Page 10, 25th April 1969

25th April 1969
Page 10
Page 10, 25th April 1969 — ONE MAN ONE VOTE

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forming up to 12 abreast, like wild Indians screaming their heads off to terrorise the inhabitants so they could beat them off the streets into their houses."

Policemen were human and if someone threw a stone at a man and injured him. he was likely to throw it back.

"But when police officers, acting under orders presumably from the top, which is invariably the Unionist Party, form themselves into military formation with the deliberate intention of terrorising the inhabitants of any one area, I can have no sympthy for them as a body.

"I organised civilians in that area to make sure they wasted not one solitary stone in anger."' There was something horrifying about the fact that "someone like myself who believes in non-violence" had to settle for the least violent method of protecting people to build barricades and say to the police: "We can threaten you."

Westminster was itself at fault because it condoned the existence of the Unionist Government.•"It has sitting on its benches members of that party who by deliberate policy kept down the ordinary people.

"A Socialist Government worth its guts would have got rid of them long ago."

'Dangerous but not desperate'

Mr. St. John-Stevas (C., Chelmsford) said that the situation in Northern Ireland was dangerous but not desperate, Injustice was perpetrated against Catholics in Northern Ireland who were denied equality of franchise in local government.

"They are discriminated against in housing and employment. Until now they have been second-class citizens in the land of their birth. That is wrong and should not continue. It should be condemned in unequivocal terms from this side of the House."

Miss Devlin had effectively used mockery against Captain O'Neill, but she had used it in a vacuum because she had done so with no consideration of the situation in which the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland found himself.

In advancing the welfare of this province of Ireland he had put his own personal career and the future of his party at stake for the future of Ireland. His contribution bore compassion with those of Irish patriots in the past.

The choice he had made clear to the people of Ulster was between order, progress and reform on the one hand and regression to another dark age in which the dinosaurs whether they were orange or green would be free to roam at will.

Horne Secretary's warning

Mr. Callaghan, Home Secretary, gave a clear warning to the Ulster Government that it must introduce reforms. "The Ulster Unionist Government is a trustee for all people. not just the Protestants, and it is in that sense and that spirit that I hope the Parliamentary party that is meeting tomorrow morning can see the nature of the problem they have to solve and bring wisdom and magnanimity, in spite of the pressures that are brought upon them, to solve this particular problem by conceding at least this issue," he said.

"Parliament at Westminster is the supreme authority under the Government of Ireland Act, but we have delegated great authority and therefore a call should go out from Westminster that it is to them we look to make changes. "They are the trustees. They have been given the responsi bility, but the final responsibility rests in this House and therefore the Government's policy is first that the people of Northern Ireland have the same rights as citizens anywhere else in the United Kingdom to enjoy equality of treatment and live in peace with each other and enjoy prosperity."

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