Page 8, 24th October 1986

24th October 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 24th October 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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0 = Ordination. la eMess, sitatIon, C Confirmation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop ot WeamInstor Monday-Tuesday: Assisi Pilgrimage for Peace Thursday: M. Westminster Cathedral. 11.30am Friday: M. OM Lady. Queen of Apostles, Welvryn Garden City, 7pm Saturday M, Lounfes Hosertalite, Westminster Cathedral. 12 Orr, Young PebidieS Evening. 6pm.

Archialthop Bowen of Southwark Sunday: Forty Martyrs' M and Torchlight Procession, Aylestord Fnary. Sprie Tuesday: G. West Malin, 730p. Friday: Area Bishops meeting, Archbishop's House, 10am. C. Sail egbourne, ?30p,,'

Arebbishop Came de Murata ot Birmingham Sunday-FrIday: Attends Conference et French Bishops at Lourdes

Archbishop Wird el Cardiff Sunday: M and Presentation ol Papal Awards, St David's Cathedral. Cardiff, 1 tarn. Monday. Meeting of C in W. and RC BiShope, Llandall, Cardiff. 10,30are Tuesday: V, Srnlyn Rehabilitation Centre. Newport. 2pre, Therm:ley Meeting e Conference of Major Religrous Superiors. ArchlelehOp'S House. arr Friday: Conlerence or Unertiployment in Wales. United Reformed Church, Cardiff, g.30am.

Archbishop Wortock of Liverpool Sunday: Service of Peace. Met ropelitan Cathedral Monday: V. Schiele of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool Tuesday Church Actien 011 Pcverty Meeting, City Chambers. Glasgow , pm, Wednesday: Returns from Glasgow, am. Archbishop's Council Meeting, Canal Offices 11 am. Thursday Meeting of Nonn West Teangie, Liverpool, arra Bishop Alexander at ClItton Sunday: V, Blaisdon S Newern. Administers the Sacrament or C. 4rarn. Slender Vigil or Peace at Clifton Cathedral. Borreeprn. Tuesday Celebrates M for Catholic Children's Society at Clifton Cathedral and attends AGM. 7prn. Wednesday: Diosesan Day for Priests and celebrates M at Down-wide Abbey. Friday: Celebrates NI and inducts Parish Priest at St Nicholas, Winchcornee, I 30Pm Saturday: Ceremony at Dedication. Gleucester V Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Cnerchdown.

Bishop &awe at Lancaster Sunday: M & Procession in honour ol Diocesan Martyrs. Cathedral. 1 lam. Tuesday: V. Hassell School', Fleetwood. Attend Thurles :College Reunion., Blackpool_ Wednesday: Lancashire Ecumenical Executive meeting, Blecklaten. 2 PM C, English Manyrs, Hardhorn, pm. Thursday: Celebrates Slyer Jubrlee M. Loogridge, 7pm, Salurday: V. St Augustine,. Preston Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sunday: V and C. St Anthony's, West Moors, 3.30pm Monday: M at thanksgivinp lot the work of the OWL Catecrielical camps; Christ the King. Plymouth. 6.30om Wedriesday H f thanksgiving. Goiden Jubilees. Sloadley Knowle Convent. Torquay, 11.30em. Strreery V and M. St Anthoey'a church. 10.30am Celery Si Mary, C, 3.30pm.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary far Salford Sunday: V. St Joseph, Bury, G, 3pm Monday: Ecurnenital Service for World Day ol Prayer for Peace. at St John's Cathedral Sailors'. 7 30prn. Friday Begin V ot St Bade's. Bury, &murder. Brotherhood Wee*, South Manchester Synagogue. 1Sam. Sunder V. St Bede's, Bury, nan,. G. 3prry Bishop Clark of East Angell Sunday-Saturdeyr Leads Ecumenic& Retreat, Uganda, Africa Bishop Enter" of Portsmouth Sonde": The Sacred Heart. Walerloovele, Parish V_ Wednesday: St Vincent de Paul. Lardewood Southampton. G, M. 7pm. Thursday, Bishop's House, Portsmouth, Meeting of College of Consultors, t lam. Friday Settee Heart Walerlooville, C. M, 7om Saturday: Diocesan Youth Conference, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham, Farehent Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunday V and G, Our Lady's, Latchford. Wednesday: C, Holy Spirit, Runoorn. 7 30pm. Thursdiry: C. Si Luke's, Frodsharn, 7.30prn Sunday: V. St Vincent's, Attrincham

Bishop Guazatill, Auxiliehr for Wesunineter Sunday Open house tor young people, 7_343prrt Tuesday, CDA affairs. Wednesday GDA attains. Friday: Meeting Pastoral. 10.3gam and 7pm. Saturday University of London academic M, French Church,

7pm Sunday CommIselonIng, 10.30wri. Ansollne at Hatchard, 5.30prn. .

