Page 10, 24th September 1971

24th September 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 24th September 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishops' Engagements I Cardinal Heenan Of Westminster...

Page 10 from 25th May 1973


Cardinal Heenan of WestminsterSaturday: Mass for golden jubilee ct parish, Ruislip. Wednesday: Attends synod of Bishop's, Rome.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary ot Westmin

ster-Frlday: Hierarchy Ecumenical Commission meeting, Camden Town. Saturday, Blesses new school. London Coiner, 3. Sunday: Preaches at all Masses. Parish Council meeting. Confirmation, Cuffley. Monday: Herts and Beds Ecumenical meeting, St, Albans, 10_15. Tuesday: Holds ordination. Ealing Abbey. h Wednesday: GOvernors meeting, Ammerdowil House, Frame, 2.30. Friday: Governing Bodies Association meeting, the City, 2.30. B ishop Guazzelli, Auxiliary or West minster-Friday: Prizegiving, Sacred Heat Convent. Hammersmith, 0, Saturday-Sunday: Visitation, St, Mary ot the Angers, Bayswater. Monday: Liturgical

commission electing. Archbishop's House. 7.30. Wednesday: Gathering of Greater London Churches' COnsaltatiVe Group. Westminster Central Hail. 4, Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSunday: Ordmation to Draconate. OscOtt College. 10. Confirrnatron, Sit. Patrick's Church, Stafford. 4, Tuesday: Visits sick and schools, Our Lady of the Angels, Nuneaton. 10.30. Consecrates St. Catherine's Church, Birmingham, 7-30

B ishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birminehalll-Saturclay: Association of Direct Grant Grammar Schools a.g.m. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Wuistan's Church. Little Malvern. 10.30. Tuesday: Visits Long Lartin Prison, T. Wednesday; Visits school and sick, St. Thema% More, Coventry, 10.45, Thursday: Priests' Consultative Committee meeting, Schools Commission, 11. Friday: Ecumenical meeting, Coventry, 4, Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmlilreham-MOnclay: Presides at Catholic Association meeting with Pilgrimage Directors, London, 2.30, Tuesday: Blessing Of new organ Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury. Walsall. Wednesday: Visitation 01 schools and sick, St, Vincent's. Birmingham. Thursday: Schools Commission Sub-committee meeting, 11 Presents prizes, St. Catherine's School, Birmingham, 7.30.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool-Saturday: Ordination:, St. John Stone's WOodvale, 11, Wednesday: A.g.m. CathOlic Blind School. Solemn iblessno. St. Michael's, Kirkby, 7. Thursday: Pastoral COunril recentiOn, Douglas. Isle of Man. 7.45, Bishop Gray. Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass. St. Luke's. Whiston, 12. Presides at annual Mass for Catholic Stouts Guild, Cathedral, 5. MOndayTuesday: Attends Liturgical Committee meeting, Leeds. Thursday: National Liturgical Committee meeting, London. 11. Friday: Liturgical Publishers meeting, Holy Rood Convent. London, 11.

Archbishop Cowderoy of SouthwarkSaturday: Mass. Metre Dame Convent, Southwark, 11.30. Sunday: Mass, Cathedral, 12, Monday: Mass. visitation and Confirmatign, Mongeham, 7.30. Tuesday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation. Westgate. 7. Thursday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation. Abbey Wood, 7.30. Bishop WorlOck of Portsmouth-Friday: Preaches at Inaugural service, Highbury College, Cosham, 11. Confirms Handicapped children, Park Place, Wickham, 3.30 Saturday: Mass for Golden Jubilee. St. Mary's Convent. Portsmouth. 4, Sunday: Mass for Immigraiits, Christ the King, Reading. 4. Wednesday: Mass for Patronai feast, St. Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, 11 IS. Thursday: Leaves for Rome.

Bishop Grant of Northampton-Friday: Sliver tubilee of consecration of church. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Oswald's, Peterborough.

