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24th November 2006
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Page 14, 24th November 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Organisations: St Luke's Centre, St Joseph's Pnmary School, Council of Priests, Southwark Borough Council, Archbishop's Council, Downlum Market Church, School of Evangel, WasSt Alhon's College, Place Pastoral Centre, Diocesan School, St Patrick's Church, Bishop's Council, Panusaph Franascan Ramat Centre, Tr Waleaden Green Youth Club, St Mary's Primary School, SI Andiestis School, Diocesan Schools Committee, UCM council, Education committee, Primary School, Lady's School, British Mehodist/Catholie committee, Cumberlege Commission, St Joseph's Catholic & Anglican Higb School, Cambridge Unity Chapluary:Eravelker Club, Catholic Children's Society, Teresa School, St Anne's Primary School, Cumberkge Commission, Bonus Pastor School, English College Rome, Anthishors Council, House of Commons, St Joseph's School


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November 26 to December 2

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Ws...erne-ion) Cele. braes Mass for the nah anniversary of Marring Care, Coventry. 1130am. Mon: Interviews and eniangemous,Archbiaapa House. 'fir: Meets with diocesan trustees. Am1iEslielis House. ant mewtun for Cambridge Unity Chapluary:Eravelker Club, London, Orm, . Wad Anerdsbnhata net stall meeting. Allen Hon Diocesan Seminary. Chelsea. S I Aim :Chunks Together it England Residency Dinner,AMthishop's House,6.30thil Thu. Attends reeefaion for '131notees of I leaven'. Aislibishop's How. Fri: Meth with Anthishors Council. AIMhishop's House, rim Sal. Attends 'Celebrating Lair coufeneace for donors. Nethemll Home I radon Anlibiehop Kdly (Liverpool) un: Solemn Mass lit dr Feast of Christ the King. Mampolitan Cathedral 01 Clain the King. Liserpool. I lion: solemn evening prayer, Metropolitan Cathedral it Cltrist ar King, Liverpool, 3pm 11e '2008' meeting. Metropol itan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 1 nom: poetise] area leaders' meeting. St Oswald and St'11tthd Afrownnah.A.thorm-in-Makerfekt, 4en. Wed-Su: WasSt Alhon's College. Valladolid. Archbiabor McDonald (Fa millwork) SunCuminmations . Purley. 12pm. Mon: South London Catholic Sesoulay Heedinehea' Forum. Ilene talk ra St Mary Moorfields te 'Keys(Catholic Writers' 7pm. This Education committee meeting and education eserutise meeting, Archbishop's House. ern. Sal: Knights of the Haly Sepulchre, Mass awl install:Mom. St Ganges Cathedral. am. Archbishop Nichols ilairminglion) SunCivic Maas.% Chivas C'elhectrat, 1 I am. Man: Cumberkge Commission meeting, London, 2pm. Tue. West Midlands trishops'meeting. 10am. Wed: Council of Priests meeting. Oscan %minas-y.1030am Simi Ingham truth leaders meeting. 730pm. Thu: CES management comminere meeting. laindon. 1pm. Inc Mass and weleine for Bishop William 1(eneey, St Thomas Mote. Coverary, 7pru, Sat: Parish visitation , Holy Souls, Acocka Omen.

Rkhop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Moo: Cumberiege review, Eockston Squats, SW I, nun Tr Waleaden Green Youth Club.5 30pm. Thu, Petrone] Feast Mess, St May and Si Arnhem's, Dolls Hill. 7311pm Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting 910:411. Sat. Tiro Staidly of Advent Mass, East Finehley (500th anniversary of hinh of St Francis Xavier), 7pm

Bishop Broth (Salford) Sun: Celebiation of Mass, liMPForest Bank,Agarett, Own. Mon: Inter-religious meeting, thahopscotui, 730pm 111e. Mating of Bishop's Coulon]. Wexelky Hall. 11 30a m: meeting nth. Diocesan School' Comnissin, admatearation offices.2pm. Wed Collasil of Priests. Si John Boast. Blackley. 10.30am; Holy Hour tor

priests, St John Brant Blackley, 2 15011 Private oppointments. Wadley flail, Sat: UCM council meeting. Flinsley Hall, lads Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sat Visitation. St Mary's, Barstiple.

