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24th March 2006
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Page 14, 24th March 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Bishops' Engagements

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March 26 to April 1

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun: continued Miss in Rome. Tue-Thu: Interviews & Engagements. Fri: 9am Meets with Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House; 1 I 30arn United Guilds Sersice, St Paul's Cathedral. Sae 3pm Liturgy Seminar, Westminster Cathedral; 6pm: Mass celebration by Cardinal Arinze, Westminster Cathedral. Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun: I lain St Elizabeth's. Coventry; 3pm: C St Elizabeth's, Coventry. Mon: 10am Standing Committee, Westminster. 230pm CES Management Committee mtg. The:12pm Clergy Lunch. Wed: COPCA Training Day: 8pm: Council of Four Oaks Churches Lenten Talk. Thu:10ani Flint 'Ingham Church Leaders mtg, Brumsgrove. Hi :2pm On the Way to Life" mtg, Archbishop's House. Sat: (pm Dedication of New Altar, Henley-out haws.

Archbichnp P Kelly II i verpool r Sun: I lam M for the Fourth Sunday of bent, Metropolitan Calhoiral of Christ the King. Liverpool . Mon: Bishops' t'enferenev Standing Committee. Vs'esttninster. Tue: 10am V St Wilfrid's RC High Sch, Label land. Thu-Fri: North West Church Leaders' mtg, Hinaley !fall , Leeds; Fri: 730pm Lenten Reflection, Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs. (*rotted). Sat: 93m Churches Together in the Merseyside Region Foram, Friends Meeting House, Liverpool: 230pm Lenten Reflection. St Mary. Leyland Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark): Sum 9. 5am M H MP Belminsh. Mon: 10am Stuiding Committee mtg: pin: Mtg. Archbishop House. Tue: I tam Anlibishop's Council , Archbishop.% Howe. Wedam & pm Mtgs. Archbishop's Howe. Thu: Inter-Faith Co-ordinators nag. Carmelite Friary, Bears Hill , Oxford. Fri: am Inter-Faith Coaordinati as' nag, Carmelite Friary, Boars Hill, Oxford; 2pm: Opening of New Buildings, St Francis Kesler College. Sat: Lecture given by Cardinal Arinze.Westminster Cathedral. Bishop K Coors. (Arundel & Brighton): Too: Leads F'myers before Fast Sussex County Council mtg. Lewes. Wed: Good Shepherd Celebration, Wrath. Thu: M at Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne, for Miss McKeehnie, retiring Headteacher of St Thomas a 13eeket Infant Sets. Fri-Sun 2 April: Oricd mtg. 1 eats.

Bishop D McGough (H'ham strait): Sun:10am M St Mary's, I zek.Tue: 1230pm Clergy Lunch; 2pm: V St Mary of the Angels Primary Sch, Aldridge; 7pm: C Aldridge. Wed9am In-Service Day with Clergy of Nottingham Diocese, Thu: 2pm V St Gregory's Infant Sch, I onston; 7prn: C Longton. Sat: Liturgy nag, Krems Centre. Reeteuripton.

Bishop P Pargetcr (B'iunn wally Strict 1.30am C Dudley Road, Birmingham. Tue:2pm V St Columba's Sch. Rednal: 7pm: C Bernie!. Wed 2pm V St Patrick's Sch,C'helmsley Wood; 7pttt. C Chef nsley Wood. Tim2pm V St Anne's Sch, CheimsIey Worst: 7pm: C C'helmsley Weed. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sim: V & C Our Lady of the Rosary & St Patrick. Walthamstow. Tue: Migsflmerviews. Cathedral House. Wed: V & C. Loughton. Thu: Diocesan Lenten Day of Recollection. C'higivell: 6.30pm Reception. Essex Community Foundation, !agate:stone Hall. Sat: Lecture by Cardinal Francis Amer. Westminster

Bkshop IL Lang [Clifton): Sun: V St Nicholas ofhktiii,. Easton ,Briack.Tue:Ipm Bishop's Confirente mtg, Lundell. Wet I 030arn Day of Prayer for Clem, Bristol. Thu: 2pm V St Augustine's Joint Scit Taunton. Fri:1130am V St Thomas More Sch, Brawl. Sae V St Patrick, Redick!, Bristol.

