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24th November 2000
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Page 10, 24th November 2000 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

November 26 to December 2


An:Mb:hop C Murphy-O'Connor (We,stminster): Sun: M, St Aloysius Church. Somers Town, I 2.15pm. Mon: Mig of Catholic Children's SVC, Si Chatles Sq, Westminster. 5.45pm. 'rue: Interview, Archbp's Hse. Wed: National Pnwer Bnk fast Qui= Elizabeth'K Conference Centre. turn. Westminster Deans, Archhp's Ilse. I lam. Dedication of Jubilee Cams, Cathedral Pkv2a, 4111n. Thu; Interviews. Archbps Ilse. hiLomb with deans, Antibp's 12.30pm. V of Redemptoris Mater. Harrwood Ave, 7pro. Sat Jubilee M for (Emitted. Cathedral. 2.30pm.

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun-Wed: Rome. Thu: Mtg with Primary Sch Headteachers, Bromsgrove, 10.3(kun. Maryvale Trustees Mtg. 6prit.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool ): Sun: M for feast of Christ the King, Cathedral, I lam. Sulemn Evening Prayer, Cathedral. 3p111. Toe: Churches Together in Lancashire AGM, Pleston. 7.30pm. Wed: Leyland Deanery Review. Si Mary's, Leyland. 10.30am. L: pool Hope Univ College. Governing Council Mtg. 6pm. Thu: N West Triangle Mtg. 1.2rxiol. 10.3(Run. Fri: Nugent Care Soc. Trustees & Governing Body Mtg, !Qum. Sal: Day of Recollection for Royal L'pool University Hospital. Eucharistic Ministers & VOILIFIteaS. Cathedral, 10.30am.

Archbishop 51 Bowen (Southwark): C, Wandsworth, Fast Hill, I lam Mow Arra Mtg. Arehhp's Hsc. 5.30pm. Toe: Opening of new nth Rion College, Colon' Convent Girls Sch. Addiscornhc, 1.30pm, Wed:

Mies, Arehhp's Hse i• Vigil M. KEIS. Cathedral, 7.15pru. Sat: Investiture & M KHS. Cathedral, I i 1,30ant

Bishop T McMahon ( Brent wa Ns! r Sun. V & C. Si Thomas More & St Luke. I larlow. Tee: Inters iews/Mtgs. Cathedral Fist. Wed: V. & C, St Basil's, Basildon. Thu: Jubilee

V of South Essex Deanery. Cathedral. Primary Schs t(Vant Seconclary Schs Ipm. Parishes Rpm. V. An-hbp of Tirana to meet refugees. Fri: V & C. St Dominic's, Harold

Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Toe: M. Cathedral to mark retirement of Director of Clifton Religious Ed Centre. Fri: C. St George's Parish, Warminster.

Bishop P Smith (Last Anglia): Sun: V. St Mark's, Ipswich. Wed: C & M. Sacred Heart. North Walsham, 7.30pm. Thu: Diocesan Schs Commission, 'Diocesan Office, I 0,3tham. & M. St Cleorge's. Norwich, 7.30pm.

Bishop P Pargetcr Birmingham): Tug: Trustees Mtg. Holland Ilse, I pm. Wed: V. St Mary's Sch. Wednesbury, 2pm. C. Wellnesbury, 7por Thu: Trustees' Mtg., Maryvalc. 4pm.

Bishop J Rawsthorne 1Hallam): Sun: V, English Martyrs. Mcs borough. Rejoice Reception. Houlden hail. Sheffield, 7.30pm. Mon: Youth Advisory Up. Sheffield, Ipm. Time: Clergy Day of Recollection, Burghwallis, I 1.30ani. C. Si Flak Rotherham. 7pm. Wal: Blessing of New Bldg. SS Joseph & Theresa's. RC Primary Sch. 9.30ant Hallam Curing Services Cum, 7pin. Thu: V to Pope Plus X Catholic High Sch, Voirth-axin-Dearne, I 0am. Churches Together in South Yorkshire, Pastoral Centre, 7.30pm. Sat: V. St Michael & All Angels. Wombwell. Barnsley. 5.10ant Bishop A Griffiths (Hexharn & Newcastle ): Sun: M, St Joseph's. Gateshead, 830atir & I 0.3lkutr. Youth Sunday Service. 2pm. Tare: I./CRG Chumh Leaders V. WM. Regional Launch of KmCongregation Project, II am, M for Sch Governors, Cathedral, 7jmn. Thu: All Day V. Si Andrews, Newcastle. Fri: Blesses new Chapel. Sc Edmund Campion Comp Sch, Gateshead. am. NCRG, 7.30pin. Sat: Vigil M. St Andrew's, Newcastle. (.pin M. 10.30ant & bpni.

Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Sun: Jubilee V. Christ the King. Brantley, I lam. J&P Youth Event:trinity & All Saints' College, Leeds, 2,30pn1. Main: WYEC Sanding ("tier Mtg, Ilinsley Halt 2.31Iprn. Attends 'Scrooge' by Bradford Catholic Player:, Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, 7.30pm. Time: V. Si Catherine of Siena Catholic High Sch, Halifax, 10am. Wed: V. St Alban's. Halifax, 7.30pm. lithilee V, Sacred Heart Parish. Binglcy, 7.341pni. Fri: NItg with Vicars General. Hinsley Hall, 10.30am. Jubilee V. St Francis, Leeds, 7.30pni. Sat: Jubilee V. St Mary's, Bradford, 6pm.