Bishop Burns (HM Forces) Mon, Meeting IPICCCIN).5mt Mass and meeption. bIMS

apria Wed ADS num mating, london.11ana hi: St Luke's Centre bred arcane. Iota-Ion. April

Bishop Coney (Mandl & Briathon) Sun: Mama fie the einuninnities at The Towers. Upper Beeding: Mass for deceased Knights of St Columba, Armorial

Cathedral Mon: Appoinanaus. Anima conk:sena tie Ears Sussex A & B clew. Wed: Diocesan trustees meeting. Presentation evening. SI Andiestis School. oak:ahead Bishop Doyk Northampton: Sun-Toe. Visit to Pakistan 'Dar Clergy conference (Bishop Noble, 'The priest and the Fachaiist reflenions from the Syn.] dh)5-).Coatre Hall. 1030am; CES management committee mating, Sideststi Square.Lendon. I pot Confirmation Mass. St Martin de Parra, clench it son ..lopin Fri: Pharr steenng comnuttee House of Commons, arm Cnalinualio In Mass, litiliiiry.7 40pm. Sat. Mors for °paling of chunit, Basingstoke. 1 lam

Bishop Evans (ast Anglia) Sun: ComIrniatiOns,

Stow rn ark et. Itl.l Sail, Mon. British Mehodist/Catholie committee, Methodist Church House, I lent. Re Doke:tan of Downlum Market

Church, Wed: Ongoing formation day for Meats al Poringltial. I lam East Alight sick and retired priests fund AGM, 330prn Fri Christmas play, St Joseph's Schwa. Sudbury. Sat: Parish Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sum

('onfirmations,Act Eisen 12proCerydon ikoncry Youth Mass.6pm. Wed: Visit to Mayday Hoggtal, Croydon. 10ain Thu Diocesan education committee, Aichbiabop's House, I lam: nillicanun t.SetniiVe.Atchitishop's House 2pm. Hi: Martyrs' I)ay Mass (English College Rome). Tyburn, 11 30iim Bishop Hine (Au:Okay Bishop olSouthwerk) Sm: r:onftnnat ion , St Finbare Aylesham, 10am: Fon eenical Covenant Event. St Peter's, Heatable. 3pni. Wed: Chairs meeting ni domestic spirituality. Bneengham. II 30ana3pm. Thu: Attends education executive group tneetilly.. Aichhollirp's House, I lam. Sat Vultafion, Wahlenlade, Bishop Hollis (Porton:auto Sun Meeting with permanent deacons. Pad Place Pastoral Centre, and TueMenreg with clergy. pastoral area 22, Ilare apm... Confirmation for Isle of Wight mriallar, Neapon . Isle 4V/iglu, 7pm. West Day for Clap. Park Place Pastoral Ceram. Wield-nen. 1030/1IEM 3.31Ipm. Thu: Bishop's Council meeting. St Joseph's. Mr:L.1%11.d. 10/10.auere Fri. meeting

with clergy Pastoral Area 20. 1 3pm; Silva Jubilee Celebrations. St Edmund Cantpion, Bournemouth:730pm

Mom Hope Olicsimirtiter) Sun: Pastoral Mitelion. Our Lady of MI Car lel and St Simon Stock. Kensington. Toe: Meeting of the trustees. Archhithop's House. 1 I ant pin engagements, Archbishop's House; Mass Inc the School of Evangel. !alien Si Renck a.Solio. 5pm. Wed: Archbishop's Council rneetinmArehhishopa House. rui bishops mud seal meeting. Allen Hall Seminary. 1130am: eneaee ments Archbishop's House, pm. Thu: Engagements. Archbishop's House. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, am: engagements. Archbishth's Home, pm Set. Meeting of C'onfirmatton candidates. 10.30am, followed by Confirmations, I1 TOam, Si James' Sluttish Place.

Bishop Kenney iBinianghion) Far Introduction Mass. St Thomas More, Coventry. 7prn. SatParish visitation. Corpus Christi. Coventry.

Bishop I ang (Clifton) Mon. Cumbededge collatessem. London. 1030am. Tut: Bishop s Council. Bristol, tient; CCS Adupuon AGM .lanstol. apen. Wed Pastoral strategy !leering group n wan ig.Btiatot 10 30am Thu: Schools comrainee meeting. Bried.10_1thani; visits IAMB Community. Cleve. don, 2 30pm Bishop Langley (Wesiminsieti Sun: Discernment wedrend. Allot Hall, 930amt Confamation. Pimlico, Spam Tue. Diocesan trustees bond meeting, II em.; Catholic Children's Society meeting. Vaughan House, S Alm. Wed. Bishops & staff meeting, Allen Hall II Mani Six Deans' meeting. Punlieo. (nor Thu: Albeit Irish Bank (GB) public sector & charities reeeptien.The Boer eting Howe . Whitehall Palace. SW1,630pm. Fri: Archbishop's Coeur cil, Archhahrip's Hetne.430arra Neorteratutionte community nag, Archbishop's House, 2pm Sat: 'Telehniting Lifeconterenee fer &Jona. Nehohall House. I pm: Confirmation, Swiss Cortege tips Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Setthowarki Sun: Mass for the Beatification of Fr Agnelo air Sara. St George's Cathedral, 230pm. Mon: Prize-giving ceremony. Bonus Pastor School. Bromley Civic Cenne. 7pm 11r: Meeting of vicars for idigious al Southwark Diocese. 1 lant Wed: Blaming of few hall St Mary's Pitney Mimi Faxicenhem, 245psrr, Maas Inn Catholic teachers hi Bromley. St Mary's Primary School, Beekenham,43Cpm. Thu: Meeting of the Etheatim enniniasion. Anithishop's House. 11 ant meeting with officers from Southwark Borough Council. St George's faithedral liaise Iii. Mass for the Feast of St Francis Xavier. St Matthew's. West Nomood, 7 allpin

