Page 7, 24th September 1937

24th September 1937
Page 7
Page 7, 24th September 1937 — ABROAD

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Locations: Geneva, Shanghai


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Sino-Japanese War

Hostilities have, if anything, been intensified of late and the Chinese forces have had to retreat near Shanghai, while the Japanese forces are pressing steadily forward in the north and have reached the Pekin-Hankow railway, where a large Chinese force has been cut off. Nanking and Canton have been subjected to terrific bombardment and there has been great loss of life. It is thought that the Japanese will he able to secure control of the northern provinces, but Chinese resistance has proved considerably more effective than had been anticipated.

Foreign Secretary at Geneva

Mr. Anthony Eden made a sensational speech to the League of Nations Assembly at Geneva, in the course of which he offered to enter into negotiations with such Powers as might desire it regarding the abatement of preferences in non-autonomous colonies. He made it plain, however, that the main raw materials problem was not one of colonies, which provided only 3 per cent. of the world's supply. He also reminded his hearers that all conflicts reduced the standard of living, a fact all too often forgotten.

Italy and Nyon Conference

Copies of the Nyon Agreements have been handed to Count Ciano, the Italian Foreign Minister, who during a conversation with the French and British Charges d'Affaires claimed a parity for Italy equal to that of the French and British fleets if Italy was to be enabled to take part in the naval measures laid down. It is thought that France and Great Britain are making every effort to overcome the Mediterranean deadlock due to Italy's non-participation at the recent Nyon Conference.

American Judge Accused

A violent campaign is now raging in the United States round the person of Judge Black, recently appointed by the President to the Supreme Court. It is alleged in some quarters that he is a life member of Ku Klux Klan, a secret organisation that was anti-Catholic, anti-Jew and anti-negro. In view of Ku Klux Klan's record this accusation has aroused great indignation and the President has denied all knowledge of such affiliations. Judge Black has so far refused to make any statement. His friends allege that this accusation is due solely to the firm stand taken by him against corruption.

French Finances Improving

M. Bonnet, the French Finance Minister, declared in a broadcast speech that the 1938 Budget showed an excess of revenue over expenditure of Frs. 1,600,000,000 and that taxation returns were good. He warned. speculators of the severity of measures to be taken against them and appealed for an increase of national production.

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