Page 14, 24th July 1936

24th July 1936
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Locations: Bradford, Paris


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NORTH RIDING'S IMPORTANT DECISION Churches to have day of Intercession

The North Riding Education Committee appears to set great store on the value of religious education. The committee has issued an official communication to the managers of all schools in its area, giving expression to its convictions, and asking for a day of intercession to be set aside for prayers for children, parents, teachers, managers and the education authority.

The message is as follows :— " The Education Committee requests the help of the churches within the area of the North Riding to surround the whole work of education with the right spiritual atmosphere. They earnestly desire that, on the first Sunday in each September, or as soon after as possible, the subject of education should be dealt with in sermons, and that intercessions should be offered in places of worship, for the children, their parents, their teachers, the managers of schools and the education authority.

" The Education Committee does not desire to prescribe any particular form of service or to suggest united action in the matter, but wishes to leave perfect freedom to each religious body to deal with the subject in its own way. It would greatly value the assistance of the Church in this direction, as it believes that true education must have a religious basis."

The action of this education committee is believed to be without precedent, at any rate in the North of England, and it is anticipated that all denominations will readily fall in with the suggestion to hold a day of intercession.

West Riding's New Phase The West Riding Education Committee, which, ever since the passing of the Education Act, has been foremost, up to recently, in its opposition to the demands of the Church schools, has recently thanked the Church authorities for their co-operation in the work of the committee and intimated that in future it will be the aim of the Corn

mittee to work in a spirit of amity and mutual helpfulness.

Hopeful Sign

In the actions of these important committees—one with a Conservative majority, the other ruled by Labour—one may read a hopeful sign for the future of religious education in this country.

SCHOOLCHILDREN IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS Sight-Seeing en route for Paris

A party of 34 boys and girls from Bradford secondary schools heard a debate in the House of Lords on Monday afternoon.

This was an item in a programme of " Sight-Seeing," arranged or them on the first stage of their journey to Paris, where they are to exchange homes for eight weeks with a corresponding number of French boys and girls.

Under a similar exchange scheme twelve Bradford boys and girls will visit Germany.


There is a shortage of labour for harvesting in East Yorkshire.

At a meeting of the Bridlington branch of the National Farmers' Union, it was stated that the class of men sent from the Labour Exchanges were " work shies."

A member suggested that some of the County Council's men, at work on the roads, could be released for a short time, and another speaker stated that armament factories had absorbed a large number of unemployed.

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