Bishop Hannigan ol Manevla Sunday: V arid C. Holywall Monday. Meeting with Church In Wales Bishops, Cardill Wednesday: Golden Jubilee, LSA Convent, holyweit Feder Conference tor SelicilorS acting tor Diaceses. London Saturday, Faith Alive Con fere nee, Bar gee_ 1 pm

Stshop Augostirm barns of Middlesbrough 'Sunday Preacees Captain Cook Anniversary Service, Whitby Parish Church 10.45arn. Wednesday. Attend., Pesne Nurses' Medical Corderence,

Seuthpory Friday: Attends Working Party Meeting. Haziewood. 10.3Cam. Attends Annual Charity Social Evening, Marton, Hotel' & Cour try Clue Reception, 6.30PaY Bishop Harvey. Auxiliary for Wasuninne Sunday: M, St Catherine's School, Barnet, 10 45am. C, Our Lady of Loerdes. New Southgate, aprri Wednesday Meeting, Joint Committee ler Hospital Chaplaincy, t lam. Friday: AGM, London Voluntary Service G ourd', 2prri Saturday: 0 St John Vranney West Green, 11 3Com

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary for Southwerk Sunday: interfaith Meeting for Peace. Southwaik Cathedral. 4_30pm. Tuesday: Meeting or Denominational Mission Heads, Church House. Westminster, 10 30am-3 311pm Presents Pioneer Emblems during he St George's Cathedral. 6pm Friday: Diocesan Bishops' meeting, 10.30am. Saturday: Day of Recollectioo for Specie/ Mini sterstf the Euchariet. Sr Michelins Convent. Streatham, t0.30are. Sena Friends of St George's Dinner. House

o f Commons. 7pm.

Brakes Hearne, Armitiery foe thereon/ Senday: C. SS Peter & Paul. Mewdsiey. 11am. Peace Service. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pm. Monday: C, St Mary's, Leyland. 7.30prn Tuesda7:C.51 Catherine's. Leyland, 7,30pm. Wednesday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Office. 1 larn. Lancaster Ecumenical Sponsoring Body, Bishop's House, Blackbern, 230Pth Thursday PninarY Sehools, Holy Family, Platt Bridge C. St Agnes. Ecoleston. pm B ishop Jukes. Auxiliary lor Southwark MondayThursday: international World o! Work Conference. Ha2 lemere Castle, Yorkshire_ Pride y-Sundey: Bishops' Meeting. Southwark. Official V to Our Lady Help at Christians and St Aioysius, Folkstone

B ishop Kelly SillerdSunday: V and C. Sr Mary. sahuen. Monday-Wednesday: Speaks to Priests of Northampton Diocese at Meellne al London Cainey. Wednesday: Meeting Pi Lancashire Ecumenical Spoesonng Body in Bleekbure, 2_30pm. Fridete

D edication of altar, Holy Trinity Brierf held, 7pm.

Bishop Konsism ot LoadsSunday: M, St Hueert Cunsop Bridge, Sam. Service for Peace, Cathedral. 3pm M. St Armes, Keighley, 6pm Monday: M, Stephen s, Simeon 150th AnniverSary, 7.30pm Tuesday Proponents meeting. Myddetton Lodge, 1 lam_ CAFOD Jubilee Meeting, 7pm, Wednesday: Schools' Cornmissrinn Meetlng. 2 30pre Rider Committee for Christian Formation, London, 11 am. Saturday M, St Joseph's Keighley, 6.30pm.

Bishop Lindsay ol Hexham & Newcastle Monday Diocesan Ecumenical Comm $t Vincent's, West Denton, Newcastle on Tyne, 7pm. Tuesday: Northern Brethren's Fund Lunen, tern Ramside Hall Churches Regional, Durham, Broadcasting Council, 7.30pm Thursday: M tor Catholic Church North East's new administrator at Holy Name. Jesmonci, Newcasee, 7 30om_ Friday Cherce Leaders V to Worrier Bishop McCall., Auxiliary tor SirmIngham Sundry: Final Service National Ftowev Festival Stoke Or, Trent. MomJay-Friday English College. Valladolid. Saturday M for Handicapped Ceitdren's Felice/ship, St Chad's Cathedral, 3pm.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottinghem Sunder WC &acme Heart, Lercester, 3pm. Monday: Day 01 Prayer tor Peace. Cathedral, ta, 7.30prn Tuesday: V. Housebound. Aylesteee parish VC St Ed...arra Ayiestone. Leicester. ion Wednesday Shone Committee, Walsongharn am Thvirscley: V. Housebound, Holy Cross, Leicester. Friday: Prigs,'" Chaplains Meeting. Cathedral. item, Silver Jubilee, Mickleover Parish, Derbys, pm.

