Page 8, 24th May 1985

24th May 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 24th May 1985 — 0 Ordination, M Mass, V r , Visitation, C

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0 Ordination, M Mass, V r , Visitation, C

Confirmation Cording' Hume, SundepTualday: Lourdes pilgrimage; returns Wednesday

Arcrobnalop BOWS ca Southwark Sunday: C Cathedral, 12. Men, Thursday: C. Eltharn Well Hall 7.30PrIL Rider Investiture M for Knights of Hnly Sepulchre, Cathedral, and Luncheon, 70.30am Archbishop Cootie de Marvels air Birmingham Sunday: M& C 91 Chad's Cathedral, 10,30am la A c,81 Dunstan's, Kings Heath, 6.30prn Wednesday. Catenign Dinner: Strattord upon Avon Circle Sahnelar Vs St FIVIIPA, SnlelherIck.

ArehbishOg Ward of Cardin Sunday-Friday. Lourdes Pilgrimage.

Bishop Clary, Auslttery for Birmingham Sunder Saturday: Lourdes Pilgrimage.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Sunday: M Clifton Cathedra), 9.30arn Monday-Sawn:tar Pilgrimage Holy Land.

Archbishop Warier* of Liverpool Sunday: (event Service the 2 Cathedralo 3pm_ Wednesday: Open Service. Unlvergily Of Eases, Chaplaincy 12 noon libusedey: Celebrate Jubilee M Winchester, 7prn. Fader Winchester. Satteder Meeting with Religious Sisters Christ's Notre Dame College Wootton Bishop Seamy &Lancig." Sunday: Our Ledy & St JoSeph, Carlisle, 11 30am C. Cathedral, 3pthr. Tuesday: Council 01 Priest& Bishop's House, Lancaster, I lam. Cumbria Ecumenical Council, Penritn. 2pm. Wednesday: interviews candidates for priesthood. am & pm_ Fridley: Meeting of Stephenson Trust. Kendal, 1 1 am. Diocesan Social Survey Team. Bishop's House Lancaster. 2piti Saturday: V, SI Clare'sPreston, pm.

Illehop Burke, Aureately for Salford Sunday: Feast of Pentecost St John's Cathedral, Saitord. 10 308m. Monday: M Silver Jubilee Irish Association, 12 noon. Thursday1Friday: V. SS Aldan and Oswald Aoyton, Saturday: Inlervrew Church students. Cathedral House lOwn.

Archbishop of Wesiminsim

Vishnu Mink 01 Ewa Anglia Sunday: M Fa Jnnri s Cathedral, Norwich 3pm M 40th anniversary of Rev Anthony Roberts. St Peters, GodeMonearlea. Sem mender Dinterran Altar Servers Rally. Bury It Edmund,. Suttellf Tuesday-Thuradey: Ecumenical Conference. Jersey. Saturday: V, SI Mary's Parish. Great Yarmouth,

'Helve Grey el Shrewsbury Sunder V, SI Winelncle's, Shrewsbury, am C Cathedral. Shrewsbury 6pm Monday-Faller Diocesan ciergy retreat, Si Beuno's

Bishop Guatitelli, Autlitory for Westminster Sunday:C Poplar. 10.30em C. Wapping, 0.30P*0 Friday: C Copenhagen St 7.30pm Saturday: Prepareirons for Synod, SI Aloysios Social Centre. 10.4pm.

Bishop Hannigan et littesavta Sunday-Saturday: Lourdes Piigrirnage

Bishop Henthulort, Auxiliary for Southwark 'Tuesday: Leads UCM Pilgrimage to Aviesiotd. Conaeciation of Church at Bromley Common, 7 30pm Thursday: South London area Madera. Sanderslead, 1 lamnipm. Friday Candidates for priesthood, Blackheath, IS 30-H Vent

Bishop Hltehen, Auxiliary or Liverpool Sunday: Covenant Service 2 Cathedrals, 3pm Tuesday: CAFOD London, 10-2pm Deanery Moonily Priests and laity, Leigh, 7.30pm Wednesday: Management Meeting Merseyside Council of Voluntary Service. spin !murder V SI Peons Darby. 7.30pm.

Bishop Ham, Auxiliary for Southwark Friday Srourdsr V Mongehans polish Bishop Kelly el Salford Sunday; Walsingnern. Monday-Thursday: Ueh011and retreat. Friday: Meet FIRE (Charismatic Movement) learn at SI AlphoneirS. Manchester. 8pm. Saturday: Interview Church students. Cathedral House 10am.