Bishop V Malone (Liverpool): Sun: C. St Margaret Mary, L'parol, 4.30prit. Mon: C, SS Peter & Paul, Crosby, 7.30pm. The: Liverpool John Moores 11rtiversity Chaplaincy ("lice Mtg, 2pm, C. Si Julie, St Helens, 7.30pm. Thu: C. SS Peter & Paul. Kirkby, 7.30pm. Fri: Churches* Anchorage Mtg. I:pool, I pm. C, Si Thentsa, Sutton Manor. St Helens. 730pm.

Bishop.' Cnrwley Nfiddlcsbiough): Sun: C'cioducts Retreat for Permanent beacons, Ilkley Retreat Centre. W Yorkshire. wo/pnt. Tut!: Teesside Sector, Teams of 01., St Joint of God Pastoral Centre. 7prn. Wed: Bishop's Council Mtg. tun/pro.

Bishop C Budd (Plyntouth): Mon: Mc 0, Buckfast, 10.3(hani. tSar (L. Si Ives, 7pirt Bishop C Portsmouth): Sun: Dim

Youth Sunday. St Edmund's Sch, Platannuth. Mon: mia at dr Council of Si George's Use, 10.3atni. Opening & Blessing of new Computer Dept, St Dominic Savio Primary Sch, Woodley. 2.45prrt The: Council of Priests Mtg, Bp's Hse, 1010.30am. Induction of PP, St James, Reed

ing. 7.30pm. Wed: Council of Christian & Jews Half day Seminar, 9.30am 12.30pm. Thu: Diocesan Finance Council Mig, Bp's Ha.. 211111. Fri: Roman Assoc Mtg. M. Salisbury, I 2.I5pm. Sat: M. St Edmund Campion, Maidenhead, 6.15pm.

Bishop T Brain (SalfonI): Sun, Holy Hour for Eucharistic Ministers, Cathedral. Salford, 2.30prn.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:V. Sacred lleart, Benchill. Tue: Mtg with Board of Finance & Planning, Curial Offices.4pm. Wed: C, Frodsltam & Latchford Parishes, St Luke's, Fnadsham,7pni.

C for Crewe & Nantwich Parishes, St Mary's, Crewe, 730pm. Fn: Liturgy C'ttee Mrs, London. 2pm. Sal: Churches Together in England Nile, I michm Bishop C Henderson (Southwark): Sun: M for Assoc ...Friends of Venerable Fr Agnelo, Cathedral. I pin. Mon: Diocesan Bps' Mtg, 530pm. Tuc: Aligning of Minds Mtg of Priests, 1 1.30am. Wed: Churches Together in Kent Council Mtg. 9.30tun. M &C, 01.0f Gillingham Church. Gillingham. 7.30pMilte Mtg of Lisbon Trust, Archbp's Hue, Westminster, Noon. En: KHS Council Mig, & Vigil M, Cathalral. 6.30pm. Sat: Signing of E Covenant fur

Churches Together in Bellingham, Si Dunstan's, IJillinghum Green. Horn.

Bishop Howard Tripp (So(ithwark): Sun: C, South Croydon, 3pm. Tue-Thu: Mtg of Church Reps of Churches Together in Britain & Ireland, London Colney. Wed: M & AGM of Catholic Union of Great Britain, Vaughan Vise, 5A5pro. Thu, Chair: Liturgy Commission Mtg. Archbp's Hsc. 6pm. Si!: V to IIMP Wandsworth, 9.30am. C. Kew Gardens, 6pm.

Bishop J O'Brien (Wcsuniatsterl: Sun: V. Ol:s, Hitchen, contd. Tug: Bps' Mtg. Archbp's Hsu, 430pm. Wed-Thu: Deacons Conference. I linslcy Flail, Leeds.

Bishop P O'Donoghue (Westminster): Salk', St C'aillerine'sChunit. W Drayton. I lam. C, Si Lawrence, Felthant 3pm. M on departure of PP. Holy Family Church, W Acton. 6pm. Mon: Sumwell Team Mtg, I Iau. W Arca Family Ed Ri^sounx, AGM, 7pm. Tue: Parish I landover. Archbp's I Ise. 3pm. Bps' Council Mtg, 4pm. Wed: Jubilee Celebrations, Nazareth Hse tIslewortlik I .30atn. Dedicalion of Crux,: at Cathedral, 4.341pro. Thu: Mtg, Si Mary's College. Strawberry Hill, 9.30am. Westminster Cathedral Mtg. 3.30pm, Barbara Melinski Fund AGM, Cwhalral Hall, 5pm. Fri: M. Gianley Fist Consent, 7ain. W Arta Dams' Mtg. I lam. Sat: 0. St Dominic's.Noon. Gunnersbury Sch M, 6pm.

Bishop V Walmsley (Forces): Mon/Tug: Episc Council. Ladywell Retreat Centre Crud:timing. 3.30pm. Wed: Dedication of Jubilee Cross, W'rninster Cathedral 5.45p111. Tho/Fri/SaL V, RAF Kinlosa & RAF Lossimoth. Scotland until Dec 3.

WALES D Mullins (Menevia): Sun-Wed: Rome.

Bishop F. Regan (Wrexham): Sun: V. Llandudno. Flintshirc County Council Millennium S. Mold Parish Church. 6.30pm. Mon: V. Llandudno Catholic Primary Sch. Trig: Schs' C'nee, Leeds. Wed: Symposium on RE. Leeds. Thu: Steering C'ttec Mtg, London,

KEY: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. SchSchool. FS-Ecumenical Service.

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