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24th October 2003
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Page 12, 24th October 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: International Catholic Foundation, Service of Deaf People, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, Council of Deans RI, Mtg Diocesan Finance Board, Assuniption School, Centre for Evangelisation, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Bishop's Council, Diocesan Finance Board, Sacred Heart Church, Friillain Bishop's Council, Future Planning Committee, Ushaw College, Bishops' Council, Firionix Board, Leek Thu. Newman College, Catholic Association, University of Greenwich, MethodistRoman Catholic Committee, University College, V University Hospital, V 1st Sea Lord Admiralty House, Diocesan Final= Board, St FranciN College, Council of Priesol, Si Brigid's Church, Liverpool Archtlincesan Centre for Evangelisation, Curia Office, Council of Deans, Bishops Council, Si Anne's Church, Everton Football Club, Catholic International Commission, Charity of Jesus & Mary, College of Consultors


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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

October 26 to November 1

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun:5:30pm M & meets with Young People of the Diocese. Westinin• ster Cathedral Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham)! Sum9:30nm M Si John the Evangelist. Chestellon; 5prn: M to celebrate Silver lubike Of Pope John Paul 11 & the Beatification of Mother Teresa, Cathedral Tue:9:3(Jam Archbishop's Council nag. Thu:7:10part Evening Player with Priests & Religious of Oxford, Blaukfriam. Sat: V Witney

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: International Catholic Foundation at the Service of Deaf People. Brussels continued; Tue.:10;15mi' United Trusts mtg. Liverpool; 3prn: Meets with Professor Pillay, Rector of Liverpool 'lope University College; 7:30pm M of Thanksgiving on the Ruby Jubilee of Rev Brian Newns, St Oswald & St Edmund Arrowsmith, Ashton-I n-Makerfield. Wed:9:30ani V University Hospital. Aintree. Thu:7:30pin M of Thanksgiving on the Ruby Jubilee of Rt Rev Mgr Peter Cookson, Metropolitan Cathedral mf-Christ the King, Liverpool,' _ Fri:10: I 5am Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation; 7:30pm Pastoral Review Group nag, Archbishop's House

Archbishop M Boss en (Southwark ): Sun:5:30pm Area Bishop s mtg. Arch bishop's House. Mon: Standing Commit tee mtg. C Veestgatemn-Sea Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Brightonl:Sun:2pm Meets with Friends of the Cathedral, Arundel Cathedral

Bishop P Porgeter (13'ham auxii):Sten: V Sr Gregory & Augustine, Oxford. Tue:9:30ani Archbishop's Council mtg. Wed:7pm KSC Dinner. Leek Thu. Newman College. Sat:12noon Provincial Mass for Deceased Catenians. Cathedral; V Ss John & Anthony. Kinglaust Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Tue: Mtgsanterviews, Cathedral House; 7:30pm M for priest's 40th anniversary & retirement. Hans ich. Thu: Mtg of Council of Priests & College of Consultors:, Cathednil House. Fri:1pm Mtg of Bishop's Future Planning Committee, Cathedral House. Sae I 2now Mtg of GillOW TRISILVS, Sleek: 6prn: Vigil Mass. Hainault Bishop D Lang (Clifton): Toe: I lam Council of Priests mug, Clifton Cathedral: 7:30pm M For Cathechists & presents diplomas, Clifton Cathedral. Wed: I pm: Bishops' Conference: Deptionient of Faith & Culture mtg, London; 4pm Catholic Association mug, London. Thu:10:30ani Bishops Council, St Ambrose; 12ntion: Somerset Churches Together mtg. Si Ambrose; 7:30pm Annual Diocesan Healing Mass. St John the Evangelist. Bath, Sat:10ani Diocesan Pastoral Council, Bradley Stoke Bishop M Evans (East Anglia): Sun-En: Methodist/Roman Catholic International Commission in York continued; Sat:6prn Induction of new parish priest at All Souls, Peterborough BIshoP J Rawsthorne (Hallam): Toe:10:30am East Mittlauds Church Leaders mtg. I.:loran/mom 7p01: C St Teresa's, Dorton. Wed:2pm Committee for Deaf, Henesy House. Manchester: 7:30pm St Mary Magdalene. Maltby. Thu:7pm C Si Paul's. Caniley. Fri:8am M Cathedral: 7:15pm Pope Paul VI Memorial Lecture. London. Sat:6:30pm V St Mary's. Mington Bishop A Griffiths (Hesham & Newcastle): Sun:11:30am M St Mary's Cathedral with Newcastle Community of the 'Missionaries of Chains,. to commemorate the Beatification ol' Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Tue-Wed: NSC mtg at Minsteracres Passionist Monastety, Northumberland. Council of Priests mug. Ushaw College. Fri:2pm Joint mtg with Intemational Catholic-Methodist Dialogue, Wesley Chapel, London Bishop P O'Donoghue (Lancaster): Tue:6:30pm Diocesan Trustees' mtg. Lancaster. Wed:10:45arn Council of Priests mtg; 2pm; Mtg; 7pm: 'Induction KM. St Maria Goretti, Friillain Bishop's Council mtg; 7prn: M & Blessing of Altar. St Patrick. Morecambe. Satt6pnt Golden Jubilee Mass, Our Lady of the Assuniption School, Blackpool Bishop D Konstont (Leeds)! Sun:llant M or the 251h Anniversary of the Pope's Election. Cathedral. Tue:10:30ant Bishops' Council, Hinsley Hall; 2pni: Confercure "Importance of Working Professionally in Today's Climate", Hinsley Hall; 4:30pm Mtg Diocesan Finance Board & Trustee Directors, Minsky Hall. Wed:11am Mtg with Deans, Hinsley Hall; rpm: Daughters of Divine Love, Si Patrick's Convent, Bradford. Thu:10am Governors' mtg. TASC. Fri:1 Ian; M or clic Petrone! Feast, TASC.

