Page 1, 24th January 1941

24th January 1941
Page 1
Page 1, 24th January 1941 — UNITED IN CHARITY IF NOT IN FAITH Broadcasts on Christian Unity

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Organisations: Admiralty and War Office
People: Heenan
Locations: Canterbury, London


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UNITED IN CHARITY IF NOT IN FAITH Broadcasts on Christian Unity

Speaking last Sunday in broadcasts on Christian unity, Dr. Heenan, in his address, said that the broadcast proved the friendly relations between different Christian bodies.

" Here are three Christian ministers," he said, " with theological differences. I wish you could see us in the studio. Ikly scholarly companions are kind and friendly. For myself, though, like Cassius, 1 have a lean and hungry look, my appearance is not war-like. No B.B.C. official keeps the peace between us. We are united in charity if not in faith. Like the Three Wise Men. having seen the same star of Christ we are come, in our different ways, to adore Him."

" The desire of the Pope," he said, " for unity among believers is reflected in the pronouncements of other Christian leaders. The Archbishop of Canterbury, for example, and the Moderator of the Free Churches have associated themselves with

the Cardinal of Westminster in declarieg that the peace points of Pope Pius XII provide the only solid basis for a Christian peace.

" In our own time, please God, men will see that derision of Christianity has threatened Christian civilisation itself. Men gladly defer to the Admiralty and War Office in matters naval and military. They must learn to listen to Christians speaking with one solemn voice to find the solution of social and moral problems. The terribie crisis of our times has blended the different tones of the Christian voice into an impressive and splendid unison. I gladly pay tribute to the charity of my non-Catholic friends.

THIS IS A GREAT WORK " A short time ago one of our most valued London churches was destroyed by enemy action. Spontaneously Jews, Anglicans and Free Churchmen combined to provide a building, furniture, and the wherewithal of Catholic worship for the stricken congregation.

" There is work—great work—to be done

in the spirit of Christian unity. Rolling from the East is a dark cloud of state worship, the New Religion. The most threatening cloud can be so tinted as to make it appear attractive. Thus the New Religion can deceive even the elect. In face of a common enemy, therefore, Christians are not likely to turn their weapons against each other.

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