Page 3, 24th March 1950

24th March 1950
Page 3
Page 3, 24th March 1950 — ALL SORTS

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Locations: Damascus, Oxford


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By Fr. Bernard Basset, S.J.

The Angelus THE dignity and importance of the Annunciation is emphasised by the daily recitation of the Angelus during the greater part of

the year. This beautiful prayer, so frequently introduced by the Angelus bell in many countries, helps to pin us down to the present moment and to prevent Our Lord's Incarnation from becoming just a wonderful event which happened two thousand years ago. We are the beneficiaries today and both the bell and the Angelus at Midday, Sunrise and Sunset try to remind us of the fact.

The Angelus and ourselves MANY who saw service in the

Middle East have cornmented on the wonderful fidelity of Muslim believers when they are called to prayer, With no trace of self-consciousness or human respect, they obey the summons no matter where they happen to be. The Angelus in itself is not so much the centre of our observance, yet it would be edifying if we could vest it with equal dignity. It would be hest to begin humbly by finding out how many of us ever say the Angelus. how many know it without a prayerbook, how many could find it in a prayerbook within five minutes.

Euthanasia FVERYBODY'S for March 18 carried an article on the twin subjects Mercy Killing and Euthanasia by the secretary of the Voluntary Euthanasia Legislation Society. A straightforward article, it stated quite openly the aim of the Society and even gave the terms of the proposed Bill to be put before Parliament to legalise Euthanasia. One must piously hope that Everybody's will later give the other side of the question and that Christian readers of the journal will be ready to state their case. The only light relief in a grim bill is that that the patient who wants Euthanasia must apply in writing on a special form to an official to be known as The Referee.

The Road to Damascus THE excellent book of this title, published last year by W. H. Allen, has already helped many people and caused quite a stir. Giving as it does the story of the conversion of a number of wellknown English and American converts it is valuable for anyone interested in Catholicism and for those who have always had the faith. I asked eight people which Was their favourite, and each chose differently. One person asked me why all the converts

chosen were authors ; another. wouldn't it be possible to ask Penguins to publish it in cheaper form?

The C.S.G. 0F all the combinations of let ters which go to spell Catholic Action, C.S.G. is perhaps best known. The Catholic Social Guild is not only old but also youthfully enterprising and years of patient endeavour seem now to be bearing fruit. In the year which has seen the first Catholic Workers College student returned to Parliament, the C.S.G. is planning to move into more extensive premises in Oxford and can record a great increase in sales.

(1) Its three text-books-Christ is King: The Economic and Political life of Man: The Challenge -have sold over 10,000 copies.

(2) 1.000,000 leaflets were sent out for the recent Schools campaign.

(3) The first six months of the present financial year have seen more literature sold than in the whole of last year.

Heard at a street corner

" TORIES about Jesuits are the shaggy dog stories of the devout. This one, sent from Scotland, is new to me, nor is the spelling mine. Maggie: " Hullo, Jean, where are ye going ? " Jean: " Fm awa' tae St. Mary's for confession. I didna gang last week."

Maggie: "Oth! ye should gang tee the Jesuits. Ye canna tell a Jesuit onything he hasna' done himsel'!"

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