Page 8, 24th July 1981

24th July 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 24th July 1981 — 25 YEARS AG

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Organisations: Institute of Management
Locations: Frascati, Chester


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Catholic Herald, July 20, 1956

Those West Indians

From Douglas Hyde '.s Column LAST MONDAY I saw yet another big batch of Jamaicans arriving at Waterloo Station. !hey wandered about the platforms looking very colourful but very bewildered.

On that same day the Institute of Management published an "occasional paper". It made the very real point that if at some future date we have mass unemployment in this country, attitudes may harden and may easily lead to an oppressed minority of coloured workers in Britain.

It is easy for us to be tolerant now that we have full employment and loftily condemn those who are guilty of racial discrimination. The real test will come if and when both types of worker are competing in a desperate scramble for jobs.

560 missing

AT HIGH MASS in Leeds Cathedral on Sunday Fr Kevin O'Brien, the senior assistant priest, appealed to parishioners to make more use of the relaxed rules on fasting before Holy Communion. He said: "There are 600 or more at this Mass. There may be 40 communicants. Where are the other 560?"


MR WILLIAM REESMOGG, leader writer of the Financial Times, who is a Catholic, will be the Conservative candidate in the Parliamentary by-election at Chester-le-Street, caused by the death of Mr Patrick Bartley, the Labour MP, titles was also a Catholic.

Ritual railroad

JUST 100 years ago the word "railway" first entered the Roman Ritual with the opening of the railway line from the Vatican to the resort town of Frascati. The word railway became "iron road" when the. priest first pronounced: "Ut hanc ferream viam cum omnibus instrumentis suis benedicere digneris" (We ask that Thou mayest deign to bless this railroad and all its equipment).

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