Bishop A Roche (coadjutor. Leeds): Sun:Irk-on V St Patrick's, Elland; 6:30pm Candidacy, Ushaw College. Durhatu. Toc:10:30am Bishops' Council, Hinsley I fall; 1pm: ICEL nug, Hinsley Hall; 2piti: Conference "Importance of Working Pmfessionally in Today's Climate", HimIcy Hall; 4:30pm Mtg with Diocesan Final= Board & Tortee Directors, !finsley Hall. Wed:11am Mtg with Deans. Hit'sIcy Hall; 2pin; Leona 13ivina mtg. HinsIcy Hall. Thu:1 lam Mtg with Clergy Vicariate, Mosley Hall; Appointments, Curia Office. Fri: Appointments Curia office. Sat: bpin M Cathedral.

Bishop V Malone (L'pool auxil)! Fri:10:15am Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archtlincesan Centre for Evangelisation.

Flishop T Williams (L'pool auxil): lute: V Aintree! University Hospital Chaplaincy. Wed:8;45am Theological Reflection: 7:30pm C St Sebastian. Liverpool. Thu:12noon Croxleth Deanery Review mtg, St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Norris Gruen; 2por Charity Registration, Everton Football Club; 7:30pm M of Thanksgiving on the Ruby Jubilee of Ri Rev Mgr Peter

Cookson. Metropolitan Cathedral of Chitisi the King, Liverpool. Fri:10: 'Sant Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Art:have inn Centre for Evangelisation; 7:30pm Pastoral Review Group rntg, Archbishop's House. Sat: I 2noon M for the sick and housebound: St Philumena, Liverpool. Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Tocam Council of Priests, Bishop's House; pm: Bishop's Council, Bishop's House. Wod-Fri, Kg of European Bishops, Brussels.

Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Sun:1 I am M for Golden Jubilee of Sr Mary Connell ESP & Sr Kathleen Hart FSP. Middle Green, Slough. Toe: I lam Council of Priesol. Bishop's House Fri:pin Mtgs. Bishop's House. Sat:am Youth Council Review nitg, Princes Rishurough Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun:6pm M of Thanksgiving to marls the Silver Jubilee of Pope John Paul 11 & the Beatification of Mother Teresa. St Remake; Cathedral. Mon4ff.3fauti Mug I-IMP Lowd ham °map, -Slottingbant. Tuc:10:30am East Midlands Church Leaders ustg-Bout;ctiK goustorthampton. Wed:1 lunmuCi,uncil DI-Primenag, Church of the A ssumpt ion , Bccston. Fri: ll am CCRS Review. Bishop's House. Sat:1130am Readers' Muss. St Barnabas Cathedral.

Bishop C 110111S (Portsmouth): Sun:3pm M to mark the holy Father's Silver Jubilee & the Beatification of Mother Teresa, St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth.

Bishop T Realm (Salford)! Thu: North West Church Leaden mtg.

