Page 1, 25th July 1941

25th July 1941
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Page 1, 25th July 1941 — French Catholic Authors Differ About Vichy Government

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French Catholic Authors Differ About Vichy Government


Recent issues of French papers reaching this country throw light on the position of Paul Claude!, France's great Catholic poet and diplomat.

In January of this year Claude) announced his support of Perain. His praise was restricted to Vichy internal policy, and his only pronouncement on foreign policy was made in March when he expressed his pleasure that America. " which had not understood France at the time of the Armistice," now realised the work accomplished in the country by Petain and " has given France back in its entirety her precious friendship."

In his statement in support of Main he stated that he could not but approve the removal of " the scourges of France—Freemasonry, alcoholism, divorce, anti-Christian policy, sectarian education, aml professiosta! parliamentarianism."

Ott the basis ttf Claudel's literary leader.hip there bus developed in Vichy France a Ciaudel cult analogous to the Peguy cult.

k111-1 IN FRANCE

Claudel's great play, L'Annottee Petite it Marie (played in London some years ago by the Catholic Stage Guild, with Robert Speaight and Veronica Turleigh in the cast). has been revived, after having long been refused the official blessing of the French theatre. Claudel has re-written the conclusion making it end, not on a note of resignas don, but of a duty to he performed.

At the performance given in the presence of Ptah), a poem by Claudel was read, called " Words to 11he Marshal."

It was an expression of faith in the " resurrection of France, because we are necessary. Lift your heads and behold in the heavens something immense and tricoloured," " Have you had enough of politics at last?" he said in reference to the " baroque dream " of the Republic, which, however, was beloved of many and the refuge of stricken Europe: " All Lurope, its dykes carried away broke over you, daughter of God. Let cowards insult prostrate France."

Clatidel's oratorio, Jeanne d'Are Ant Rachel., is also being played in the cities of Vichy France.

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