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24th February 2006
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Page 14, 24th February 2006 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: Poverty Service, International Catholic Foundation, Ail Saints Church, Archbishop's Council, Diocesan Association of Primary Hendteachers, Bishop's Council, Priests' Penitential Service, St Richard Gwyn High School, Yale, ES-Ecumenical Service, Service for Priests, St Laurence's Church, Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, Pastoral Centre, I3ishop's Council, Sick and Retired Priests' Committee, Somerset Churches Together Standing Committee, Ministry of Acolyte for Permanent Diaconate, Liverpool Archthocesan Centre for Evangelisation, St Teihis Church, Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Sunley Management Centre, Overpora Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Diocesan College of Deacons, Arehdiocesen Finance Advisory Committee, Liverpool Hope University, National Assembly for Wales, National Assembly


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Bishops' diaries

February 26 to March 4

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connne (Westminster): Sun: 10am M St Paul the Apostle. Wood Given, 2.30pn Rite of Election. Westminster Cathedral. MonToe: interviews & Engagements. Wed:530pm M Weatminster Cathedral. Fri: 930am Meets with Archbishop's CUIBI(il. Archbishop's I louse.

Archbashop V NiehoLs tBirmingham): Sun: 5.15pm C Newcastle. Tue:eve Catechesis for Teachers, North Staffs. Wed: COPCA National mtg. Swanick. Thu:10.30em Chapter mtg, Cathedral; 12.15pm Chapter Mess, Fri: Education Symposium, Westnunster; Deacons' Retreat. Sat:am Deacons' Retreat: 12pm: M & Leads Procession of Relics of St Chad, Cathedral.

Arehblehup P KtIly 1 Ilt.erpoolt: Sun-Tue: continued International Catholic Foundation at the Service ol Deaf People, Miami Wed:12 Inpm & 1.10pm M Blessed Sacrament Shrine, Liverpool; 3pm. Ash Wednesday Service for Priests. Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt, Liverpool. Thu:IN.rn Nugent Care mtg, Liverpool. Sarl2nnon Opening Mass for Novena of Grace, St Francis Xavier, Liverpool; 230pm Lenten Reflection, St Mary. Leyland.

Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark); Sun: noon C Clapham Park. Mon: pm Mtgs, Archbishop's House Turl lam Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House; Celebrations for 25th Anniversary of Consecration, Paddock Wood. Wed (Ash Wednesday): 1230pm M & Distribution of Ashes, SI George's' Cathedral. Thwam Mtss.Archbishop's Houae. Fri: Briefing/Symposium on Government's Proposals for Education, Archbishop's House, Westminster. Sat: I 2.30pm Rile of Election. St George's Malmo K Conry (Arundel & Brighton): Mow Appointments with Deans at I high Oaks; Diaconate Mass, SI John's

Seminary.. Wonersh. Tue: Chapter mtg, Arundel Cathedral Wed: Sponsored Walk, St Peter's Sch,Guildfonl. Thu: Appointment with Deans, High Oaks. Fri: Mtgs an London.

Bishop n MeGnugh (D'ham Email): Sun: 10am M Si Gregory's. Longton. Tue: 730pm UCM Dinner. Newcastle Wed10am M & Distribution ot Ashes, Ss Mary and Modwen, Burton-on-Trent. Thu: I (Sins., (-hooter mtg , Cathedral: 12.15pm Chaplet Mass. Fri: 2pm V St Maria Goretti

Primary Sch., Bentilce: 7pm: C St Maria

Oman, badman.

Bishop P Parader (Wham au ail): Tile: 7.30pm ('CM Dinner, Newcastle. Thu: 1030am Chapter mtg. Cathedral; 12,I5pm Chapter Mass. Fri:10am V Our Lady's Sch, Maryvale.

Bishop I ang (Clifton): Sun: V St Lawrence. Chipping Sodbury and Si Paul's. Yale. Mon: 1030am Pontifical Mission SOCICfieS nag, London. Toe; 11 am Chapter mtg, Bristol. 1hu:10am Somerset Churches Together Standing Committee mtg. Bristol. Sat: V St Joseph's, Fishponds, Bristol.

Bishop M Evans (last Anglia); Sun: continued parish visitation to Thetford. Mon:11 am Dedication of St Laurence's Church, ('.rnbtidge. Tue:1 lam Suffolk Church Leaders mg in Ipswich; 730pm Dedicate new altar at All Souls. Peterborough. Wed: ASH WEDNESDAY.

