Page 1, 25th July 1952

25th July 1952
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Page 1, 25th July 1952 — LIVING ROSARY IN STADIUM

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Locations: London


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50,000 men to seek pledges

THE Holy Father has crowned the Family Rosary

Crusade in England by sending a special message to Cardinal Griffin. It will be read in theWembley Stadium on Sunday afternoon, when up to 90,000 people join His Eminence, other members of the Hierarchy and Fr. Peyton at the final rally of the eight-diocese Crusade.

All the tickets for the rally have now been taken up, and it is officially announced that there will be no facilities for an overflow meeting.

Those with tickets who find they are unable to use them are asked to pass them on to friends.

At the same time, those who have been unable to secure tickets are reminded that Sunday marks the beginning of Pledge Week, and arc asked to spend some time during the period of the rally either in church praying for the success of the Crusade or saying the Rosary in their homes.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of men are all ready to go from home to home in the dioceses of Westminster, Southwark and Brentwood inviting Family Rosary pledges.

The pledge is: "To obtain peace for the nations of the world, and the love and protection of God and Mary for myself and the members of my family, 1 promise to recite the Daily Family Rosary."

The Wembley Stadium gates will be opened at 12.30 p.m.. and the hand of the Irish Guards will play for about an hour while the terraces and stands are filling up.

Family unity

Then for over an hour the great crowd will watch the Rosary Pageant —a mime of the Fifteen Mysteries, ending with a "Living Rosary" in the arena.

When the Cardinal, the Bishops, Fr. Peyton and Mr. Ted Kavanagh —the chairman—have reached the platform the 90,000 will rise and sing "I'll sing a hymn to Mary."

There will be three speakers: the Cardinal, Mr. R. A. G. O'Brien, secretary of the Catholic Education Council, and finally Fr. Peyton.

Finally comes the Lourdes Hymn and—as at all Fr. Peyton's meetings —the National Anthem.

This week the diocesan Crusades have been bringing many more thousands to meetings in and around London.

After the nine rallies in the Southwark diocese—ending v. ith 7,000 at Charlton and thousands more in the Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium— some 12,000 people attended the first of the four rallies in the Brentwood diocese in the West Ham football ground on Sunday.

"There is no hope for family life unless in each family God has His proper place," Bishop Beck told them. Fr. Peyton's Crusade to unite each family to the Holy Family through daily family prayers and to put the home under the care of the Mother of God. can, he declared, "do more good for the well-being of society than anything which could be attempted by governments, local authorities or welfare officers."

No victory yet

In a special pastoral letter read on Sunday, Cardinal Griffin said that "before all else we must thank Almighty God and Our Lady for the blessing which has so clearly been given" to the efforts made during the Crusade in the Westmiester diocese.

"But." added His Eminence, "this is not the time for us to rest upon our laurels, The Crusade is still in progress. The victory is not yet won...."

Praising the men who are to visit the homes for family pledges, the Cardinal says:

"It is our earnest wish that Our Lady he enthroned in all the homes

of this diocese May Almighty God inspire our hearts and give us the courage, the grace and the enlightenment to ma' • the Daily Family Rosary pledge and to keep it faithfully."

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