Page 2, 24th November 1939

24th November 1939
Page 2
Page 2, 24th November 1939 — " Love Your Enemies"

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Locations: Surrey, Birmingham


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" Love Your Enemies"

Keywords: Religion / Belief

518,—Thank you for speaking so plainly about Mr Churchill. You might have ended your argument by quoting Our Lord's words: " Father, forgive them . . ." or "Love your enemies." Surprisingly enough for some of us Christians, these words were meant to be taken seriously, and they are perfectly compatible with the uncompromising defence by arms of the right. Hitler may be a lunatic and he may be a criminal, but do we jeer at lunatics or criminals? We should be sorry for them and yet try to restrain them. The greatest danger of war is the perversion of our Christian charity. I have talked to good Catholics who seem to have gone come way along this "easy descent.'



"Poor Stuff"

Ste,—What a lot of poor stuff is written about this war!

Twice in this century Germany has broken international laws and those of humanity. She has bullied, murdered and betrayed. So have other nations. Britain included, but they have seen the error of their ways years ago and intend to stop such ways in others. having recognised their depravity.

Why should we not therefore pray : "Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks"?

C. V. MACDERMOTT. Banstead, Surrey.

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