1030am Diocesan Fciiuncs, Board, Ponngland; 7pm: Cainfinnation Group. St Luke's. Peterborough. Fri:2.45pm Year 13. St Mary's Sch. Cambridge. Sat: I lain Diocesan College of Deacons, Poringland. Bishop J Rawsthorne I Hallam): Sun: V Si Thomas More. Sheffield. Mon: 730pm C St Francis of Assisi, Sheffield. Tue: 9.3(kun Shrove Tuesday Ecumenical Gathering; 3pm: Pastoral Centre. Wed: 945am Sc Thomas More Catholic Penney Sch. Sheffield; 3pm: Cathedral. 11m 1030am Interview Panel, Pastoral Centre: 7pm: Prison Chaplains Watering. Doncaster. Fri: I lam Catholic E,ducation Service, I ondon: 7pm: 11(PI, Bum Dance. Sailpm 11(719. Booms.

Bishop K Bunn Illexham & Newcastle): Sun; 4prn Church Action on Poverty Service, Dinham Cathedral. lee: Private Engogements.

Bishop P trDonoghise (Lancaster): Suit: 2.30pm Lourdes Society AGM, Lancaster Thu: 4th ("catenary of death of St Nicholas Owen, St Nicholas Owen church. Thornton. Fri: 1030am Bishop's Council mtg. Sat: Confer Ministry of Acolyte for Permanent Diaconate. 1 am:aster.

Bishop A Roche (Leeds): Sun:11am V Sc Patrick's. Huddersfield Mon: interviews for new Principal of TASC, Horsforth. Wed: 12.05pm Ash Wednesday Mass. Holy Trinity Church. Leeds; 2pm: Catholic Care Governors" mtg, Hinsley Hall mu: I lam Priests' Penitential Service. St 1Paufs, Alwoodley. Eri; tient Symposium on Education. Archbishop's House, Westminster.

Bishop V Malone (I:pool auxit): Sun: V St Mary. Wigan. Mon: 12.15pm Clergy/Police Link nag. Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation; 2.15pm -Leaving Safe I IarboursGroup mtg, I Overpora Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 'Luc: 11.15am Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter mug & Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool; 2.30pm Mission and Values Group nue, Liverpool Hope University. Wed: 3pm Ash Wednesday SerSice for Priests. Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt, Liverpool. Thu: 7pm Governors' nag, Bellerive ECJ, Liverpool. Fri-Sat. Conference of Church Colleges and l lin versities . Winchester Bishop T Williams (I:pool auxil): Wed: 3pm Ash Wednesday Service for Priests, Metropolitae Cathedral Crypt. Liverpool. Thu:10am Nugent Care mtg, Liverpool; 1030am Arehdiocesen Finance Advisory Committee mtg. Liverpool Archthocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Fri: Education Symposium, Archbishop's House, Westminster. Sat: V English Martyrs, Itaydock. Bishop .11 Crowley Middlesbrough): Wed: midday Ash Wednesday Clergy Gathering. English Martyrs, York; 7pm: Diocesan Station MLLNS, Cathedral. Thu:am Pastoral Planned mtg. Bishop's House. Fri:ant/pm Education Briefing/Symposium, Archbishop's 1101Itir. Westminster. Bishop P Doyle (Northampton): 'rue: lani V to Olney for Annual Pancake Race. Wed: 730pm M & Distribution of Ashes. Cathedral. hu: I nam-4pm Interview s. Bishop's House. Fri:1030am Recording of 'Catholic Talking Newspaper*. Northampton; 2pm: Northampton University Inauguiatithi Ceremony, Ail Saints Church. followed by Reception at the Guildhall; pm: Northampton University Dinner. Sunley Management Centre, Northampton. Sa1:12noon Diocesan Justice & Peace Group, 1.unch and mig, Holy Cross,


Bishop M MeMehon (Nottingham): Sun: V Corpus Christi. Clifton. Wed: I pm Mass & Distribution of Ashes, St Damabas Cathedral. Thu: 11 30arn Sick & Retired Priests Fund Trustees mig, Bishop's House: 4prn: I ICM National StudytWellare Conference. Hayes Conference Centre Fri r I lam Briefing/Symposium, Archbishop', House. Westminster. Sat: 6.3(Mni KS(' Mass, St Barnabas Cathedral. Bishop C Budd (Plymouth): Wed: 9ant Celebrates Ash Wednesday Mass, Cathedral. Thu/Fri: Cornwall Lenten Drapery mtg.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:11am Parish Visitation. St Thomas of Canterbury, Newport. Isle of Wight. 1'ue:7pm Dinner, Campion Hall: Oxford. Sat: Rite of Election, St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun: Warn M