Bishop B Nobl (Shrewsbury): Tue.!! 7.30pin Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies, MINS & Presentation of Certificates, Si Clam's, Chester. Wed:11; I 5ain Council of Priests, Malpas. Thu:1 lam NW Church Leaders mtg. Leyland. Sat:6pm V St Peter's, Ludlow.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark Ansi] ): Sun:5:30pm Diocesan Bishops' mtg. Archbishop's House, Mon: I 2noon Attends special mug re; future stnnegy Thu: I 2noon Attends University of Greenwich Awards Ceremony. Fri:pro Attends CAFOD's Pope Paul VI Lecture, Church House, SWE Bishop J Hine IS"wark. Auxilk Sum9ani M St Renediers. Walderslade: limit: M St Sinion Stock. Waltlersladc; 5.30pm Southwark Bishops' nog. Mon: No Offleial Engagenients. Tue:7:311pm C Virgin Mother of Good Counsel, Hythe. WedThu, No Official Engagements. Fri;2-4pni Chairs Marriage & Family Life Working Group, Birmingham; 7:15pm Attends Pope PAO VI Memorial Lecture for CAFOD. Church House, Westminster. Sa1:6pm M St Simon Stock, Walderslade.

Bishop H Tripp (S'wark Auxil): Stoo3pm M St Vincent dc Paul Society Festival, Morden. Fri:7:30pin induction or Father Mark Powell OAR as parish priest of Si Anne's Church. Vauxhall Bishop A Hopes (W•minster Auxil): Sun:3pm V to the parish of Stephendale Road, Pimlico. Mon Tue: Interviews & Engagements, Archbishop's House. Wed:7:30pm Al Principal Celebrant. Douuy Martyrs School. Thu: I lam Firionix Board mtg.. Interviews & Engagements. Archbishop's House. Fri: I (tnni A rch• hishop's Council mtg followed by Deans' mug; pm: Interviews & Engagements. Archbishop's House: 7,30pm Acton RINI. Principal Celebrant. Sat:6:10pm 0 to the Diaconate, Principal Celebrant. Oxford Bishop IS Longley Drininster Ausil): Sun:4pni Allen Hall. Candidacy Mass. 'rue:all day Interviews for Director of Diocesan Pastoral Affairs Department: 6pm: Reception, Apostolic Nunciature to present Papal Award to Mr John Wilkins. Wed: Interviews all day for Pastoral Affairs Director. Tlito 1 I am Diocesan Finance Board nits; 6:30prit Oxford UlnUll Debate, Oared. Fri: I Dam Archbishop's Council into; I pm: Council of Deans RI op J O'Brien (Vi"minster, Ileac area); Sun: V St Peter's, Ilatlicld.

Bicentenary of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary, St FranciN College, Letchworth. Sat: V St Joseph's, Waltham Cross Bishop G Stack IW'ininster urea): Toe:Ilan) Mtg of five Deans, New Southgate. Thu:1 lam Diocesan Finance nag. Fri: I Oani Archbishop's Council; I pm; Council of Deans; 7:15pni Pope Paul VI Mcuitouiai Lecture. Church House, Westminster, Satifipto C' Westminster Cathedral Bishop T Burns (forces Mon: V 1st Sea Lord Admiralty House. London. Fri: Luncheon Patriarch Sfeir; MethodistRoman Catholic Committee nag. Sat: V Defence Coilcgc, Shrivenham


Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff). Tur:12inam Diamond Jubilee Masts for Sr. Luigi Dunkin, Si Brigid's Church, Cardiff. Fri:11 am Mtg of the Toistees of thc Archdiocese of Cardiff. Archbishop's House; 7pin: M & Dedication of the Giotto at the Sacred Heart Church. Pontilanfraiih. Sim I Oum-3put Annual General Mtg of the Catholic Blind Services. Cardiff Bishop M Jabale (Menevia): Wed: I lam Deceased Clergy Moss, St Joseph's Cathedral followed by a Clergy rrag at Curial Bishop E Regan (Wrexhansis Sum3pni St Richard Gwyn Mass, Cathedral, Wrexham; this Mass will also be offered in thanksgiving for the 25 years that Pope John Paul has served the Church. and for Its' beatification of Mother Tema. Erk7pis CAP Armual Coniereace. Oswestry. Sat: V Newtow ii Ker: M.Masi. C.C,ntfirreuiihni.

!WM. O.Ordinarion, Aftg-Aierting. Sch.

SrIznal. ES Ecumenical Sill:ire.

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