Page 8, 24th January 1986

24th January 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 24th January 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Anglican Church, College of Consulters, St Augustine ' s School, SI Brendan's Sixth Form College, Bishops ' Pastoral Riles Committee, Ecumenical Commission, Waterford Assn, Diocesan Pastoral Council, eta, Catholic Primary School, Meeting SE Thames Reek:mai Health Authority, Sussex University, Wirstrranmer Toosday Committee for Unbelievers, Vts Life Centre, Natioree Catty:ere Fund, Cumbria E_curnenical Executive Council, Darn Ministry, Unity Service, Merseyside Council, Humberside Pastural Council, Pastoral Centre, Archbishops ' Council, Presidency Melon Keynes Christian Council, Arcebishop ' s Council, Bedford College, Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Parish Council, Becket Comprehensive School, Pastoral council, Loreto College, St Thomas Aquinas School, St Michael ' s Primary School, St Teresa ' S School, ST Mary ' s College, St John ' s Cathedral Centre, United Service, Attends Kent Ecumenical Commission


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PA M855; V = Yisitahun. C = Conlin-nation-,

0 = Ordination.

Archteehop Bowen of Soathersro Monday: Ate. Bishops meeting, Archbishop's House. 530p Feder: Corner/my M. Hely Ghest Church. Bather. 7.30pm Archbishop Cenim de Memille of Birmirmisam Sunday: V & C. St Mary. Studley_ Wedneeday: M tor 6th Form. St Augustine's School. Fiedencre tam. Thursday: Vts Life Centre. Leamington Spa, 11.30ere Saturday: V 6 C. SI Patrick. Walsall.

Archbishop Warlock of Lireepool Sunday: M of Commissioning for Andrew Cioggan, St Teresa's, Penwortham. 7.30prri Tuesday Natioree Catty:ere Fund. 2 30pm. Pevate meetings. London, 6prn. Wedriesdee Mooting of need lireehers, Evens, 12 noon Ministry to priests meeting, Arcebishop's House_ iipm. Thursday Vervture Housing meeting. Liverpool (West °trey. 72 noon Ministry to priests meeting, Archbishep's House, 3pm. Fridley: Arcebishop's Council, Curia Offices. I Darn Ministry to priests meeting. Archbishop's House. 3pm Bisbee Alexender of Clifton Sunday: Celebrates Civic IV al Ctillon Catheeral. ilarn Wednesday: Meeting 0 Clifton Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registerea M St AmOrose. Leigh Woods, 10.30arn Thursday M for Avon Schoois Foundation Governors at SI Brendan's Sixth Form College. On Mal. 7.30am Bishop Brewer 01 Lancaster Sunday: V to Holy

• Newbarns Barrow In Furness. Wedremeley

Chairs Diocesan Finance meeting. am Meeting of The Counci! of Christians and Jews at the United Syriagogee. Ellacketsel pm. Thuredey: V. Maryport Catholic Primary School. am Meeting of The Cumbria E_curnenical Executive Council, Penate prn. M at Durham Hill Convent, Carlisle, 5_20prn. FHday: Hosts meeting ol Lancaster Fralernal, era M, Little Sisters Convent. Preston, 7 30pm Bishops' Charities Ball, Guile Hall, Preston, pre Seunday: V_ St Columba's, Barrow in Furrese Bishop Budd ot Plymouth Sunday: M. Si Edward's Church Peverell lOarn, Thursday, M. St Peters SCh001. Plymouth. 10.30am. Bishop Burke, Auallialy 101 salvors Sunday, V Si Gilbert's, Urnr..khOuSe. EtCies, 'ram. C. 3pm Friday: V. Holy Cros,. Patrice:0i Saturdey Concelebrate° M St St Patrick's Livesey SI.. tor ¶5015 Anniversary pl Presentation Sisters in England, 2.30pm.

Bisbop Emery of Ponsmouth &Insley:Civic M_ St John-a Cathedral Portsmouth. 10 GOam Monday-eridey! Park Place Pastoral Centre. Wickham. Tuesday: Ministry to priests retreat. Threader St Edmund House, Portsmouth, Dleceeart Finance. 3.30pm Saturday: St John's Cathedral Centre, Follow-up To Youth Cote erence, 2.30pm Sishop Gray or Shreerstiury -Friday Coneelebralee M on feast Pt St John Fiasco, Savio House. 12 noon B ishop Gemmel* Auxillery for Wirstrranmer Toosday Committee for Unbelievers' rminallng. Wilfred SI . 2pm M Tails, Si Bevels Hall, ST Mary's College. 5.30pm. Saturday Admission to Candidacy. Allen Hail_ 6pria B ishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: V. St Anthony of Padua, Edgware Wedneselsy Meeting_ Area Pastoral Gounce 7 451m0 laisimp Henderson. Aumillary ler Southwark Sunday: AGM, Waterford Assn. Monday: OieCeSan finance meeting, 1 /am. BBC Standino Committee on Evangelism. Westminster Central Halt, 1larn-4..3Cpm Tuesday: Finance advisory committee meeting, Westminster, 2.30pin. Thursday: Area Deana' meeting. Blackheath. 10.3eam-12.30pm. and C. Crayiord. 7.30pm. Friday Meeting SE Thames Reek:mai Health Authority etroolains advisory Committee. Tunlerldge1NellmiPaeram B ishop Kitchen of Liverpool Tuesday: Merseyside Council ol Voluntary Services, Mountford Hall Wednesday Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Hall Lane, 5pm. Friday Archbishops' Council, Carla! Offices, 10am Meeting with Pastoral Formation Team, 2pm