Blehop McMillan el Brentwood Sunday: Celebrates M, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Stock. 9.3Oarn Tuesday Chars meeting Of Grige Petra Trustees. Cathedral House, Brentwood, 3pm. Wednesday: Concelebrates M or Priest's Silver Jubilee. St Mlchael's, East Siam, Rpm Thursdey Chews meeting at Essex Churches Consullattve Council, Nees Hall. 12 noon Saturday: Attends Presentation of Mozart Requiem. Cathedral, Epee Biseop Mahon, Auxiliary far Waateersier Sunday C. Easicote parish, lion larateley: Meeting at Finance Board, Archbishop's Heuee. 3pm Saturday Pastoral V. Grove Pan parish

GriarnsenelfiPorpem°m_ MeisYnda7rt PH,7oresinDay1:i.Sfulfene.ayl'er VforA.ertr11Cd peace, V. Anglican Cathedral for a period Of Prayer with Angtican Bishop or Sheffield. 12 noon Tesiedaythurigariza„meenit,i:gokw,..laihaicslehoprgy,

Meeting at the Roman Catholic ane Church in Wales Bishops, at Llandalf, Cardiff, 10.30aM, Meeting wite Confirmation Catechists. Port Talbot, 7 30pm Tenedity: Lurch at Cwmbran with Cearimrtan of the County Council. Cwmbran. 1 pm. Thursetey Si John at Jerusalem Dinner. Port Talbot, 1.30m. Saturday: installation of Bishop of Monmouth.

Bishop O'Brien, Auxiliary in Hertiorshire Sunday. Wednesday. Youth Pilgrimage to Assisi Thursday: C at Holy Trinity Church, Bardock, 7.30pm. Friday: C at St Helen's, North Watford, 7.30prri. Smuttier C at Our Lady of the Assumption, Potters Bar. Torn

Bishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary in Middlesbrough Sender Lourdes M at Ahchor House, Hull, 3 300m. Monday: Bishops Committee for Home missron Ct Nottingham. ham. Wednesdayy. Bless the new Our Lady's Bookshop in Hassle. Meeting of Diocesan. Ecumenical Commission at Molter,. Saturday: Attend Walsingnam Association Annual General Meeting at V"Bi'leinhoeghamMirrp7Itry-04517COnnor ol Arundel and Brightio Sunday: Preaches, University ot Exeter, Cathedral Church 01 S1 Peter, ern Friday: Celebrates Gelatin Jubilee M, Bansteact. Saturday Gives Conference. Christian Education Centre, Crawley. V, Hay-wards Heath. pm.

Bishop Rewethorne. Auxiliary !or Liverpool Sundayy. Cr. St Akan, 1Narrington, 10.30am Peace Service_ Metropolitan CatheOral C. Our Lady's Litherland. Spin, Monday: M with Travellers, Formby C. Sr Matthew's, Liverpool, 7.30Prn Bishop Swirellahurst. •uxillary lam Peahens & Newcastle Suedes: M. Si Hilda's. Sunderland, risen, Thursday G. St Betters, Sunderland Friday: M, S1 Anthony's School. Sunderland, 7L3Gam

Bishop Tbantait el Northampton Sunday: V. S, Veuteleres. High Wycombe. Monday: Attends Opening of Priests' Reflective Gatherings, London Gainey, pm. Tuesday: Talk, St Bernard's School, Sk)ugh. 1.30pm. Thursday: AGM Deal Care Group.

Bishop's House, Spat V. Al Augustine's. High llitiehop Tripp, Auxiliary in Southwerk Sunday..V It Morden. Tuesday: Eyeing Retreat, Tolworth UCM art Marla Reparation Convent, Wimbledon. 7.45pm to lOpM. Wednesday: AGM Catholic Children's Society Tahl.,W4g.esytmcinasItewr oCz:z.reprtacrxe. Centre. Saturday.

Richmond, Bishop Wsinal*S, IHNI Force* Wednesday: Attends Campion Society Dinner, RMA Sandhurst, 7.30am, Thursday: 0 Trustees Meeting, London, lam. &Herder. Celebrates Evening M, RAF Hospital We:mentor% 6.30pre.

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