The Newman

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Demographic Survey

SIR,-How many Catholic children in England and Wales do not go to a Catholic school? Where is the shortage of schools greatest? What ages are most affected? How great is the shortage of schools likely to be in 10 years' time? 'I he answers to these questions would be of considerable value to Catholic school governors and managers and to Catholic teachers as well. To provide the answers is part of the work of the Newman Demographic Survey, The Survey is preparing estimates of the number of Catholic boys and girls at each age. To find out how many of these do not go to Catholic schools, it is necessary to know how many do so. This month. therefore, the Survey is asking all head teachers to till in a card so as to give the number of boys and girls at each age (Catholic and non-Catholic combined) and corresponding numbers for non-Catholic pupils. Thus the numbers of Catholic pupils will he readily obtainable and also the number of places occupied as non-Catholics. One of the results of the Survey would be to enable the Diocesan Schools Commissions to plan more accurately the size and position of the schools of the future. , This enquirâ–  has been designed so as to add as little as possible to the burden already carried by head teachers. It has in principle the approval of the Hierarchy of England and Wales. The officers of the Survey therefore apnea I most earnestly to head teachers to help the enquiry by giving the information requested of them as accurately and promptly as possible. Cards are being sent to all schools listed in the Catholic Education Council's recent publication, "Catholic Schools in England and Wales." Schools not listed in that publication may not receive a card.

The same difficulty may arise where reorganisation has taken place recently. It is most important for the success of the enquiry that every Catholic school should he represented. Any head teacher who has not received a card by January 11 is asked to apply to the Hon. Secretary, Newman Association Demographic Survey, 31 Portman Square, London. W.1, who will rectify the omission and also arrange for appropriate details to be forwarded to the Catholic Education Council (whose assistance in preparing the enquiry is here gratefully acknowledged) for inclusion in the next edition of the Courtdl's Directory.

R. G. Barley,

Chairman, Education Committee, Newman Demographic Survey 31 Portman Square, London, W.I.

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