Bishop MeGough (Birmingham) Sun: Leads Adana retreat Panusaph Franascan Ramat Centre, MOW Visits Si Patrick Primary Schon, Stalked, 2pm: Confirmations. St Patrick's. Stalked, 7pm. The. Moire ST !Merit and Teresa School, Burntwood, 12pm; Conliminions, Burntwood. 7pm. Wed: Council of Priests meeting. Oscan Seminary, 114114 visits St Anne's Primary School. Stafford, 2pm; Cesilliontions.StAnne's.Suffuni.5pm.Thu: Schools Commissioo meeting, lams, Journey in Faith talk, Seined Heart, Coventry. 7.30pm Fri: Visits St Joseph's primary School, Stourbridge, I (lam. visits St Joseph's Pnmary School, Dudley, 2pm; Confirmations. Dudley, 7pm Sal: Perish eisehas.iii. Mau aural Cogswell,

Bishop McMahan ffluatiworabStet Pastoral visitation. Shocburyness. Man: Attends meeting of council of Si George, Windsor. Tue: Meetings/intetviews, Cathedral House Wed Pastrami alitntuu, and Coniirmauon. Spengfield Thu: Chair meeting of patrinecy committee. 12.3opm; attends launch of Naar by English lienrage, Wen:Mute:030pm. far Huts meeting of chinch lenkas, Sock. 1030am: annals 'sleep-out' event in support of Churches Support Scheme, Cheinakei. 10 harm Btshop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Visitation. St Jour do's, Oak ken Mi er Baleva Council, Bishop's House. 10ani . Wed: Building and sites meeting, %bon House, 1pril The Blessing of new building. All Saints Primary School. Gloasop, 2pm, Confu. mnion.St Mary's. South Wa1sten.7pni. Fri: Prison chaplains meeting, Rearsby Convent. 1030am: Confinnanon tor the parishes of St Mary's. Ilyson Own and St Paula. I awn, St Boman. Cathedral. 7thn, Sat: Blessing of new parish hall. All Saints, Ashhoume, 110pm Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Sun. Solemn evening prayer. Iskampolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. 3pm. Mon Confinnation , Holy Family, Platt Bridge, 7.31.1pm. Tx: Pastoral area leaders' mating, St Oswald awl St Edmund Arrowsmah. Ashion-in-Makerfield • 2pm: Confirmation. St Paschal Bayles( Limper!, 7.30pm Thu: Confirmation. St Helen, Crosby, 7 30pni Sal. Old Xavenans' Dinner, Liverpool, Rpm.

Bishith Noble (Slitewsiety) Sun: Pastneul

Our Lady's end I loly (his flirkritliend. Tar: Flood as tannin and planning.Curial 011ises, 4pm. Wed: Conlimtation. St Luke's, Fnaistinin, 7pm Addressing dew., Nonhanthion Diocese: study day on the Eucharist. RE Centre. Milton Keynes. I lam. Fri: Spirituality Committer of the Bishops' CI mferense. Bolton. 11 30ain Bishop O'Donogliue (Lancasteal Sun: Mass for vetarieuy ut St Mary, Newheuse, team. Wet Landes Pilgrimage Trust meeting. I lam. The-Sat: Carlisle deanery visitation.

