Page 3, 24th November 1939

24th November 1939
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Page 3, 24th November 1939 — THERE IS JOBBERY

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Does the Communist

stand a Better Chance -IN THE CIVIL than the Catholic? J SERVICE Accusations of " jobbery " in the Civil Service, amounting to " a public scandal," are contained in an article in the current issue of Taxes, the official journal of the Inland Revenue Staff Federation.

He continues: " The most disquieting feature of this whole business of jobbery, however, is the part which certain highly placed Civil Servants have themselves taken in it. It Is within our knowledge that in some Ministries to-day there can be found relatives and friends of highly-placed Civil Servants who have used their official influence to bring these people in, and from one Ministry we have received a list of the extent to which this jobbery has progressed which, if the facts are correct, represents a public scandal,"

What's in a Name?

Mr White voices justifiable doubts as to these appointments, and calls on Civil Servants to " break away from an undesirable racket with which they appear to be associated and which must inevitably lower the good name and the integrity of the British Civil Service."

From a Civil Service Correspondent

The Treasury, as the controlling department of the Civil Service, the Government as controlling the Treasury, and the public, as the body providing the necessary money, would do well to pay particular regard to Mr White's accusations of jobbery in the Civil Service.

Such accusations do not provoke the amazement they would have in the days or Sir Russell Scott, but since his firm rule it has been observable that many practices have crept in which would have earned a stern rebuke from him.

Of recent years, for instance, it has been common to have prominent Civil Servants publicly described as " of the Leftist group."

Old School Tie Bias

There is a reverse side to this question of jobbery which involves the bona fides of the compilation of the central register supposed to contain the names of all professional, semi-professional, TWO exiled Russian professors, working in America, have made a graph of twenty-four hundred years of war. They studied wars on the basis of numbers actually engaged, such numbers in proportion to the world population of the time, number of casualties, number of countries involved, disastrous effects.

With zero for absolute peace they found that the century of greatest world peace, with the percentage of only 2.7, was the twelfth century of the Christian Era.

After that the percentage began to rise.

In the eighteenth century if was 567.5, almost two hundred times what it was in the twelfth. In the first quarter of the twentieth century it was 13,735.98!

These depressing figures are quoted in a New Zealand Catholic Action pamphlet by Fr. Daniel Lord, S.J.

technical and administrative workers whose services would be useful in national work.

It is complained that the questionnaire issued to applicants for registration is not framed to determine ability, but is rather drafted on " old school tie " bias.

It is also complained that sympathy with the Left. is of more weight in securing registration than experience of the job; that a Jew stands a better chance than a Catholic of higher qualifications.

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