Bishop Holland of Salford-Friday: Requiem Mass for Canon Buckley, St. Wrr,,:ibrifonrr c

d'ai. Clayton. 11, Saturday: Mass

Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship, Holy Name, Manchester, 4. Reception. Catenian Association Province No. 1. Piccadilly Plaza. Manchester, 6.45. Sunday: Visitation. 11.30. Confirmation, 3. St. Chad's, Cheetham Hill. Tuesday: Visits Schools and Sick. St. Chad's. Cheetharr, Hill, 10.30. Visits !loyal Children's Hospital, Manchester, 3. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10.30. Youth Commission, 3.30. Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30. Confirmation, Cordes Christi, Miles Platting, 7.30.

Bishop Rorke, Auxiliary of SaltordFriday-Saturday: Ecumenical Commission of England and Wales. Holy Rood House, London. Sunday: Visitation, 11. Confirmation, St. Mark's, Pendlebury. 3.00. Tuesday: Visits schools. St. Anne's, Crumpsall, 11. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10.30. Diocesan CatechetIcal Commission. Sedgley Park, 7, Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30. Friday: Visits Swinton and Pernilebury schools. and sick, 11. 'Mass, St. Edward's Youth Club. Rusho1me. 8, B ishop Casey of Brentwood-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes, Leigh-on-Sea. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St, Thomas More. Harlow. Wednesday: Greater London Churches' Consultative Group meeting, Central Hall, Westminster. 4. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Stephen's, Manor Park.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds-Saturday: Opens new Church of St. Joseph's, FlOnsiet, 11. Sunday: Confirmation, Silsden, 3.30. Monday-Wednesday: EpiscoPsi Liturgical meeting, Leeds. Thursday: Presides at National Liturgical Commission, Holy Rood House. Regent's Park, 11. Friday: Publishers meeting, Holy Road House.

Bishop Fotey of Lancaster-Saturday: Mass fur Handicapped Children, St. Teresa's, Cfeveleys, 4. Wednesday: Mass,

meeting, 10.30,

1 0

Hall, .3 30. Thursday; Finance

B ishop Grasar of Shrewsbury-Monday: Attends binning of Mission to Menkrnoor, Shrewsbury. Wednesday; Centenary celebration, Boarbank Hill, Grange over Sands.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury-Sunday: Civic service, Anglican Parish Church. IvIlddiewlch. Monday: Mass, Upton Hall Convent. 7. Wednesday: Mass, St. Mary's, Crewe, 7.30. Sisters of the Infant Jesus. Thursday: Mass, Our Lady's Junior School, Edgley. Mass, Holy Family convent, Stalybridge.

B ishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton-Friday: Dedication of Chichester rematOrium, 2.30. Saturday: Adult Confirmation, Cathedral, Arundel, 4. Sunday: Mast for Catholic Teachers of the Diocese, Marist Convent, West Byfleet, 3.30. Wesdneday: Leaves fat Rome to attend Synod of Bishops, 5.35.

Bishop Cunningham tit Florham and Newcastle-Sunday: VisitatiOn and Confirmation, St. Mary's, Easington Lane. 3,30.

B ishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and NewCaftle-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Paul's, Cramtinyton, 3.30, Wednesday: North East Ecumenical Crown meeting. Auckland Castle. 2.30 Thursday: Mass and Confirmation. St JameS% HetrOurn. 7.


Fr. Michael Eleock, parish priest of Our Lady and St. Christopher. Romiley, Cheshire, who was killed with Fr. John Williams in a car accident in Switzerland, aged 62. Fr, kileock was educated at St. Laurence's. Birkenhead; St. Hugh's, Birkenhead; St. Francis Xavier. Liverpool; Ushaw College and the English College, Rome. He was ordained in Rome in 1936.

He was curate at Our Lady's. Stockport, from 1937 to 1943. when he became an Army chaplain. He was curate at St. Joseph's. Sale, from 1947 to 1950. He then served as parish priest at Our Lady of Pity, Greashe, from 1950 to 1959, and then as parish priest of St. Ambrose. Adswood, until 1962.

Ile had a year's sick leave and was then appointed parish priest at Rornitey. From 1951 to 1960 he was Religious Inspector of Schools for the Shrewsbury diocese.

Canon Peter Coughlan, parish priest of the English Martyrs, Wallasey, Cheshire, since 1941, aged 70. He was born in Liverpool and educated at St, Joseph's. Wallasey-, St. Francis Xavier. Liverpool, and Ushaw College.

As we go to press, we announce with regret the death of Celtic Chairman, Sir Robert Kelly.

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