Bishop Perrier (Birmingham) he: Visits St Joseph's School. Sutton Coldfield, 2pm; Confercakes. Holy 1 amity, Simon Coldfield,7thn. Wed: Council of Priests ireetiee, °sent Smarmy, Slam; Coalitioner's. Four Oaks. 7 arken.Thu: Vtsits Our Lady's School, Yardley Wood, 2pnr, Cunficmanons. Yardley Wood, 7pm. Sat: Parish visitation. Sanest Heart rind St Teresa, Coleshill,

Bishop Hawthorne (Hallam) Sun: Cenfinnation. Sacred Haut and St Helen, Hoyland. Barnsley, I I , Sam: evening prayer, Liverpool Metropoliton Cathedral, 3pm. Toe: Day of Reeolleetion, Burghwallis 11.30am, Confini mann. St Beck's, Botherham, 7pm. Wed Confirmation, St Joseph's. Worksop, 7pm. This Parenting awed., Muther of God. Sheffield, 4.30pmaConfirmation, Immaculate Conception, Spinkhill, 7pm. Sat: Child PreleetiOn day, St Williams, Shetileld. 9.10run, Conlirn St Williams, She hid, aim).

Bbhop Roche (leads) Sun. Mass, 150th anniversary, St Mary's. Selby. 10.30am; Mass, National Youth Sunday, Lents Cathedra rpm. Wed: Deans meeting. Cathedral Hall. 1030am; Mass for the 'von orate souls of &erased Ono ce the iliouste of Leeds, Leeds Cathedral. 1230pm, Council of Priests. Cathednd Fia11,2 30pm. Thu: Mass, installation of the new canons. lee& Cathedral. 12 .4.1pui, VG's meeting Ina VG's meeting.

Didion Stack (West tanster) liaarra manna. Archtashop's House, Nam. Thu: Central religious advisory ennui:ma meeting. BBC, Ipm., CF.S management committee meeting_ Fat Anithishup's 01111,11 meeting, ') alhon. Sat: Installation of new dean. Westminster. Spot.

Bishop Mauna (Liverpool) Sun: Leads live bmadcza of 'lain in Song . BBC Radio Mersey. sale, Stathon: solemn evening erniya.Metrupoliten Cathedral of Mist the King, Liverpool. 3pnr, Confirmation,Christ the King. liverpool . 4 3tipm. Min Comtti,ml wn . Holy Family, Southport, 7pm. The: Pastoral area leaders' meeting. Si Oswald end St Edmund Arrowsmith, Ashton-in-Makerfield, 2pm: Confirmrst ion, St John Stone, Seathport 7.30pm. Wed: Cooftrmation, St Dominic, Huthon, 7.10thu. Thu: Celebrates Mass lor Liverpool City Group.12.30thm Confimseion, Holy Finely. BothSloan, 7pm. Sat: Northern Festival of Catholic Culture, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Knee, Liverpool,


ArehIndsopSuath (Canlill) Sum Confamation, Sr David's Church. Poninewy&I for Pormeewyrid anal Cwmbran parishes, 1lam. Mon! Cumberlege Commission. Es-desire Speer. 1 lam. Tue. Meeting with the Catholic Blind SimMces.Anthtdslop'a House, Cardiff, I 1.:30mt natfirmation. St Patrick's Church. Newport, 7.30pm. Wed: Confinuation, St Mary's Clunda Merthyr 1Ydlilipm. Thu: Confirmation, Our Lady & St Patrick's Church. Morales. 7pm Sae Day fa irligious,Nanotth I louse. Oscan, 1(tam, U.C.M Wales Annual Mass, St David's Cathedral. Cardiff. 2pat.

Bishop Regan (Wrealinni) Mon: Spiraled opening. St Joseph's Catholic & Anglican Higb School, Wrexham_ Wed: Diocesan Schools Committee meeting, Buckley, 10.30thn. ITV Civic opening. St Joseph's Catholic & Anglian) High Scholl, Wre ham. Sat: Advent Retina Paintasapit


Cardinal O'Brien (St Atettewa & Edinburgh) Sun. 40th anniversary of St Andrew's, Livingston, Maas, 11.30ent Quist the Kull; M1155 with youth of irchdiooese, Gillis Osten, 3pmMen: Edinburgh Inter Paith Assratietioo meeting. City Chambers, Edirthurint lOarn: meeting of Hothead. Secretarial fur the Laity. Si Bennet's, 7pm. Tic: Meeting of Arch

diocesan Pasinial Cerrim.7pm Wed: Feast Dry Mass and visit. St Andrew's High Schaal. ICirkeaMy, 10.10ans, Centenary Moss. palish of Fan:hind. Chapel Roya1.7pm. Thu Inks faith Wieling mil religious leaders conference. City Chumhers. &hub:Fall . I 0 .30ant St Andrew's Day Mass. St Mary's Cathedral. Fafinhurgh, 12 4apm Celebration of 500th anniversary of binh of St Rano, Xavier. St Alphonsus.Glassow.7pui. Sae Advent Mass and garbenug. cathedral parishioners, Edinburgh. 1pm,

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