Page 4, 25th June 1937

25th June 1937
Page 4
Page 4, 25th June 1937 — This book, by Fr. LaFarge, an associate editor of America,

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This book, by Fr. LaFarge, an associate editor of America,

national Catholic weekly, can be most strongly recommended to all interested in the relationships between the white and coloured races. Although the author deals primarily with this relationship insofar as it concerns the American nation yet an exactly similar condition of affairs -exists in other parts of the world and, most notably, in South Africa.

Every thoughtful student of native affairs, and this fortunately includes the vast majority of administrative officials in British territories, knows very well that the only real solution is that which is also put forward by Fr. LaFarge to deal with this so-called problem. That is eradicate prejudice which is the father of fear and to bring into effect the " true directive principle " stated by Pope Pius XI (Quadragesimo Anno) which is to be found in " social justice and social charity" taken together.

Heady emotion and vague political panaceas are certainly no cure for race problems for, as the writer of this book points out, the matter is a moral question and only secondarily a matter of social science.

"The Catholic Church," writes Fr. LaFarge, "does not admit that any moral problem Ls beyond solution." There can be no defeatism on moral questions and it is only non-moral expedients which temporarily flood parts of the world today under ideological guises that really create despair. The creation of mutual respect based upon the moral law can be the only avenue that lies open to harmonious living.

Fortunately throughout the United States and in South Africa there is an increasing desire to apply the principles of the moral law and public opinion is becoming much more reasonable on the whole matter even although the final goal may still seem far distant.

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