Page 2, 24th November 1939

24th November 1939
Page 2
Page 2, 24th November 1939 — lilatenar of tbc tacell

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Locations: York, Rome, Alexandria


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lilatenar of tbc tacell

Sunday, November 26. Twenty-sixth (and last) Sunday after Pentecost. Green. St. Sylvester, and St.

Peter of Alexandria.

St. Sylvester the Abbot was a thirteenth century Benedictine who gave his name to a congregation founded by him in Central Italy, the Sylvestrines. This Institute has lasted until our own times.

St. Peter of Alexandria, Bishop and niartyr, ruled the Church of Alexandria, in Egypt, for some years in the fourth century. He was put to death in A.D. 311 by order of Maximin Daza, together with a number of other Christians.

Monday, November 27. Feria. Green.

Tuesday, November 28. Feria. Green.

Blessed James Thompson, martyred at York, 1582.

Rrednesday, November 29. Vigil

of St. Andrew. Purple. St. Saturniirus.

Toulouse, in France, is a city particularly connected with the life and work of St. Saturninus, or Sernin. This saint was a missionary sent from Rome, in the third century, to preach the Gospel in Southern Gaul. At Toulouse he founded the bishopric. Under the Emperor Valer*.r.hs

martyred by being fastened to a maddened bull and so dashed to pieces. Blessed Cuthbert Mayne, martyred at Launceston, 1577.

Thursday, November 30. St. Andrew, Apostle. Red.

St. Peter's elder brother, Andrew, was the first of the Apostles to be called by Our Lord. After the Ascension he laboured in Greece and the Balkans. The tradition of his death is that he was martyred by crucifixion, in Nero's reign, on a cross of the shape of the letter X, e }itch shape is to this day spoken of as " St. Andrew's Cross." St. Andrew is the Patron of Scotland, and his feast-day is a Day of Devotion in that country.

Friday, December 1. Feria. Green. Blessed John Bache, 0.S.B., martyred at Colchester, 1.539; Blessed Richard Langley, martyred at York, 1586; BB. Edmund Campion, S.J., Ralph Sherwin, and Alexander Briant, martyred at Tyburn, 1581.

Saturday, December 2. St. Bibiana. Red.

In the persecutions of the fourth century, Rome's Christian martyrs included four members of one family. St. Flavian, his wife St. Daphrosa, and their daughters Demetria and Bibiana, all gave their lives for the faith. et is the last-named, who was courged to death, whom the Church honours in to-day's feast. St. Bibiana had a church dedicated to her in Rome about hundred veer= aftAr. hnr martyrdom.

before us the need of wholesome reading matter for our boys becomes more and more urgent. Gifts of books, magazines, and papers, spiritual, humorous, light and serious, will be most welcome.

Parcels should be addressed to the Very Rev. Fr. Parieotti, S.C.F., 18, Rawlinson Road, Catterick Camp, Yorks.

Joni/ W. JONES, S.M., CF. Officers' Club,

Catterick Camp, Yorks.

(We trust that it will prove possible to make arrangements for the organisation of an appeal for such literature for the Catholic troops, and widespread distribution.—Evrron.]

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