Page 15, 24th September 1937

24th September 1937
Page 15
Page 15, 24th September 1937 — of Persons And Places

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An Occasional Causerie

Honours of the day go to Hathcrsage, in Derbyshire. There. on this Friday, " as ever is," Canon Francis Busch reaches the golden jubilee of his priesthood. In his case it is a particularly happy day for the anniversary : the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom; for Canon Busch has been for a long time past an active force in connection with the annual Ransom pilgrimage to Padley Chapel. Many hundreds, if not thousands, must he the pilgrims who have inside acquaintance with St. Michael's, the parish church, as a rendezvous for Mass before setting out on the walk to Grindleford. "Canon Busch has for some years been the rector, and is deeply interested in the pilgrimage. 1 have always stayed with him since he came to Hathersage." Father Philip 1-letcher wrote those words ten years ago, not long before his death. In spirit the guild's founder must be counted in among those whose wish to Canon Busch today is for many more years of life and strength in the service of God.

In connection with the approaching sacerdotal silver jubilee of Mgr. John P. Cullen, D.D., rector of the English College, at Lisbon, an honour which will give very wide pleasure has been bestowed upon that worker : the Pope has created him a Protonotary-Apostolic ad instar participantium. The jubilee anniversary is on November 1 next. A gift for the happy occasion, from the Lisbonian Society and other friends, is to take the form of a decoration, not indeed personal but an embellishment of the college over which Dr. Cullen has ruled for the past eighteen years. The lower corridors are to be decorated with azulejus (blue tiles) depicting events in the lives and deaths of SS. Peter and Paul, patrons of the college. Mgr. Cullen was himself a student before going to Rome, at the Lisbon col lege. Founded in 1622 to educate priests for the English mission, this famous piece of England overseas has done that good work uninterruptedly since then.

Last Sunday's visitors to Canterbury will hardly have found time, after satisfying the day's devotional claims, for exploration in and around the city, yet to those who knew of its existence, St. Martin's church must have offered almost the temptation of a

breakaway. 1n that building there is perhaps the oldest church fabric in England; or perhaps not, if Dover is justified in claiming the title for her church on the Castle hill. One need not take a side in the rivalry to see in the Canterbury structure at any rate a wonderfully venerable little building which, even if it does not actually go back in its site to Rpmen times, dates as a fabric from far away in Saxon histbry. For a reference to still earlier times we turn to a very good chronicler, Bede, who wrote, twelve hundred years ago, that " there was near the city, towards the east, a church, built of old in honour of St. Martin while the Romans inhabited Britain." * * *

Canon John Dunford outlived, by years, several brothers who had all been connected, in different ways, with work for the Church's cause. One was a fellow-priest, the Rev. David Dunford, who many years ago was for a time in editorial charge of the Universe. a paper to which Patrick Dunford, earlier still, had been an occasion

al contributor. 'There was a time, however, when the most widely-known of the Dunford brothers, on account of the ramifications of his work, was Valentine Dunford, K.S.G., an organising force in connection with the Catholic Association. Of that body he was for a long period hon. secretary and treasurer, finding time for an immense amount of work, in the way of getting up pilgrimages and other functions, in the leisure left to him from his duties as a busy civil servant. Many a largelyplanned pilgrimage, in the Association's earlier days, owed its success to Valentine Dunford's skill and foresight in everything 10 do with the arrangements.

To have given three children to religion is a privilege which many parents have been granted. To their number we may now add Mr. J. V. A. Kelly, whom so many of us know as the literal guide and conductor of a considerable number of his

fellow-Catholics to places of interest. It was art eventful day for Mr. Kelly, this month, when at Ascot convent his eldest daughter was clothed as Sister Etheldredit, and his youngest., Sister Ann, made her pro fession. The Mass was said by Fr. Nicholas Kelly, only brother to the newlyclothed and newly-professed nuns.

When Bombay's new Archbishop, Mgr. Roberts, S.J., takes up residence and duty in the Far East, he will have with him as his secretary the Rev. Roderick MoreO'Ferrall. Since his ordination about five years ago, Father MoreO'Ferrall, a former Beaumont student, has been assisting Fr. Waterkeyn, at one of London's most historic churches, the onetime Bavarian Embassy chapel in Warwick Street. Front the purlieus of Regent Street to the Gate of India will be a big change; but it may confidently be expected that if Fr. MoreaO'Ferrall finds time to continue, in Bombay, his activities on behalf of Scouting and boy welfare, Indian lads will he gainers by an interest which must now perforce he withdrawn from West London.

Catholic organisations in London have more than once had charitable help from Mr. Sean Kenny and his Broadway Dance Band. Those bodies, and many besides, will have every goodwill for Mr. Kenny in the happy circumstance of his marriage to Miss Patricia Lynch, of Cappoquin, County Waterford, a lady who also is well known

in Irish circles in the metropolis. Sean is the eldest son of ex-Councillor John Kenny, of Battersea.

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