Page 3, 24th March 1967

24th March 1967
Page 3
Page 3, 24th March 1967 — Takes a look at the Newman Association

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Takes a look at the Newman Association


DR. MONICA LAWLOR: Secretary; unmarried. Educated at a private convent school and Bedford College (University of London ); honours degree and doctorate in psychology. Held University of London Fellowship at the University of Western Ontario.

Interests: her work and the Newman; watercolour painting; addicted to reading, describing her taste as "omnifarious"; author of two books, another in the pipeline; presently senior lecturer in psychology at Bedford College.

Sees job of Newman as twofold: 1 To provide people with a means of becoming theologically more informed, thus understanding the Church and its teaching more fully; 2 To serve as a forum for discussion between people of divergent views, a place where people can try out their opinions.

Views possible split as unfortunate, but thinks that present tensions in the Church are such that it might happen. DR. JOHN BRY DEN; Chairman; 33 "as near ass damn it"; unmarried; educated at St. Bede's Grammar School, Bradford; Bachelor of Science degree and doctorate in Science Un;versity of Sheffield.

Thinks that Newman as such cannot have a view Ol a controversial matter kecause the members of t',e Newman cover such a variety of outlooks and hnckground that it would impossible to reach a consensus. Sees Newman as providing means of studying and examining the problems of the Church and professional life.

"We should provide a Matform to discuss these and we welcome any Oews. There is no attempt to suress free-speech or to take a line on any matter." Feels movement is he;ng true to its original a■ms.

I RANK MCGOWAN; member Wimbledon (London) Circle; 50; married, four children; professional civil servant; active in lay apostolate since speaking for Catholic Evidence Guild while still at school; chairman, parish development council, Wallington;

DR. OLIVER PRATT; past President, 44. Married with three children. Convert 1955. Educated at London Grammar School; PhD in Chemistry London University; medical research at University of Utrecht. Active in Surrey parish where he lives; president parish S.V.P. 1963; started first family group there. Representative on National Council for the Lay Apostolate.

Contributed chapter to "Mass and the People of God", with wife has written book on the liturgy. "Mellow" approach to life and parish; best bet for Newman peacemaker.

Views split in Newman with apprehension; feels there should be diversity and room for all views within the Newman.

ars runs pamphlet and magazine stall at church; with wife started family group movement in parish; treasurer Catholic People's

MRS CATHALEEN HINDMARSH: member of Manchester Newman Circle. Married with three children; born in Manchester of Irish parents; Manchester and Oxford University, Bachelor of Arts degree in English, post-graduate diplomas in education and psychiatric social work.

Now does freelance iournalism, educational research and part-time psychiatric social work. In forefront of f;ght to retain parts of the Latin Mass.

Interests: "I once made a list of my interests," she says, "and there were 17 of them". These include reading, bringing up children, photography, entertaining, reading about cooking, gardening.

Insists she doesn't wont to start a rival to the Newman, but has much support for new graduate body in the North; believes that a lot of people feel the Newman should be more concerned with practical work for the Church; thinks Newman gives impression it is critical in its attitude to the Church. "That," she says, "is what we don't want to be associated with."

Weeks; treasurer steering committee Catholic Resi dential Study Centre; treasurer Newman Family Apostolate. Interests: none besides Church.

Says Mrs. Hindmarsh is right in attributing present state of affairs to the "radical alliance", but maintains she will not put Newman right by leaving it. "I think the proposed break-away would be a sad mistake. The Association is a properly democratic one and those of us who are members should work to put matters right."

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