Bbhop M Evans (East Anglia): Sun: 4plit Parish Visitation to Cathedral Parish; 4pm: Two Cathedrals Prayer & Dialogue, St , John's Cada:chid . Mat lOarn Standing Committee of Bishops' Conference, Archbishop's House. Thu-Fit Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council & Church Leaders mtg Sat: 1030am-3pm Lboecsan Catifi wee Teaching Day.

Bishop J Kawsthorne (Hallam): Sun-Wed With CAFOD in Pakistan. l'hu:10.15am Assembly Management Committee mtg. Bishop's House, Fri-Sun 2 April: CAW Residential mtg. Hinsley Hall.

Bishop K Dunn (Hexham & Newcastle): Tue: 7pm C St Bede's Church. South Shields. Wed: 7pm Rededication of School Chapel, St John's. Bishop Auckland . Thu. 10.311arn Nonhem Church Leaders Retreat, Ornate3 Hall.Lceds.Sat. lO3imMSt Vincent's Diocesan Offices with Gift Aid Organisers: 6pm; Cateniun Dinner, Durham. Bishop PO'Donoghue (lancaster): Stm: I (kam 1, Holton le Sands. Toe: 1130am Diocesan Schools Youth Mass. C:athedral. Wed 1 lam Reception for Education project, Workingtee. Thu: Travels to Ireland. Mims A Roche (Luise Sun: ham V St Paulinus', Dewsbury. Mon: CBCEW Steering Committee mtg.Archbishop's House. Westminster. Wed 10am VG's nag, Bishop's House; 7pric "Plugged in" Youth CaFE, Cathedral Hall. Thu: loam Board of Governors' mtg. TASC; 12noan Northern Church Leaders' Retreat, Hinsley

Bishop V Malone (L.Pool

Suncontimed Grail Conference, High Lea. Mon: 2.30pm CES Management Committee mrs, I onekin. Thu-Eri: North West C'hurch Leaders' mtg. Hinsley Hall, Leeds. Sat: National Board of Catholic Women AGM, York.

Bishop T (I:pore Tue: 1.45pm LI Vell:KVI City Group Mass & mtg. Liverpool . 7pm; C St Marie, Standish. Wed: hpm C'hurches Together in Crosby Lenten Reflection, St I lelen, t".resby.

Bishop J Crowley (Middlestintugh): Mon

730arn Lenten Station Mass, SaLITSI ttinst. Middlesbrough: 7.30pm Addresses Faith Forum Group, Endsleigh Came. Hull . Wed: 1030am Bishop's Cuuncil , Bishop's House: 7prn: Lenten Station Mass,St Alphonsus. Middlesbrough. Thu-Fri: Ecumenical Retreat, Hinsley Hall, Leeds.

Bishop P Doyle (Northampton): 1 uc IIran 31en Interviews. Bishop's House. Wed:am/pm Miss, Bishop's House. Thu: 10am Stations ce the Cross.Ow Lady of Peace Infants & hornets Sch. Slough: 3pm: Mtg with Diocesan Youth Team, Princes Rishorough. hi: lOwn-3pm Interviews, Bishop's House. Sat: lOarn Key Catechists' AssemNy. Coffee Hall , Milton Keynes Bishop M McMahon (Nottingiuum Mon: 1031tun Bishop' Conference Standing astritni)ac nag, Westminster. Wed-San 2 April: Religious Education Congress. Los Angeles.

Bishop C Budd [Plymouth): Sun: continued V St Mary's Parish, Peek; Sun-Thu 30 March. Landes-came Pilgrimage. Sat-Sun 2 April; V Our lady ot Fatima Parish, Poole. Bishop C' Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun9 I Cam St Thomas of Canterbury, COWC5.

M011: I tairn CBCEW Standing Committee mtg. I ondon. Thu: 9.30-10am C11-11 Coun oil mtg,Segensworth, Fareham. Sat: Diocesan Gift Aid Day, Southampton; 12noon: Winchester Anglican Diocese Assembly, Winchester.

Bidrop T Brain 1SalfordS Tom 2pm Mils of the Diocesan Schools' Commission, Gerald Road. Wed: Mtg at HMPHQ. London; 730pm Station Muss. St Mary's.

