Page 8, 25th August 1939

25th August 1939
Page 8
Page 8, 25th August 1939 — ARE " CHILDREN'S MASSES '' OVERDONE?

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SIR,—" This (marriage) is a great sacrament: but I speak in Christ and In the Church." [Ephesians, V. 32.1 The most fundamental, the simplest, and the most effective form in which living faith becomes inspiring testimony will always he found in the Christian family. "The family reflects as no other social Institution does, the mystery of the Church, her real union with Christ her Head," says Karl Adam.

The Christian family is the nucleus of the lay apoetolate of that faith which awakens and enkindles faith. The family is the real cell of organic Catholic Action. Catholic Action is Family Action.

The Sacrifice of the Maas is the offering of the whole Christian family, the Mystical Body. " Wherefore we beseech Thee, 0 Lord, to be appeased by this Oblation which we Thy servants, and with us Thy whole family offer up to Thee." The idea of a corporate offering, a family offering, is stressed continually throughout the Mass.

Here are three very lovely things of the Faith, each having an intimate bearing upon the others. And yet despite them, children must have their own Mass. must be taken from their parents, regimented and assembled in the sorry formation of an elementary school classroom. For their own Mass!


Great Billing, Northants.

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