Page 8, 25th August 1939

25th August 1939
Page 8
Page 8, 25th August 1939 — ALLEGIANCE TO FR. COUGHLIN " America Needs His Voice"

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ALLEGIANCE TO FR. COUGHLIN " America Needs His Voice"

SIR,—Here in the United States we have seen the sudden rise of the " radio priest," the Rev. Charles a

Coughlin. To-day countless numbers

love and follow him; others accuse

him of being a Fascist, Nazi, and an. anti-Semite. Let us then take under consideration this crusader of justice and charity.

Had it not been for him America long since would have been a member of the World Court. Had it not been for the microphone in the " wilderness of Michigan " the embargo would have been lifted against Red. Spain, with the result that

Christianity's Cross would have been crushed by the hammer and sickle.

Many more things could be added but space does not permit. He has made mistakes just as we all have made them.

After all, no man is infallible and every American has the right and privilege to do a little thinking for himself. This vicious campaign, however, to "sling slime " at him and of a determination to silence him is un-American and in reality shows the true make-up of the persons involved,

Millions are with him in an effort to keep America out of war. Millions are with him in the tight to break the money monopoly which is the cause of our present economic depression. Fr. Coughlin is a believer in religious and racial tolerance. The private and public life of Fr. Coughlin is an open book along with his radio activities and arrangements. He is on the air because the common people want him there. He is on the air because the common people are supporting him. He is on the air because the elected Government officials are not doing things which are In the best interest of the people. Be has nothing to hide about his affairs and he fears no whip of censorship, Fr. Coughlin is a tribune of the American people interested in saving of Americanism.

The accusation that Fr. Coughlin has been anti-Semitic in his talks is a very strange charge. It is accompanied by no proof save for a lot of lies, namecalling, and false propaganda. It is just a rumour started by the Leftist leaders in this country who think no charge too Ida' as long as it succeeds in carrying out their !ibjeetive. Let me quote the Rev. Dr. Edward Lodge Curran, President, International Catholic Truth Society:

" No Catholic priest that I know of is an anti-Semitic. I have followed every broadcast of Fr. Coughlin since he returned last fall and I challenge any listener or reader of those broadcasts to prove by sentence and para.graph that Fr. Coughlin has the slightest personal tinge of antiSemitism about him. The charge of anti-Semitism has been part and parcel of the Communistic campaign to militate against the antiCommunist campaign of Fr. Coughlin. Aiding and abetting the Communists are certain individuals who proclaim that to criticise the Jew is not merely the sign but the very, substance of anti-Semitism."

There is no real issue of anti-Semitism in America. There should, however, be a real issue of anti-Fascism, antiNazism, and anti-Communism, That kind of an issue is the only way we will be able to have peace, Americanism, and social justice.

America needs the voice of Fr. Coughlin, where else in the United States can one get the true facts Sunday, after Sunday? Fr. Coughlin seeks no political office. He cannot attain wealth. Hie fame has arisen from the per-. formance of a simple duty to his country and his fellow citizens. He is a mere parish priest who champions Christianity and Americanism. He has no wealthy capitalistic " backers." Not one dollar has over come to him from a foreign country.

The burden of preserving American institutions needs the help of every American citizen. Fr. Coughlin is merely a spokesman for a rapidlygrowing element in this nation—a Christian Front dedicated to keep Communism from gaining control in America.

BERNARD Feoeece, Vice-President, Social Justice Club of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.

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