Page 11, 24th March 2006

24th March 2006
Page 11
Page 11, 24th March 2006 — - Unintelligent design

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- Unintelligent design

From Mr John Beaumont

SIR 1 am grateful to Mr Derham (Letter, March 17) for his kind remarks about my article (February 17) on I-4r Stanley Jaki. In response to Mr Derham's remarks on the theory of intelligent design. I would like to say that in my interview with Fr Jaki this topic could be given but very brief attention, as it was but one issue among several.

Fr Jaki goes into great detail on intelligent design in his pamphlet, Intelligent Design? (2006). There, he argues that the theory is not intelligent at all. It is a mixture of poor thinking about science, about philosophy, and about theology. Above all, intelligent design is a tacit surrender to fundamentalists who are aghast at the wholly unscientific character of the first chapter of Genesis.

Apart from this, promoters of the theory overlook the elementary fact that while forms can be measured, which is the chief task of exact science and is its touchstone of truth, design, which is intentionality above all, cannot be made the object of measurement.

Yours faithfully, JOHN BEAUMONT Low Bentham, N Yorks

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