Bishop Jukes. Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday: V. Herseen parish Preaches at church unity serince at Weeder, Meyhedist-AnglIcan Church, 6.30prn Trendily: CCIM meeting 11 30am Wednesday: Chatham Deanery pastoral council meeting, St

Michael's Primary School, Opm. AYIelithem

palter &Murder V to Aylasham parish, Attends Kent Ecumenical Commission meeting, 10am

Bishop Kelp at Salford Sunday, V and C. St Mmtheves. VVinton Tuesday: Deanery Conference. Eccles, am. All Hallows. Dublin. pm Weeinesidey Meeting with prison chaplain. Manchester. Thursday: St Teresa'S School_ Firewood. 10.30am Friday: V. St Peter and Paul. Pendleton Saturday: Presentation Sisters 150th Anniversary M. Ltvesey Street, 2.30prn hk for sloe, St Peter and Paul, Pendleton. 4.30em Bishop Konstent of Leeds Sunder M, St Brigid's, Crorwell, 11am. Monday: Pastoral council steering committee. Cathedral Heuso_ 7pm. Tuesday: Deanery Proponents meet iag. Ilkley. I tern Wednesday: Clergy Day, Oer Lady or Lourdes, Leeds_ 1 1 am. Leede Catholic schools consultative committee, Our Lady et LOureleS, 7.31rom Saturday: CIF Educator Day, Tnnity A All Saints. ilarn M. Corpus Chnsti. Leeds. eprn.

Bishop MeCartie, Auxiliary ler Birmingham Sunday: M A C. St Joseph, Rugeley. Ilarn. Tuesday: Pa & Presentations, St Thomas Aquinas School, Birmingham, g 15arrt Wednesday: Ecumenical meeting, 6invengharn. 4prn Friday Father Hudson's Society Annual Ball, 7.3epm. Saturday: Induction or the Provost of Birmingham Cathedral Bishop Meeleinneas of Nottingham Sunday: C. Good Shepherd. Arnold, Nottingeam. noon Tuesday: ViC.KeywOrth Cotgrave. St Margaret Clitherow and Immaculate Heart of Mary. 7nrn. Saturdey M at Livasey Street, Manchester.

Bishop Thomas McMahon at Brentwood Sundsy: Preaches at Unity Service. Hatfield Broad Oak, 10.30am Tuesday: Meeting of College of Consulters, Cathedral House, Brentwood, 3pm Parish Council meeting. Stock, 8pm. Weeneaday Chairs meeting of Bishops' Pastoral Riles Committee. London, 11.30am. Thursday Cauncil of Priests meeting. Cathedral House. Brentwood, 2.30em Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for W.estminater Sunday V. Nod Wields parish_ Monday: Meets Deans mid Area Workers. 14 Wn lichee Garcia., 15 2.0arn Tuesday. YOUdg peeplat'S everting, 34 Whitehall Gelatine, Blem Friary: M end Orieeentation, Ashford parish, 7,30pm Saturday: V. Nortelields parish Menem Movertey of Hallam Sunday: V and C. Saint Catherine's, She! bete, it am Turisdey: Clergy Day of cnoencf°eIr'eencetel°S.; SaiaitanSwilcink'. hThl'ulirselWaye:der"o344t NoY'rteCDMarniFiSe School. Cavendish Street I Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel eta:Brighton Sunder V. Heron's Ghyll, am Preaches at unity SeNice.Chailey, altm Monday: M or students, Royal Holloway and Bedford College, beetpre Tuesday: Meeting of Cbereh leaders, Sussex University Thursday: Addresses Newman Secialy at Wreeharn, pro Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council, St John's Seminary, Wonarsh.

Bishop J O'Brien. Auxiliary he Westminster Semdly: V at Marychurch, Hatfield. Mondsy: Deans meeting at Ferm,Cottege,liam, 'Talk to Upper Siam. Loreto College. St Albans. pm. Wednesday: Jeetice & Peace meeting at Eceleston Sq.. ir30am Thursday: Church leaders meeting at Abbeygree House, St Albans, 10am Friday: C at St etughee Letcherorth. 7 30pm Saturday: St Alban's Abbey Ecumenical chaplains Service. apin Bishop A O'Brien, Auxiliary fur Middlesbrough Sunday AGM of Humberside Pastural Council Monday, IJCM Dinnat. Wader:44.y, Catenian Diener at Middiesbrouge Feclay Head Teachera in Hull Bishop O'Connor, Auxiitary tor Liverpool Sunday: Byzantine Liturgy, Metropolitan Cathedra) Crypt, 5.30pm.

B leep Thomas at Northampton -Suncley Preaches at United Service, Rushden. pm. Tuesday: MeetS sixth form, Becket Comprehensive School. Northampton. all day, Wednesday: Presidency Melon Keynes Christian Council_ att day Thursday: Church leaders meeting, St Albans. am Leaves or Peru (unlit Feb 241. B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary for Southaverk Sunder eat Seleden, 10am_ Thursday: Ecumenical Commission meeting at Wirnhlerled 7 3COM Saturday: Southwani Justice and Peace meeting Amigo Hall. 10.30atn.

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