Bishop K O'Brien, Muratori hr Mieldiesbrough TuesdayMeeting and Dinner of the Yolkahrre Brethren al Harrogate, Thursday Inner City Fraternal at Friends Meeting Meuse. Hue Seturder Opening of St Leonard's Hospice In York by the Duchess of Ken', t1,30ern

Bishop KensienT •eiriliery ler WeelelInSter Sunday:C. Cambridge University Chaplaincy 9 45ain C Sr John's Wood. 6pm

Bishop McCort's, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday-Saturday: Lourdes

Bishop Meduinness of Nottingham Sunda?: VIC, St Barnabas Cathedral, NO, 3prn Wednesday: Bless Parish Hall, Our Lady of Geed Counsel, Sieelord, 7pm. Thwaday, Deanery Meeting M for Catholic Nurses, SI Paul's. Nottingham, 8pm Friday: V, Corpus Christi Convent. LeiteSter, 6pm. Saturday: Catholic Children's Sot Annual M, SI Paul's, Nottingham, 3.30pm Bishop MeLluinnese at Nodinghim Sunday: AK. SI Patrick's. Leicester, 3pm. Tuesday: V. Sisters of Holy Pam of Nazareth, Cathedral. 6pm. Wedneaday: Catechelicai Cornmissiou. Highlields, Derby 2.30pm Catechist Course St Peter's, Leicester 7.3.0pm. Friday: V Dominican Convent, Hinckley, 6pm Smarmier CYS Meeting

Bishop McMahon el Brentwood Sunday-Selurday: Lourdes.

Bishop Moverfay of Hallam Sunday: M at Cathedral, tram. Monday: M at Kiveton, 7.30pm Tuesday: Yorkshire Brethren lunch at Harrogate. 1.30pm. Thursday: Meeting of Finance Board, 10 45am Friday: FIRE rally at Manchester. 7 30prn Bishop Mullins, Area Bishop In Swensee SundayFriday: Lourdes.

Melees Murphy-O'Connor at Arundel a erighion SunderMeadar C Arundel Cathedral, t lam. Preaches at United Service, Rye, pro. M of Thanksgiving. Arundel Cathedral, 12 noon. Picnic. Arundel Park, pm. Tuesday: M, Convent of Mercy, Midhural. 12 noon Thursder Golden Juhilee M. Presentation College Reading, 12 noon. Diocesan Youth evening. SI Joseph's Hall. Storongton, pm Friday: 0, Bev Anthony White, St Thomas oh Canterbury Church, SI Leonardo, Rpm.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sondes: M to celebrate Fr Ashton's Ruby lobllise, St Mary'S, Dirchley, 10.30am, Tuesday: George Andrew Fund Meeting tOarn C or Terwsria. Devon Street. St Helens 7.30pm. Wednesday Deane!), Prieale' Meeting. 11am Maricnort High School Maghull. 7pm Thursday: C, Our Lady of MI Carmel. High Park Street, 7 311prhi f riday: C Plus X Widnes 7.30Pm: Saturday: Rosary Rally, SI Anne's. Sutton. Pm: Bishop Rawslhorne. Auxiliary For Liverpool Sunday: Covenant Service. Cathedrals 3pm 'Nowise' mooting Permanent Deacon group. Our Lady A SI Bernard's. 7pm, Wednesday: interviews at Christ's & Notre Dame College, 1.30pm WednesdarEriday: Meeting with Diocesan Formation team Solurdayr Charley Deanery Dar 1 30pm V. Sacred Heart Charley. Rpm B ishop Flestleeux of Plymouth Sunday: M & C, Cathedral. Plymouth. 6 30Pos Mender: IVI end Dearratinn of the now Church al Mary. the Immaculate Mother ol God, Barnstaple pm Impeder M & C, St Buniteces Church, Creeithh, 11am Wednesday: M & C, SI Mary's Abbey, Bodmin, 7pm Thursday: Concert. Cathedral Choral or Our Lady and SI Bonilace. Plymouth. 7 30pm Fridoy: M and Ms( Communion, Chnst Church. Estover, Plymouth, 9 30am Blessed Sacrament Procession. SI Bonnecan College. Plymouth, 3t7nr Bishop Thomas of Northampton Sunday: II, Cathedral Monday: Leeds Clergy Reveal setarcwr Ceasnam 25th Anniversary fit Church. C St Joseph's, 11am.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary for Southwerk Sunday: C al Earlslield. 1 1,30am C for the PrniugueSe community at t adman Lane. Clapham. 4pmr Thursday: Meeting South Lore= Church Leaders. 1 larM Saturday: KSC action tommillee meeting. I lam KSC area meeting 2 301 n

Bishop Walmsley (HM Tuesday. Vicariate Administrative Council. Farnborough 11 am.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: V & C. Holy Spirit, hteckmonanke Cathedral_ Youth Behr 5pm Monday: Clergy Palmer. Ilkley Tuesday: Yorkshire Brelleen Lunch, 1.30pm Friary. M at Out Lady of Crag. KnaresbOrough, 7.30pm. Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council, Trinity And All Saints. Horslorni DOM BENET ',tries was born in London on February 4, 1913. He was educated at St Anthony's, Eastbourne, Downside (under Dom Sigebert Trafford), Sant' Anselmo, Rome and Christ's College, Cambridge, where he read Natural Sciences.

As a young man, he excelled at games and played in the first teams at Downside in Cricket, Hockey and Rugby. He entered the Downside novitiate in 1931 and was ordained priest in 1938.

He was housemaster of Barlow from 1941 to 1946 and also served as Games Master. Apart from two years at San Diego, California, most of his working life was spent on the Downside parishes. He was in charge of Beccles from 1953 to 1959, St Mary's, Highfield Street, Liverpool from 1959 to 1962, and Midsomer Norton and Paulton from 1962 until earlier this year.

He was well-known nationally as a contributor to The Catholic Herald and locally for his work with Rotary and other charities, notably The Friends of Paulton Hospital.

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