Page 2, 24th July 1981

24th July 1981
Page 2
Page 2, 24th July 1981 — NEWS IN BRIEF

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Locations: Rome, Jerusalem


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THE NEW Primate of Poland. Archbishop Jozef Glemp. said last weekend that the Church wanted to have an "indirect effect" on social developments. Polish society had matured and was capable of handling social and political questions. he said, although there were situations in which the Church had to intervene in cooperation with the government. He said the Church's main concern was with practical questions like alcoholism. family problems and respect for human dignity. Earlier the archbishop had met representatives of the Solidarity union.

A NEW chapel dedicated to the three patron saints of Europe, Saints Benedict, Cyril and Methodius. was opened in the Vatican last weekend. The chapel is In the grottoes under St Peter's basilica and is decorated with panels depicting the three saints and an antique cross symbolising the Church's unity. It is-expected to be available for set-% ices in mid-August.

POPE John Paul's attempts to bring about a reconciliation between the Vatican and China were denounced by the independent Chinese church again last Saturday. A resolution adopted by the Patriotic Association of Chinese Catholics accused the Pope and the Vatican of "hypocrisy" and of "wanting to return the Chinese church to a colonial state."

DUTCH Jews have planted 13 trees for the recovery of Pope John Paul H in the Forest of Christian-Jeudeo Friendship in Israel, according to the Madrid chapter of the Committee for Jewish-Christian Relations. The forest, near Jerusalem, is a world project of committees for JewishChristian relations in Europe and the Americas. Die forest will be formally inaugurated in February 1982.

CHRISTIAN Aid has made an emergency grant for £40,000 to ease the plight of thousands forced to leave their homes and seek higher ground by exceptionally heavy monsoon rains in India. More than three and a quarter million people in the states of Assam, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have been affected by the annual floods which began suddenly and disastrously in early July. Large areas of crops have been destroyed and communications severely disrupted. The grant will help emergency relief teams from India's Churches Auxiliary for Social Action to provide essential clothing. food, shelter and medical assistance.

OFFICIAL Church reservations about the teachings of the late Fr Pierre Teilhard de Chardin remain in effect, according to a Vatican press office spokesman. Ile vvas responding to questions about a recent letter by Cardinal ( asaroli which warmly praised Fr Teilhard. He said the letter had also expressed some reservations about the Jesuit scientist's writings.

THE NEW Zealand churches stand against the current South African rugby tour was praised this week by the British Council of Churches. The BCC said their opposition "makes it more difficult for the South African government to promote the acceptance of its policies and encourages those who suffer under the policies in South Africa." East vveek Bishop Brian Ashby of Christchurch and three other New Zealanders failed in their attempt to get a court order banning the granting of visas to the tourists.

TWENTY-FIVE supporters of the March for Life picketed the White House last week to protest against President Reagan's appointment of Mrs Sandra O'Connor to the United States Supreme Court. Judge O'Connor is widely regarded by pro-lifers as being pro-abortion.

FOUR seminarians arrested in Honduras recently and accused of carrying guns, were released last week. The students — all Jesuits — were on their way from Nicaragua to Mexico. The allegations against them were dismissed by the Jesuit authorities in Rome.

BINGO has been legalized ill Pennsylvania. The action culminates many years of efforts to legalize the game in the state, according to the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference. Conference officials welcomed the decision, saying that many parishes and schools, especially in poor, innercity neighbourhoods, have depended on bingo as a major means of revenue to keep their operations in thy black.

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