Page 10, 24th May 1974

24th May 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 24th May 1974 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Senday Says Mass and

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BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Senday Says Mass and

moats parishioners, Royston. 6.15. Thursday. Celebrates Holy Year Mass. Cathedral, 8.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday: Ordination, St Albans Smith.. Sunday. Parochial visitation. Ole Hall -Green. Monday Friday: Shrewsbure Dincesae Clergy In•Service Training Course. Hawstone Hall Friday: London Society for

the Sn ul Religion. Westminster. 3 Bishop Guazielli, Auxiliary of Westminster SalordayiSunday: Visitation, ciapton Park. Friday' Confirmatiite, Brussels.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Yeettrtesclay. Visits Cotton College. North Staffordshire, Thursday. Day of Renotiectiuti. St Gabriete, Harborne. 10.30. Friday, Holy Child Convent. Birmingham, 2 30.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Saturday: Celebrates Mass. St Beds Preparatory School, Great Flaywond 8.30. Sunday: Conceiebrates Mass and preaches. St Patrick's. Walsall, 11 Monday. Concelebrates Mass, Cotton College. North Staflorrishlre. 11. Thursday. Concelebrates

Mass St Peter's. Coleridge 7 •

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmatione, St Mary's. Harvington 10.30. fvlonday. Concelebrates Mass Diocesan Scout Camp. Kirnblestone. 2 30., Tuesday: Mass and Presentation of Papal Medal, Campion House College. 6. Wednesday: Attends meeting of CJFPC, 11 15 Thursday: Attends meeting of Governors, St Paul's College. Newbold Revel 10.30. Friday: Attends Meeting of VYMMCC.CC, Church House, Herborne. 10.30.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Saturday: Attends Catholic Woman's League meeting, Our I arty of Sorrows Sunday: Visits parish ul Our Lady, Parbold to give sermon

Laid Bmiediction on occasion of 90th anniversary of consecrative of Oor Ledy's Cilium!). 3.30. Tuesday-Wednesday. Attends Council Clergy Mentiny, B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Presides and preaches at Mass. 11; celebrates Mass and preaches, 6.30, St Joseph's. Chorley. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall. 10.15; confers Confirmation during Mass. St Anne's. Ormskirk, /.30. Wednesday: Council of Clergy Meeting continued. Luyula Hall, 10_15; blessing and official opening of St Edward's Social Centre, Wigan. 7.30, Thursday: Confers Confirmation during Mass, Good Shepherd Convent. 11; confers Curifilmation during Mass, St. Anne s. Ormskirk. Friday: Attends meeting, Curial Offices, 10.30.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Visitation and Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Jersey Monday: Celebrates Mass for Altar Servers' Rally, St John's Cathedral. 11,30, Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmaenn, St Geurge's, Buckland. Thursday: Attends anneal general meeting of Society of St Dismas. Southampton, 7,30.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Tuesday-Wednesday: Attends meeting of recently ordained priests. Clapham Park. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass and attends annual general meeting of Canons Regular. Datchet, Midday: Cuefirmation. Kettering. p.m.

B ishop Clark, Auxiii•ry of Northampton Saturday: Speaks at Day Conference of East Anglian Ecumenical Commission, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ipswice, Sunday: Confirmation, USAF Base Chapel. Lakenheath, 12 30. Wednesday: Pilgrimage of Northampton Chapter to Walsmonam.

Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Tuesday, Celebrates Holy Year Mass. St Peter's. Scarborough. 7.15. Wednesday. Attends Day of Recollection, The Grange. Arn pieforth Abbey.

Bishop Langton Fox of Menevls Wednesday Confirmation University Chaplaincy. Bangor. Thursday-Saturday: Joint Working Group with the (Anglican; Church in Weiss, Hnlywell.

Bishop Holland of Salford Saturday: Interviews candidates for priesthood. Cathedral House. 10.30; St Peter's Brotherhood and Ecclesiastical Education. 2.30 Sunday: Pontifical Mass, St John's Cathedral, and exposition of Blessed Sacrament, 11; Blessed Sacrament Procession. Salford and Manchester, 2.15. Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday-Friday: Lends Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Bishop Rudderham of Clifton Sunday: Moss for Handicapped Children's Fellowship, Cathedral, 3. Tuesday: Diocesan Priests Council, Newman Hall, Bristol, 11. Bishop Alexander, AuxUlary of Clifton Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Holy Redeemer, Salisbury, 3. Tuesday; Diocesan Priests Council, Newman Hall, Bristol, 11, Thursday: Pastoral Centre Liaison Committee, Newman Hall. 7.30.

Bishop Heade/aux of Plymouth Sunday: Mass and visitation, 10.30: Confirmation. 3: Braunton. Wednesday: Ad ministration meeting, Voscourt, 10. Thursday: Vocations Mass. Love, 7.30 Friday: Annual meeting of Guild of St Boniface, Dorchester 2 30. Holy Year Mass. Sher borne, 7.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Sunday! Presides at Civic Mass, SS Mary and Ethelburga's. Barking, 11. Tuesday: Meeting of Senate of Priests, Brentwood. 11. Wednesday: Meeting of Finance Board, 10.30: meeting of diocesan organisations. 8. Thursday: Meeting with chairmen or diocesan Commissions, 10.30 faienc) Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle -Saturday; Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev R. Kinlen, WF. St Gregory's, South Shields:, 11. meeting to interview prospective church students. St Cuthbert's Grammer School, Newcastle. 2.30. Sunday: Mass. Visit and Confirmation, Barwick on Tweed, 3.30. Tuesday* Meeting of Lourdes Hospitaiite, Our Lady's. Washington, 7. Wednesday: Meeting of Schools Visitors, Bishop's House, 3. Thursday: Meeting of News and Information Department of Mass Media Commission, London. 4.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Receives purses for Rescue Society, Cathedral, 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, English Martyrs, York. Tuesday: Meeting Curial Offices. 10.30. Wednesday: Attends Diocesan Liturgical Cornmiasion lecture. Catechetical Centre, Headingley, 11 Friday-Saturday: Lourdes Diocesan Pilgrimage, B ishop Foley of Lancaster FridayFriday: Leads Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

B ilhop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Mary's, Egremont. Thursday: Finance Meeting. Lancaster. Friday: Attends Cetenten Diamond Jubilee. Blackpool.

Bishop Omar of Shrewsbury Sunday: Visitatiut, rind Confirmation, St Milburge. Church Stratton.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of ShrewsbOry Saturday: Visitation. St Francis Chester Sunday! Visitation and Confirmation, St Francis. Chester. Monday: Visitation continued

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