Page 2, 24th January 1941

24th January 1941
Page 2
Page 2, 24th January 1941 — THE JEWISH PROBLEM

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SM.—As a Jewish convert to the Catholic Church and as a refugee from Nazi oppression, I am, so to say, in the midst of the Jewish problem, as it presents itself to-day. I did not read Dr. Heenan's article in the Jewish Chronicle, hut the one in your issue of January 3 and your comment in the next column.

I do not think the fundamental problem was really put, which I would roughly sketch as fellows

(1). The Jews have been the chosen people of God whose mission it was to give to the world the Messiah. A great part of them have failed to recognise this mission and called Christ's blood upon themselves and their children, which became true all the time and will do so until Israel returns wholly to God in subjection to Christ.

(2). The Jews have not ceased to be God's chosen people, but they are in the position of the last son in his self-chosen exile. Their national destiny and their physical, psychical and intellectual properties arc unique and peculiar and make them often a " stumbling-block " for the people amongst whom they live. Those pinpestles are not always those of the peasant folk of the Old Testament, but, I am sorry to say, acquired through hard conditions in otherwise Christian countries.

(3). It is, of course, perfectly true that the lapsed Jews and especially the Communists, are often the cause of anti-semitism. But it seems strange for Catholics to tell the Jews to return to their old belief, which, of course, has its high ethical values, but is, as Catholics know best, dead, having lost its justification with the appearance of Jesus Christ. Seen from this angle one can perhaps understand why the Jews play leading parts not only in Communist but also in other movements opposed to the Church. They are still seeking the Messiah, especially in times of oppression and destruction, but their lack of humility misleads them again and again. (4). I quite agree that one should not altogether keep down criticism of the Jews, because they have to suffer so much under Hirierism, but I must admit that I sometimes felt hurt and anxious by comments made in your paper. Would it not be possible to add E0 such reports a word or two of explanation go as to make it impossible for definitely hoetile elements to use those reports of yours in their wrong way?

(5). You may say perhaps that this is not an urgent problem in times like these, but as Pope Pius XII again and again stresses the importance of the missions, should Catholics not start with those people amongst whom Christ lived, suffered and died, and whom they can reach quite easily and with very small expense? On the contrary the conditions created through the terror of air-raids, etc., is especially favourable for a Jewish mission. May I be

forgiven for any " Jewish lapses in this letter and may I quote as the best justification a word of the greatest Jewish convert : Sales enrol ex laden's?


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