Page 9, 25th April 2003

25th April 2003
Page 9
Page 9, 25th April 2003 — Tackling cloning

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Tackling cloning

From Mr Francis Etheredge Sir, Mr B O'Connor (April 4) raises two points for our consideration: how to make people take notice of an issue, in this case the need to prevent human cloning; and secondly, how to get people to act as a body in opposition to it. While action stands to knowledge as building work to architectural plan, common action, action of the body, requires a widespread grasp of the issue in question: the beginning of personal life. It would seem, therefore, that a Catholic broadsheet is well placed to create the right "climate" of understanding, out of which good common action will arise.

Tackling the issue in a programmed way allows for some coverage of the different areas involved: Scripture; Magisterial teaching; traditional points of view in philosophy; the Fathers. And modern embryology. A key factor would be taking account of letters which help to identify areas of confusion, difficulty or ignorance; indeed, an editorial appeal in advance of such a series may well be of great assistance in the planning of it.

Let us hope our editors take up the task, already begun in part, of promoting an intelligible grasp of the beginning of personal life and the issues, which surround it.

Yours faithfully, FRANCIS ETHEREDGE Cheltenham, Gins

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