& V St Michael's, Minefield. . Tee; I I .30am I3ishop's Council mtg. wardiey Bath 2pm: Mtg of the Olive.. Trustees, Gerald Road. Wed: M al St Mary's Hidden Gem. 12 HMI and 1.30pm. Thu: Lord Mayor's Prayer Breakfast 7.45am; Diocesan Rescue Council Mtg

10.30am. Mtg at Archbishop's House, Westminster 11am.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: V St Francis, Chester. Mon; I 2noon Annual Clew and Merseyside Police Lunch. LACE, Liverpool. Tue: 9am Diocesan TIIISIPPS. Curial Offices; Clergy Day of Recollection, Maim. Wed: am V St Paul's

Pf1111/1.17 Sch, Beechwood. Birkenhead. Thu e am Diocesan Association of Primary Hendteachers. Ewloe: 730pm 1.enten Talk. St Thomas More Catholic High Sch, Crewe. Fri: HEIM Education Sympuaium , Archbishop's House. Westminster. Sat: 9.30m Mtg with Deacons. St Elizabeth's. Wythenshawe Bishop .1 Ethic (S'wark Alma): Sun: V Meovium parish. Mon: 930am Blessing of new lihrnry at Holy Family Catholic Primary Sch, South Maidstone. Tue.: Hien Archbishop's Council mtg. Southwark. Fri: ilant-3.30pm Bishops' Symposium on Education , Archbishop's !louse. Westminster. Sat: 12.30pm Rite of Election, Southwark Cathedral; pm: V Sheppey parish.

Bishop A Hopes (W'minster Suteant Allen Hall Seminay, Selection Conference; 2.10pm Rite of Election, Westminster Cathedral. Mon-Tue: Engagements, Archbishop's House. Thu: Engagements, Archbishop's House; 2pm: Mig of Sick and Retired Priests' Committee. Fri:am Archbishop's Council mtg; pm: Engagements. Archbishop's 'louse.

Bishop II Loogiey (Vs"minster Sun: Parish Visitation to Mile End; 2.30pm Rite of Election. %shin nster Cathedral. Tue:11.30ant Interfaith mtg, Wapping parish: 2pm. School visit to Our lady's Printery Sch, 6pm: SPEC Social. Archbishop's House. Wed: 8.05arn M Moodields: 12.10pm M in Prayer Room. 2 Churchill Place. Canary Wharf; 3pm: Day for Life mtg, taxiestone Square. Thu: Days for Clergy, The Church at Home, Hinsley Room, SW]. Fri:9am Archbishop's Council; 3pm: Ghana Catholic Chaplaincy mtg, Archbishop's House, Sat: Pastoral Visit to Millwall Parish.

Bishop G Stack (Wminster area): Sun:230pin Assisting at Rite of Election Ceremony in Westminster (athednd. Tee: 9.3nam Presents BBC Daily Service. Wed: 5.30pm Celebrates Parliamentary Mass for MN and Peers. Thu: 10am V St John Vimey Primary. Sch. Fri:1030am Archbishop's Council.

Bishop T Burns (Forms): Mon: Trustee nag, Bishop's Oak. Farnborough. Tun: I lam.IVI for deceased Army Chaplain, Guards Chapel, London. Wed; Mtg with archive group. Farnborough. Thu: Mtg Apostleship of the Sea, 1.ondon.


Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sun:3pm Annual Mass for the Arclulioresan Lourdes Pilgrimage, St Teihis Church. Whitchurch, Cardiff. Mon:7pm Dilute' in Archbishop's House, Westminster. Tur7pni Civic Dinner, National Assembly. Cardiff. Wed:11am Official Opening of the National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff. Sat: lOarn Justice Sr Ptwe Conference in Liam:imam Abbey. Cwmbran. Bishop E Regan (Wrexham); Sun: pm Bangor Chaplaincy. Tue: 11 am St David's Day Mass, St Richard Gwyn High School, Hint; 7pm: M in Cathedral. WC41:12noon Mass & Distribution of Ashes, Cathedral. Thu; 1030am Schools' Conuninec mtg, Buckley. Hi: Bishops' & CES Symposium. Westminster. Sat: CATS(' Kry: M-Mass. C-Conflrmation. VVisitation. 0-Ordination, Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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