Page 8, 24th November 1939

24th November 1939
Page 8
Page 8, 24th November 1939 — March of Time on Catholicism

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People: Obey, Arnold Weiler


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March of Time on Catholicism

The March of Time films, which gave the world something new in news films, are to make a film concerning the influence of Catholicism in the United States.—C. P.

East they should address stipends for their Masses to Fr. Arnold Weiler, 0 S.B., St. Mary's Abbey, Buckfast, South Devon.

Unquiet Corner

Irr worship might have kept me, I had I not gone. If wit might have me saved I needed not fear.

If money might have holp, I lacked none. But 0 good God what valleth all this gear? When death is come, Thy mighty messenger, Obey we must, there Is no remedy; Me hath he summoned, and lo nosso here I lie.

St. Thomas More,

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