Failsworth. Thu-Fri: Northcm Church Leaders' ReuraLliinsley Hail, Leeds.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: V St Thomas Becket, TN:porky & St Cuthbert's, Mouldsworth Tue: 9.3(kint V to Moor Park Sch; 730ptn Lenten Talk • Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College,Telforn. Wed: 10am Churches Together in Shropshire, -I-Nasal:2pm: Telford Christian Council, Tel ford.Thu-Fa: Northern Church Leaders* Retreat, Ilinsley Hall: Et 7pm Enda:aim to mark 75th Anniversaryof St Chad's, Cheadle Bishop P Hendricks (S' work Ansi!): Sun: 10.304m C Sandeistead.Tue: I lam Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House. BishopJ Hine [ S 'seals Auxil); Sun: VC' Folkestone West Toe: !Own Archbishop's Council mtg. Southwark. Sat: 3pm Presides at Gift Aid Maas at Southwark Cathedral, and afterwards attends AGM.

RLshtJ Arnold Orminster Auxil Mon 71.ini Muslim Awards aremons.. Grosvenor House Hotel. Tut: 730pm Gives Talk on Lenten Themes at Our I tidy of Victones. Kensington. Sat: 330pm Mass-Cardinal

Westminster Cathedral.

Bishop A Hopes (W'nensler Awe!): Sun. continued V St Margaret's on 'Thames and St Margaret of SuAland.Tue: liturgy Committee nag, Hinsley Hall, I oats. 'I ha; 10.15am Mil with Hospital Chaplains, Allen Hall Seminary; pm: lengaeonerits. Archbishop's House; 7pm, Solemn Benediction at the Oratory for the end of (Ammeter. Fri: am Archbishop's Council mtg. pm: Engagements, Archbishop's House: 6pnt Mtg with the Fathers of London Oratory. Sat: I lam Meet with the Confirmation candidates from the parish of HIVTIMICTsmith, Cathedral; 330pm Hearts and Minds reflection on the liturgy with His Eminence C.ardinal Arinze: 6pm: MC:RN:drat. Bishop B Loggley (W'mirister Ausil): Sun: 930nm The Grail Society nits, Hodcleadou: 7pm; V to Emergency Cold Weather Shelter, St John's, Islington. Mon: 930arn Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, Archbishop's House. The: 5.45pm Catholic Clidairen's Soziety Beard nag, Vaughan House. Wed: Iflum Day for Life nag, Eccie sten Square; 12noon I onclon Church Larders Executive mtg, Central Hall; 4pric London Catalyst Bowel mtg. Moorgaie; 6prn: Social with SPEC, Archbishop's House.Thu: 230pm V St Edmund's Sch, Millwall; 6pm: M V to Ashwell House, N . Fn: 930razu Archbishop's Council , Archbishop's House; 430pm Bean! of Management mig for the school of Evangelisation. St Patrick's. Soho.

Sat: Limehouse Parish mion.

Bishop C Stack (Waninster areal: Sun: continued V Sr Paul's, Wood Green. Mon: 1030arn M St Albert Great Sete 2pm: CFS Management (-ommittee.Tue-The Primary Heads' Conference, Rome. Fri: 9.30am Archbishop's (ouncil. Sat-Stm 2 April: V St Ignatiue, Stamford Hill

Bishop T Bums d'on:es): Mon: Depart for Edinburgh. Tue: I 1 30am Mtg of Sending Churches: 3pm: Inauguration of the new Chaplain in Chief RAF. Wed Return fmm Edinburgh. Thu: 230pm Council of Clergy. Aldershot; 61511: Chrism Mass. Sae Apostleship of the Sea, Wtstininster.


Arrhhishop P Smith (t'ardiffe Mon: I (km Bishops lonfetence Standing Committee mtg. Weitminster; 3pm: Mtg in tacelcston Square, Leaden. Wed. 7pm Pontypridd Deanery Station Mass in All Hallows. Llentrisant. Sa): 7 15pm Coneen. 4(th Anniversary of the opening of Archbishop McGrath High Sch, in Town Hall, Maesteg. Bishop M Jahab (Menesia): Mon: Lenten Station Mass. St Joseph's Parish, Pat Talbot Eri: 1 enten Station Mass, Our Lady of the Taper Parish, Cardigan Sat; Opening of new Church, Sacred Heart, Henley on Thames. Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Golden Jubilee Celebration, Abergele. Mon: Mtg, CES, London. Tee: RE Directors' mtg, I exidon. Wed: Chapter Mass & mtg. Thu: 7pm Lenten ALM & Confirmations. Bluenail Ffestiniog. Friprn Senior Youth Retreat. Sat: Settler Youth Retreat; Family tile Day.

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