Page 2, 24th March 1950

24th March 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 24th March 1950 — POISON SPRAYS

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Locations: Mayfield


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Sig,-With reference to the recent correspondence in your columns regarding the use of chemicals in growing food, the British Medical Journal in their issue of March 4 last disclose the terrible danger to the health and lives of farmworkers, and others. who handle the poison spray-used for spraying wheat, etc. -which is known as " So far its use has been responsible for at least four deaths in this country alone.

This spray has such an acute lethal effect on humans that those who Operate the sprays in the fields, etc., not only have to work in protecting clothing in gas-proof air-conditioned tractor cabs, but are supposed to present themselves for a weekly medical examination This is all very alarming to the field worker who is compelled to work with such deadly poison; but what of the unsuspecting persons who consume the food covered by this poison ! Is it to be wondered at that there is so much internal suffering amongst our population at the present day-or so many sudden deaths !

Surely it is up to all Christians to protest against the use of all these deadly poisons on our food-poisons which are at present far more deadly than either the Atom or " I-1 " bomb !


Sharnden Manor, Mayfield, Sussex.

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