Page 3, 25th April 1952

25th April 1952
Page 3
Page 3, 25th April 1952 — By Fr. Bernard Basset, S.J.

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By Fr. Bernard Basset, S.J.

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DEvolION to St. Joseph is a rela

a lively modern development in -the Church. True, the ancient o Egyptian Church had a feast of St. :Joseph on July 20 and an old cootie ;calendar honoured " the holy old 'man, the just Joseph, the carpenter,' :but there was little public devotion a before SiTeresa's day. Her convent at Avila was dedicated to him and to :this convent was given the right to a ;special Mass for his feast. Later this was extended to the whole Church. a file feast of the solemnity of St. =Joseph. which does not mean that St. !Joseph was solemn. was added to the :Calendar by Blessed Pius X.


The Greatest Saint as VHO is the greatest of the saints?

Theologians enjoy such specu:lations and argue cunningly about ;them without claiming infallibility. lor the ancient Fathers of the :Church, St. John the Baptist was the ; obvious choice, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. John Chrysostom and St. :Augustine support his claims. They ;argue from the words of Christ '(Man. 11: 11). " Believe Me, God has raised up no greater son of g woman than John the Baptist." With:out belittling St. John, modern theologians point out that this text refers ;to the office of %the Precursor and Iclairn that the following verses of Si. a-Matthew make this clear.

e The Apostles t. ANOTHER group of scholars ;4 " claim that St. Thomas Aquinas held that the apostles enjoyed more ;abundant grace and glory than any =other saint. He also condemned 2 the error of those who compared any :other saint to them.. Yet it LS r pointed out by another school of !thought that St. Thomas was speaking of the saints who came after the =apostles while St. John the Baptist and St. Joseph came before.


r S• t. Joseph THE pre-eminence of St. Joseph 4 was first suggested by St. I3ernar:dine of Siena and later sponsored ;by St. Francis de Sales, SL Alphonasus and St. Teresa. Pope Leo X111 -"wrote that Our Lady was the holiest .3 both in grace and in glory and that no-one was nearer to her than her spouse. Suarez admits the preeminence of the Apostles in their special calling but argues that St. Joseph's office was higher, pertaining as it did to the Incarnation of the Son of God. Suarez maintains that it is both pious and reasonable to hold St. Joseph the first of the saints in grace and in holiness.

The Story of the

Catholic Herald

INTRODUCING Mr. Charles a Diamond, that pugnacious tenderhearted Irishman who sat in the House of Commons in 1892. His maiden speech "Ruffian to you, Sir!" is perhaps the shortest on record, certainly typical of the man. Charles Diamond made many mistakes and many enemies on both sides of the Irish Sea but his faith was colossal and his charity astonishingly wide.

hroughout his life he cherished a passion for justice and was always the champion of the under-dog. THE CATHOLIC HERALD may be regarded as the expression of this trait. Fired by Cardinal Manning's social teaching, he started his first newspaper in Newcastle in 1884. Later he was to found the HERALD with its forty local editions and to do pioneer work for the Scottish Catholic Press. All his many papers were vigorous, even violent, but they all had the cause ot the Irish communities in the new industrial towns to defend. From its very birth THE CATHOLIC HERALD was independent, outspoken, and, for those days, rather to the Left.

A Book to Note

"FAITH and Love Through

Christ," by Fr. W. I. Hayward was published in Manchester in 1949. It was reprinted in 1950. Few more comprehensive books are to be had. It covers the Catechism, The Gospel Story, the prayers of the Church, Church history and short lives of famous saints. All this for 3s. 9d. Though " potted," it preserves the narrative style. The same book could be used in the classroom, the living room and Church. It would be hard to find a better book for school children.


THEY were discussing Fr. Gerald

Manley Hopkins and his poetry, and someone asked why the Jesuits had never produced a great musician. Said the old Canon from the corner " Birds of Prey don't sing!"

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