Page 2, 24th March 1950

24th March 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 24th March 1950 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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St. David's Day •

I would like to know why your correspondent thanks God that the Feast Day of St. David passes by with so little celebration ? No doubt the inference is to the universal rejoicing on the Feast of St. Patrick, which seems in marked contrast to the lack of interest and even apathy on St. David's and St. George's Days. it is right that the Feast Days of great apostles should he occasions of celehration and rejoicing, and the Church in her wisdom relaxes when such a day occurs in Lent. Perhaps, one day, in God's good time. Wales will celebrate her Patron's day in a fitting manner when the Faith returns.C. NI. F.. 53 Montague Road, Cambridge, Hostels in London

Up to October of last year I was employed in London, and sought in vain for even Catholic lodgings. A hostel would have been the ideal place for me. 1 was considered too old to live in any of the youth hostels. I was consequently forced into non-Catholic lodgings and lived, in many cases, in a world where there was complete indifference to

religion of any kind. A Catholic hostel for men over 21 would be. a boon,-D. W. LONGM1Ree " KirniingIon House," Knaith Park. Nr. Gainsborough, Lincs.

Downside Singing

I consider the Sunday Half-hour of comniunity hymn-singing which has just ended and which was broadcast from Downside, the finest I have ever heard.-F. A. SEALY, 24a Alexandra Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea.

Public libraries and Catholic dogma

Jotter's remarks about Donald Att water's Catholic Encyclopaedic Dictionary impel toe to make a suggestion that has long rankled in my mind-that the Catholics of every town in the kingdom ought to persuade their public library to have this book on its reference shelves. Ft is the ratepayers who pay for the libraries, so Catholic ones should be allowed at least a dictionary.CATHOLIC RATEPAYER, Pilgrimages

With reference to the letter in this week's issue by Marie Lamigeon, urging the need for more brief and less costly pilgrimages to Rome, may 1 state that several Travel Agencies have arranged such pilgrimages, e.g., Westminster Touring Assoc.. Poly 'lours, Cooks, Frames, W.T.A., Limns. Cadogan Travel Bureau and Pier Busseti, ranging in price from 132 to 38 guineas, whilst Pales have arranged a 13 days trip for £35. the Assumptionist Pilgrimage el-lavas Agency) 13 days for £35 15s., the Legion of Mary (cooks) 11 days for £35 5s., and the !tato Express, 14 days for 36 gns.

With regard to Marie Lamigeon's remarks concerning the turning of pilgrimages into holidays, it is not possible for many people to afford a holiday in addition to a pilgrimage. Therefore, the two have to be combined. MARJORIE BATEMAN,14 Priory Avenue, Caversharn, Reading, Berks.

The Dialogue Mass Now that the Dialogue Mass has been used in certain parishes for some time it would be interesting to learn the views of some readers on the response to it. as well as to have their views on the use of the Dialogue Mass among school children particularly those of Primary School age.-SCHOOLMASTER.

Schools' Finance If the Catholic population of the country should feel disinclined to give up smoking entirety in order to provide the money necessary for our schools, might it not be prepared to invest in a nation-wide football pool run for the purpose ?-A. M. SEEL Scio House, Portsmouth Road, Putney Heath, S.W.I5.

Rosaries in prison May I thank those who answered my appeal for Rosary Beads but did not reveal their names. Two people from Ireland sent between them one hundred pairs of new Rosary Beads. It may help to convince some my " boys " in prison that "everybody isn't against them." LAWRENCE CoNNELL (Rev.), The Presbytery, 15 Longdales goad, Lincoln.

Don Bosco boys

I would like to thank you for printing my appeal last November for the Regent di Don Bosco, The response was immediate, and a large number of people sent helpful contributions of clothes and shoes, and money. either for the boys or to assist with the expenses of packing. I am still receiving a few packages. I have sent 40 22-lb. parcels to Rome, and have enough clothes and shoes to send about 25 more. I have heard from Sir D'Arey Osborne and Don Biavati, the director, saying that use has been found for every single thing and how grateful they are.0. A. CUNNINGHAM, 25 CaMpden Hill Road, W.8.

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