Page 7, 24th September 1937

24th September 1937
Page 7
Page 7, 24th September 1937 — AMERICA FINDS

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Propaganda as a Means of War Profiteering

From Our Own Correspondent NEW YORK.

American thoroughness has recently shown that money spent on propaganda far exceeds that spent on assisting the Red Cross orphaned children, etc. Propaganda experts, it seams. are getting in on the war profiteer racket.

Several months after the Spanish war began, the State Department ordered all agencies collecting moneys for Spain to register full details of income and expenses, disposition of funds, and so on. The first report shows that distressed Spaniards came out second best — propaganda ate huge holes in funds collected.

Of 376,926 dollars collected by various agencies for Spanish relief, during May, June and July, a little more than one-third went to Spain. Almost a third was spent on administration and publicity, while the other third remains as unexpended balance —with several of the reports showing unbalanced figures.

The largest collection, 61,597 dollars, was made by the North American Cornnzittee to Aid Spanish Democracy, a proRed group. Of this sum, 18,841 dollars went to Spain, 36,866 dollars went for expenses, and 15,327 dollars retruIrts unexpended.

Catholics Just as Bad

Other Leftist organisations show similar high expenditures for administration and publicity, and much has been made of this by the Catholic Press, which has conveniently glossed over the fact that the American Committee for Spanish Relief, managed under Catholic auspices, has a record quite as bad as any of the Leftist groups.

This committee. with headquarters in New York, opened its campaign with a mass meeting, which was reported in the Catholic Herald several weeks back. The committee reported collecting 30,753 dollars, spending on publicity and administration 25,793 dollars, having on hand a balance of 3,340 dollars—with not a dollar sent to Spain.

It is said that the committee will have its books .re-audited, but the huge expenditure for publicity and administration is an item that has excited 'much unfavourable ccunment among Catholics who contributed to the fund.

But Not All of Them

However, Catholics can take some comfort in the record of the Brooklyn Tablet fund, which shows collections of 4,952,50 dollars, of which every cent was sent to Spain. Nothing was spent on administration, which may be explained by the possibility that the fund was handled by memhers of the paper's staff.

Another Catholic group, established by America, the Jesuit weekly, collected 6,077 dollars. sent 2,000 dollars to Spain, and has on hand 3,597 dollars.

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