Page 10, 25th April 1975

25th April 1975
Page 10
Page 10, 25th April 1975 — BISHOPS E NGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday t Social Morality Council. Sunday: Visitation, Buntingford Tuesday: Administration Meeting Si Edmund's College.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark

Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St Alban's, Walworth, 12. Tuesday: Senate of Priests meeting. 11: Mass and Confirmation, Eh, 7.30. Thursday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmatiom Hartley, B.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday Mass and Confirmation, St Francis, Bedworth, 3. Monday: Clergy Retreat, Spode House.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Saturday: Visits Holy Rusary Convent, Bridgwater. Sunday. Visitation and Cunfirmetion St Joseph's. Bridgwater. 3.30.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Sunday: Dedication of the Banner of the European Parliament. Chapel of St. Paul, Stansted Park, Hampshire. Monday: Diocesan Education Committee for Sussex meeting. Bishop's House. HOV171. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass and attends meeting of Cathedral Chapter, Cathedral, Arundel, 11. Wednesday: Union of Catholic Mothers Mass and AGM, Cathedral, Arundel, 11: blesses outdoor Crucifix. Merrywood House Thakeham, Thursday: Visitation. St John the Baptist, Brighton; Mass end Confir nation. Church of St Louis, Whitehawk.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewmbury Saturday: Addresses UPC Day

Conference, Padgate College of Education. Sueday: Mass and presents Altar Servers' awards, Sacred Heart, Baguiey. Tuesday: Mass. Holy Family Convent, Stockport

Wednesday: Commission for Priestly Formation, Thursday: Addresses participants in deanery course on the Faith for adults, Crewe Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford F6dat: Vtsitation of schools and sick, St Mary, Oswaldtwistle, 11. Sunday: Visitation 11, ConfirmatToa 3. ST Mary, OswaidtwIstle B ishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday-Saturday: Social Morality Council.

Bishop Casey of BrentwoodFriday: Mass, Sr Helen's Schott!, Westcliff, 10.15. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Ths Assumpuon, Harlow. Tuesday:Visitation and Confirmation, St Mary's, Hornchurch.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Saturday: Knights of St Coiumbo annual diner, Newmarket, Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Church of the Sacred Heart, Southwold. Tuesdae

Wednesday: Post-Ordination Course,

Clapham Park. Thursday: Open Day.

Hengreve Hall.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Lourdes Pligrlmage Committee meeting, Birmingham, 7.30.

B ishop Emery, Auxiliary of Diminution

Friday; Visits school and sick, Our Lady, Alcester. 11.15. Sunday: Confirmation, Our Lady. Alcester, 3.30; Mass arid Confirmation, St Mary's, Evesham. 6,30. Tuesday: Visits school and sick, St John Baptist, Chelmsley Wood,11. Wednesday: CEC meeting, London. 10_30. Thiesday: Collages Planning Committee meeting. Kensington, 11.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Visits sick and school, St Joseph's, Preston, 2 Sunday Receves Good Shepherd Fund from children, Cathedral. 3: Guild of Catholic Doctors, 7.30. Tuesday: Visits school and sick. Sr Maria Goretti, Preston, 2. Thursday: Catecherical meeting, Windermere, 10.30.

Bishop Fox of Menevia Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation. Flint. Tuesday: Commission for Priestly Formation meeting; Guild of Ransom meeting.

Bishop 0 of Shrewsbury

Saturday: Shrewsbury Diocesan Branch OWL AGM, Howkstone, 2.15, Sunday. Monday, Visitation and Confirmation, St. Bede's Waeverham.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Concelebrates Mess. St Joseph's, Leigh, on occasion of AGM of the Diocesan Branch of Catholic Women's League. 2_ Sunday: Mass and Visitation, Our Lady of Sorrows, Liverpool, 10; Good Shepherd Ser. vice. Meimpoliten Calhadrohl. 3; Mass end Confirmation. Our Lady of Sorrows. Liverpool, 4,30. Tuesday: Visits schools and siek, St Paul's, west Derby, 10.30. Wedeesday: Liturgical publishers meeting, Westminster Catholic SOC.i81 Centre. 10: Mass and Confirmation, St Paul's West Derby. 7.30, Thursday: Mass and Confirmation, St Jean's, Bootle, 7.30.

