Page 1, 25th July 1941

25th July 1941
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Page 1, 25th July 1941 — The spirit of truth seems to be as important as

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Organisations: Congress
People: Spacek, Rent, Accoiding
Locations: Prague


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The spirit of truth seems to be as important as

the spirit of friendliness and understanding, and the CATHOLIC HFRAI D'S interest in this discussion has from the beginning been confined to finding out the truth about Dr, Benes on a point of special interest to Catholics.

Accoiding to his biographers, Dr. Benes, as a young man, definitely accepted an anticlerical and anti-religious point of view. in later life he came to see the value and inlportance of religion and sought to give to the Cathedic ('hutch an acceptable position in his country.. There is no suggestion that he returned to the Faith, hut rather that as a secularist leader he succeeded in holding together the many conflicting views on religion and politics characteristic of Czechoslovakia. If he took a prominent part in the Catholic Congress of 1935, ax Dr. Spacek tells us, he also welcomed the Internationa! Freethinkers' Congress in Prague.

But all this Is Dr. Rent's' affair. Our .sole concern is to prevent the Catholic name being attached, for reasons of policy, to those whose public career. however sound and eminent, manijesrs a fundamental divergence from the Catholicmen

taitnict'; S the war, Dr. Benes may well have calmed to his original Faith, its which case he or Dr. Spacek have only to say so. But until this is made public we must take Dr. Spacek's evasive letter was presumptive evidence that Dr. Benes, whatever his other many qualities, is not a Catholic in the cornnson acceptation of the word.

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