Page 10, 24th May 1968

24th May 1968
Page 10
Page 10, 24th May 1968 — 'Non-violence instructions before racial harmony procession

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'Non-violence instructions before racial harmony procession

DETAILED "instructions Ramsey, and also along White


given before the start of a procession to St. Martin-inthe-Fields, Trafalgar Square. on Sunday for an inter-denomi ational service at which prayers will be said for racial ha many.

he march will begin with an hssembly at Clapham Corn moe tube station at 1.30 p.m. An announcement by the Fellowship of Reconciliation said tha Chriseians of all races we lc +invited to join the march to $t. Martin's, led by a Croes.

'Join us at any point on the way." the announcement ad cd. "Please do not bring


s; placards will be provid. Detailed instructions in non-violence will be given on the day."

The procession will pass L.arnbeth Palace, the official London residence of the Arch. bishop of Canterbury. Dr.

Pax Christi'

ORE than 600 young people are expected to talkpart in the Pax ChriAti International walk in France, from Lyons to Annecy, betwnen August 4 and 14, of wh ch the theme is "How to create a climate of peace," wit particular reference to


The walkers. aged from 18 to 2,9, will follow 12 different routes, all converging on Annecy. The cost of £16 (of which LI is a booking fee to be Lsent with the application fortin) includes all meals, Fiwz Debating 0 sixth-formers of St.

George's College, Weybri ge. Surrey. which is run by I the Josephites, have rea hal the final of the SclooIs Debating Associatio 's tenth annual tournatne t for the Obsery Mac c. ma.

ichael Crane and John Cae idy, who had beaten ten teaMs, were defeated in the fina by the Bromsgrove School pair, N. B. Evans and W. ri, P. II. Davies. .Pomsgrove were drawn to propose the motion "That this houee would restrict further imnaigration to this country ind finitely," which was op pus 1

d by the St. George's pair. The debate was at the City of Lo don School last week. and the niace was presented to the win ers by Lord Gardiner. the Lorli Chancellor. who is pat on of the association.

ichael Crane has won an 'SIGN, PRAY, GIVE' At St, Martin's the marchers will join Christians being invited from other parts of London to take part in a largescale prayer vigil and 'signn.'•

"We will," said one announcement. "sign in favour of action for racial equality, pray for maial justice and harmony in Britain, give in memory of Martin Luther King to aid community relations work in Britain."

This Sunday has been chosen because it falls during discussion in Parliament of the Government's new Race Relations Bill, which is designed to eliminate many forms of race disc rim in au i on.

"The purpose, of the event." it was added "is to show our support as Christians for constructive attempts to irnprove racial relations in Britain and

plans walk in

accommodation and transport to. the point of departure of each route.

Each group will be about 40 strong, with one or two chaplains. The walkers will be from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland. Belgium, England, Ireland. Yugoslavia and Poland. Each day's walk will begin with Mass and end with an informal concert. The walkers will stay with local families.

Those wishing to take part or to have further details should write to Miss Anne Overrneer at 30E Greencroft Gardens, London. N.W.6.


open scholarship to Balliol. Oxford, and John Cassidy is taking his "A" levels and trying for Cambridge next year.

Nicholas de Klerk, who was formerly a member of the team, is going to Manchester University in October. St. George's has 500 boy pupils and 22 sixth-forrn girls.

Downside won the Institute of Chartered Accountants "business game," in which 27 leading schools competed, by beating Dulwich and Marlborough into second and third places.

Stepney school


CLEARY, headmistress of the Bishop Clallenor Secondary Girls' School, Stepney, for 35 years until her retirement at Easter. will be presented with the award Pro Pontificia et Erclesia at a special Mass on Sunda y,

to suggest improvements in the Bill."

The signing ceremony will take place between 3 and 4 p.m. on the steps of St. Martin's. A document for signatures will declare willingnees to live and work with people of other colours. approval of special aid for areas with housing and school problems, and support for the Race Relations Bill but with improvements.

Afterwards there will be a short service in the church led by the Rev. Kenneth Slack, a Presbyterian who for many years was general secretary of the British Council of Churches and is now minister at the Nonconformist City Temple.

The "sign-in" is being organised by an ad hoc ecumenical group, all acting in their private capacities. Mgr. Bruce. Kent is one of the Catholics in the group.


Application forms must be returned by May 31.

At the annual general meeting of Pali Christi' in London on Sunday, plans were concluded for the Pax Christi Hostel to be held at St. James's School. Marylebone, from July 28 to August 25. The hostel, which is open to all, will be run by a team of Pax Christi members from England and European countries.

It was announced that 30 young people from England and Ireland planned to take part in the International Route in France. Miss Gabrielle Crosland, of 62 Avonmore Road, London. W.14. was elected secretary to replace Miss Anne Overmeer.

Grail members honoured

MISS HELEN BREEN and Miss Carol Hunnybun, both members of the English Grail and Middle East Administrators of the Pontifical Mission for Palestine, have been awarded the Pra Ecclesia et Pontifice medal by the Pope for their "extraordinary service" to victims of the ArabIsraeli war.

Miss Hunnybun received her medal recently in Jerusalem from Archbishop Sepinski. Apostolic Delegate, and Miss Breen was presented with hers by Cardinal Heenan at Archbishop's House, Westminster.

The Pontifical Mission for Palestine is the Pope's relief agency for needy Arab refugees. It is supported by the Catholic Women's League Relief and Refugee Committee, Oxfam and other organisations.

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