Shhop Ouratell, Asodliary of Westminster Friday: NCLA, Archbishop's House, 5.45. Saturday: National Pilgrimage of Secular institutes Mass, Aylesford, 12. Thursday: Ordination, American College, 1..{.111VH in

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool

Fraley: Meeting, Prison Department, Home Office, London. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation. Sacred Heart Parish. Kirkby. Tuesday: Inner City Clergy meeting: Confirmation, Our Lady's, Croxteth. Wednesday: Clergy Retreats meeting, Bishop Eton, Liverpool. Thursday: Confirmation, Lowe House, Sr Helen's.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Friday: Ordination, Blackheath. 7_ Saturday, Celholic Women's League Mass, Canterbury. 12. Sunday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation, Blggin Hill. 3, Monday: Diocesan Finance meeting. 11 Tuesday: Mass. Visitation and Confirmation, Parkwood, 7.30. Wednesday: Senate of Priests meeting, 11.

B ishop Holland of Salford Friday: Requiem Mass for Bishop Parker, St Thomas of Canterbury, Higher Broughton, 11. Sunday: Visitation 10.45, Confirmation 3, St Mary, Clayton le Moors.

Bishop Untleay of Hasharn and Newcastle Saturday. Annual dinner for Catenian Province 5. Civic Centre. Newcastle. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Teresa, Darlington, 3.30. Monday: Department of News and information Mass Media Commission meeting, London, 2.30.

Tuesday: Presides at elections, Si Clare's Abbey, Darlington, 11: Confirmation, St Peter's school. Gainford, 3.30; Visitation and Confirmation. St. Osmonds. Gainford. 7. Thursday: League of friends AGM, Winterton Hospital, Sedgefield, 7.

B ishop NICI3itirineas of Nottingham Sunday: Visitatlon and Confirmation, Holy Smits, Scunthorpe. Monday: Visits St Augustine Webster School, Scunthorpe, Tuesday: Consecration and official opening Of new Church of Our Lady, Leicester, 7. Wednesday: Visits St Mary's School. Hyson Green; Consecration of the Church of the Assumption. Beeston. 7. Thursday: Mass for Junior Schools' Pilgrimage to Padley. 12.

B ishop McClean of Middletbrough Sunday: Openiog of St Gabriel's Church, Ormesby, Middlesbrough. MondayWednesday: In-Service Training Course, Thursday: Mass and Anointing of the Sick. St

Francis Churn!' Middlosbiough, 7.

B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday, Social Morality Council AGM, Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Friday: Celebrates MOSS, ST Joseph's School. Friringlort Sunday: Scout Service, Market Hall, Carlisle. 3. Thursday: Calechetical meeting, Windermere.

Bishop kindliest,. of PlymouthSunday: Visitation, Mass and Confirmation, Si John the Baptist, Camborna, Cornwall. 3, Bishop Wheeler of Leads Friday; Finance meeting. Curia. Heedingley. 11. Saturday: Good Shepherd Service, Cathedral. 3, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady of Good Counsel. Leeds Bishop Holland of Salford Friday: Requiem Mass for Bishop Parker. St Thomas of Canterbury, Sunday: Confirmation, St Mary's Clayton le-Moors, 3; Confirmation, Sr Mary's. Oswaidrwistie, 5. Wednesday: Bk11SSEIS arrri ripens Catholic Social Welfare Centre Bleckley, 8. Thursday: Rescue Council. Didsbury, 1 I: Consecrates St Joseph's, Darwen, 7.30.

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