Page 4, 24th June 1983

24th June 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 24th June 1983 — THE SELLY OAK Colleges is a federation of nine autonomous

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THE SELLY OAK Colleges is a federation of nine autonomous

Keywords: Selly Oak, Liverpool

colleges, working with four central departments and a wide range of associated activities.

Central activities, except for the social work, receive no public money. In addition money is needed for new purposes, such as bursaries for students from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. It is urgent that we raise a substantial sum.

You can become a Friend of the Selly Oak Colleges for a minimum of £10 a year. We can send you a form with banker's order (and covenant, as we are a registered charity).

John Ferguson President, Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham B29 6LQ RATHER belatedly I thank you for "Confraternity of St James," Feb 18.

Several people have joined as a result; the meeting on March 6 was a great success, as was our expedition to Reading Abbey, for its Santiago connections, on May 7. The next event will be on July 6, when I shall give my lecture-recital about music on the pilgrimage routes.

Dr Mary Remnant Chelsea London THIS YEAR is the 25th Anniversary of the opening of St Joseph's School, Swindon. To celebrate an open air Mass is being concelebrated at the Queen's Drive site at 3pm on Sunday, July 3. Bishop Mervyn Alexander of Clifton will be the main concelebrant and the Mayor and civic dignitaries will attend. 1 would be delighted to welcome all past pupils and teachers.

S Williams Headmaster

I PROTEST in the strongest terms at what seems to me to be an attempt on the part of the "Laity Commission" to push the anti-abortion issue into the background. Poverty, unemployment, care of the handicapped etc, are all issues which can be dealt with providing organisations and caring individuals in particular have the will and the imagination to tackle them. However, the unborn are the one section of society beyond all help and protection.

Mrs C Gordon Bromley Kent

IN A History of Blitzkrieg. by Bryan Perrett, your reviewer, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, seems to be enjoying the current in-and-out-of-TheHouse peerish pastime: sniping at CND. (The season also provides behind-the-scenes Bruce-bashing).

What makes him think that the author's remarks on the relative strengths of the USSR and NATO war machines are any more reliable than all those convenient overestimates which are used by both sides as an excuse to make more arms? Could it be because the book has the imprimatur of that wellknown military activist, General Sir John Hackett?

Donald Saunders

AFTER NEARLY one hundred years in Liverpool, Bellarmine School is to close as part of our reorganisation process. the parents having a mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool at 6 p.m. on July 9, 1983 to mark the closure. This will be followed by a buffet in Mountford Hall (Liverpool University) at 7.30 p.m. Tickets will be needed for the buffet, anybody interested should contact: in daytime (the school, 051 727 2064, evenings, Mrs. E. Wilson, 051 722 2378, or Keith Woodley, 051 722 2587, or Tom Mulhearn, 051 724 3940.

Tom Mulhearn Chairman, Bellarmine Convent Grammar School Parents Association.

WITH REFERENCE to "The Duty of the Laity," June 10 1 recommend your correspondent from Weybridge to study The Easter People. It is a message from the Roman Catholic Bishops of England and Wales in the light of the National Pastoral Congress at Liverpool in May, 1980, as approved by the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales at Westminster in July, 1980.

G M Stanford Rustington W Sussex DURING the election campaign efforts have been made to ascertain the stance of candidates on such issues as abortion and nuclear disarmament, and quite rightly so. But there is one issue I greatly fear has not been raised; the question of Ireland.

For over 800 years England has run Irish affairs. How costly this has been in time, money, and above all, human life. England has no right or need to rule Ireland or any part of it.

Padralg Ua Corbaidh

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