Page 8, 25th July 1941

25th July 1941
Page 8
Page 8, 25th July 1941 — 30,000 CHURCH GROUPS Still Exist in Russia

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Organisations: Russian Godless Movement
People: Yaroslavsky
Locations: New York


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30,000 CHURCH GROUPS Still Exist in Russia

There are still 30,000 church communities in existence in Soviet Russia to-day, it is admitted by Yaroslavsky, leader of the Russian Godless Movement, according to a writer in Rossiya, White Russian newspaper published in New York.

The article quotes Yaros/avsky as saying: " A few scores of millions of workers are still connected with church and religion." Nowhere in Russia, the writer says, are the fires of religion extinguished, adding that the government has lost the moral fight with religion over a period of 23 years.

" The struggle between Communism and the family," the writer says, " has been terminated. The government has changed its tactics and assumed the role of 'guardian' of the family. Stringent laws against abortion and divorce have been introduced and 'Soviet (amity morale ' is being fostered.

" The unsightly picture in the field of education has not changed. Plans, methods, programmes and directors are being changed, but there is a shortage of schools, hooks and school room appliances."

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